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This is going to moon this month and theres nothing you can do to stop it. Dont miss out.

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Mainnet has been delayed over three times already

It's clear they don't know what they're doing lmao

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I was finnna buy but you niggas are shilling too much almost as if youre in a discord like what i used to do

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Stay poor.

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Speak English, nig nog

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Can't believe I won!

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Thanks, just bought 100k

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The chinx are back in full force

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Damn the mofo JUST

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Haha you fucks have no idea what's in store. Think I'm a larping faggot? Watch the volume over the next weeks from the sidelines.

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Please elaborate?

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7/10 in profile view

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Holding 2k
Maybe one day its worth $20k
Am I delusional?

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Was 2k was worth 90k at peak before any crypto achieved anything, not unreasonable at all.

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