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There will be an event that tests your iron hands
I don't want to reveal what it is in fear of altering this timeline
This is the golden timeline
All linkies dreams will come true
But you will have a trial to prove that faith
This is my warning
For those who make it I'll see you guys on our unironic yacht party
Even you 10k stinkers will be there

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you're a few months too late faggot were about to moon

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i believe anon

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what could possibly test our iron hnads now? shit could go to 0 and no one is selling LMAO.

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what kind of event? how soon?

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this shit is going to 30 cents, isn't it?

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But thats a good thing faggot

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Damn I want one of those Chainlink dice

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Imagine how many anons would sell if link hits $50 and then crashes to $5

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How do you know hes not talking about LINK mooning and people selling early?

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wrong. The second it starts mooning and then bear traps appear, there will be MANY false-marines that will panic sell, or just outright sell thinking it wont go any higher.

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Where can I buy some link cubes?

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>trying to hint at the orbital dump once the other 650,000,000 tokens begin to move


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Black market only fren

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I'm from the future of this guys future...dont listen to me guys I was wrong

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if that were the case, the order books would be so thin it wouldn't matter if all 3000 LINK holders from this board dump, if LINK goes parabolic like that it won't be from some light news. id sell some but only enough to cover living expenses.

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>this shit will tank but you have to hold your bags because its a “trial”
whats with this scam coin and the amount of autism from its holders

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>still trying to hint at the orbital dump 3 days later