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Sold my 80k stack at 50c , will buy back when it drops to 8ksats as it INEVITABLY will do next week

If you arnt selling this pump you are a MORON and RETARD and will NEVER EVER make it. But there's still time anon if you go to binance RIGHT NOW and sell. Grow some balls, don't be a pussy, and thank me next week when you're sitting on your original stack + 20%. But you need to sell NOW

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>he still had link to sell after the 15k top
>he thinks he's going to make it because he's swinging the local top

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nervous because the price went up again?

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>gets poorly drawn, asymmetrical link tattoo
>sells at 50 cents
Just when you think you've seen the dumbest faggot on /biz/ a new challenger appears.

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Dude, check the news, a new paradigm is coming

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Made a similar thread when this shot up to 50c, OP. Such an obviously fake pump. It'll go back down to 40c and then I'll have easily made 25% gains. Love how easy it is to swing trade LINK.

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Seems like this could end poorly for you fren

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Greedy bastard. Haven’t you learned to hodl w /ironhands/ and /accumulate/?

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How many times must we go through this cycle before you brainlet recognize the pattern?

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> swanging link
never finna make it, punk ass busta

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The cycle of it always pumping far beyond where you retards sell before it dumps?

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It’s already dropped 3 cents but keep hodling