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For how much muuney would you get a face tattoo (you are not allowed to remove it and it has to be a big one)

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If I get to pick the tattoo $2 million. If someone else is picking $50 million

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This for 10 mil.

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2-3 Million, enough so you can live in luxury and just go with a batman mask or something similar instead

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I'm a truck driver anyway so wouldn't affect my job.

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Whats wrong with face tattoos?

Does a little ink have you clutching your pearls?

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I find this disgusting creature so hot. What's her name again?
I need to see more of her.

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goose is that you?

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universal sign of trash and low IQ

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I want her to sexually abuse and then kill me
>I need to see more of her.
Don't know her name, only have some pictures

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263,157 BTC

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what do you think her pussy and asshole smell like?

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Probably like $2 MM. I'm somewhat wealthy already and it would hurt my career a lot. If I was poor and didn't have a career I'd probably do it for 500k.

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She would be better off just ending herself. She looks more miserable than a link holder

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Probably like some weird Russian dish from grandma with a tinge of cig smoke from her scratching it

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smell your armpit and you will know

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>Blocks your path

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Just realized you could tattoo a fake birthmark. I'd do it for $1 MM then.

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>tfw no cute ruski tattoo gf

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Birthmarks are uglier than tatts, by a lot.

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i find those nose piercings more disgusting than the face tats

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Sure, but they don't make you look like a complete degenerate. I don't care all that much about being somewhat ugly. The main thing I'd be worried about would be how a face tattoo would affect my future career opportunities.

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I wish i was a multi millionaire so i could have her as a pet and impregnate her

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anya bashilova

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$100,000 for this little guy, that I can grow sideburns over.

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1 million €

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My younger brother has a birthmark on his cheek and it looks like a dot. I teased him so much that he’s probably self conscious about it, but literally nobody notices it.

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ill get a LINK logo tatted on my cheek under my eye for 10k LINK dead serious.

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I'll throw 500 link towards this
Anyone else want to chip in?

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ill make it pretty big too, not a little dot.

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don't lie you already wanted to do this

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>G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon

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but thats your arm, im talking right on my face, under my eye, but big, like golf ball size

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If we are being totally honest, probably like $250k

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>reverse image search
>0 results
This has to be a joke. Even Linktards can’t be this stupid.

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I'd say her asshole smells pretty sexy, her pussy on the other hand might not depending on if shes letting her dude cum inside.

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I have a schizo friend who made himself a chainlink tattoo without even knowing what chainlink really is, he just "had" to do it

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id get a huge chainlink logo on my forehead for around 50k LINK, again dead serious.

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this is very poorly done, not symmterical

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I'd do it for 40k LINK. But itd be on my temple

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well see, thats not as radical as on the forehead, ill fucking do it on my forehead, you all think im joking, well I aint.

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0 dollars, I would just tattoo my private key to my face.

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I would do it for $70k. That would be enough to buy an small house in eastern Europe and live frugally from money on Youtube with my new look and story about it. If it is an NSFW tatto even better, the videos would be pixelated out and for high Patreon tiers could get the non censured versions.

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Enought to retire happily being able to run my own small datacenter of servers with 2 10gbe separate ISP connections.

$100 million is comfy enough.

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>reaching the wagecuck stage of tattooing a scamcoin on your flesh
Lmfao. Talk about high tech low life.

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brainlets. nobody would give you above 10k you worthless piece of shit.

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>get paid for someone to fix my hairline with a micro pigmentation tattoo.

Just gamed your game boi

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now you look bald but too lazy to keep it clean

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$2M is not enough

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i would do it for £5k anyone interested? you get to pick.

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