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Is a ledger better than just using MEW? I feel like it creates another point of failure (if ledger exit scams) so would it be better just to use mew by itself?

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private key encrypted in a way only you can solve it and tattood on the inside of your foreskin is safest way to store crypto

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is that why jews like to collect foreskins?

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if you are brainlet here you are better off keeping them on binance

t. semi brainlet who has hacked out of his destkop wallet last year

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This, same for me back in October 2017. But getting a ledger is definitely the safest option op. And no ledger can’t just “exit scam”, as long as you keep your recovery seed, it doesn’t matter what happens to ledger

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Couldn't they have a backdoor built in though? And MEW could always exit scam too so it just seems better to use mew alone, just so you won't be affected on the off chance that ledger does have a back door and does exit scam. Is that risk worth using a ledger vs mew alone and which is less secure?

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Ledger and Trezor are basically brainlet proof and will save you from yourself. Get one, watch some tutorials, and save some of your holdings there.

Just make sure you DONT FUCKING PUT YOUR SEED PHRASE ON ELECTRONICS!!! Write it down in a page on an old book and store it on the bookshelf. Copy it down into another book and put it at your granny's house in case yours burns down.

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you can use mew offline retard

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Anyone who doesn’t keep them on binance is a fucking pussy.

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Brainlet here, what's the danger with mew exactly? What's the easiest way to create a safe mew wallet? My windows is clean according to av but who knows. Is using a Ubuntu live CD enough to properly 'air gap'?