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Why can't these retarded whales pump shit like this like they did in 2017? This was headed for $25 easily and they're suppressing the price


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Because they’re shorting BNB, and because it’s not worth it’s market cap. Sell or pay the price, in the coming week

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Obvious price suppression indeed. Whale in another thread said the coming week it will go up. Hold and you'll be rewarded.

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Where, pray tell, do you short BNB?

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they need to burn for this

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>muh exchange fees token

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Whale here. We're holding it down so you can get in at a better entry, you fucking ingrate.

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thx whale, i appreci8 it

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>checks it out
Nope. Am I blind or are you just running your mouth?

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Oh yeah whale? When is the train taking off for the love of god