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This is only the beginning of the Golden Alt Run fren.

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How many Samsung employees got rich off of Enjin right this month?

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The ugliest coin logo ever. It looks like the logo to an early 2000s porn site. EnjinPorn.com!

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COSMEE is next. ENJ was the test run.

COSM (COSMEE) will be listed on upbit with krw pair.

Watch the Koreans pump this too 200m mc

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kyber is next

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BTFO idiot.

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Enjin's website is literally for children.

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Fornite is literally for children
>Fortnite earned record $2.4bn in 2018

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i purchased 5k enj ages ago for not much, sold 1500 for 2000 sats

still have 3500

wat do?

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i sold my ICO bags at a loss...

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bought in last night at 2500sats

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take profits

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You missed ENJ, don't miss Fleta

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hows this shit almost worth the same as link


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Betting on the outsider, COSM

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Spoonfeed me when and where we are gonna be able to buy it? My experience with worst koreans is that anything beauty related is gonna be yuge.

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Available on Kucoin

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This is only the start. ENJ will go over $2 this year. Maybe $10 next year. Think standard back-end gaming protocol for the next generation of reward based gaming. Enjin will be worth several billions - no larp frens. It may seem silly but you should get in at any cost right now.

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imagine being me

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That's assuming they can make games that people want to play...
The wallet it neat but doesn't use the token so this pump is not logical

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Incorrect. It does not matter what Enjin as a company does regarding making games. They are the ecosystem backend - other developers will integrate Enjin into their games to allow items to be "won" and "kept" and "traded" and "sold for crypto:. This is all part of a bigger plan Anon. Good luck on your decision to act on this info Fren.

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this but unironically
i believed in the project but sold my stack at .007 ETH (x3 up)
literally always this shit, i sell moons too early and hold dumps

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Lol why use the enjin network and make enj holders rich when they can use/develop their own?
Look into loom, makes enjin look amateurish
Anyone still holding this after it pumped to link levels deserves the dump

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This is like the "why doesn't everyone just make their own cryptocurrency and print it out of thin air and get rich" mindset.

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Fortnight isn't trying to be currency, faggot.

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You got to look at the bigger picture. They created easy to use tools for Unity that allow anyone to put crypto in their Unity games. That's better than calling up each developer and asking if they want to put Enjin crypto in their game. This is a more natural way to implement crypto. Half the mobile games out there use Unity, many shitty steams games as well but you also have big time companies like Nintendo that has used Unity. It only takes one popular Unity game incorporated with Enjin's crypto to become mainstream and creating the SDK kit gives them a lot of chances.

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This. Enjin will go up 10x more, easy, by the end of this year. Knowing what I have seen in crypto, it may go up 50x more due to hype.

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They just got deals, partnerships with Samsung and Unity.
Rumors going around about partnership with Fortnite.
Anybody here has info?

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>unity partnership
that's litterly the same as ICOs using Microsoft word and having a microsoft partnership
Or Vechain eating a McDonalds burger and saying they are partnered with McD

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I don't understand what you are saying, can you elaborate more clear.

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COSM if you missed enj:


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Gamecredits also had a unity partnership which was easily bought. And that coin turned out to be a scam

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Parthership with SAMSUNG.
And Unity
>Rumors collaboration with Fortnite

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and some faggot on here 72 hours ago was telling me how I should be in eth instead of ENJ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

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You faggots: Enjin CEO confirmed the news like 10 min ago.

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Sell buy chainlink

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Faggots...this still has more than enough fuel to get to 130 %.

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sell 2 me

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and this will make it worth what? $10 a coin? by when? 2050? doesn't soud logical to me.
because it is a coin to be used in games and chances are great it will be artificially degraded to $1 a coin max..


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just buy believe and forget
its psychological

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