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Guys....... What's happening.........

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it's a shitcoin

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People dumping for Bitmax token

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The bottom is like 4 cents good luck holding the flavor of last month

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hahahhaha fell for an obvious scam

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did someone really buy into this? i thought it was all shills talking to themselves.

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keep buying the dip and you will be rewarded

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people will notice oversold opportunity, patience

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Pretty fucking obvious that was going to happen.

Problem with LTO now though is unlike a project like QNT, there's not much on the horizon to trigger the next pump. All the "good" stuff has been and gone. Unless they pull something out of the bag soon that beats what they've said to date, this is going to be a bloodbath.

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It's going parabolic

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big if true

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Show yourself faggot. I'm lolling at your life right now.

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If it drops more is it with buying in? Or is this shitcoin dead

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shills were icky but this is buying opportunity if i ever seen one..