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I'm not particulary against the project but it would seem that at it's current growth it will still take years for mass adoption (if it ever happens). Might as well stick with ETH for the time being i think.

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my girlfriend is a dude

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set a monthly budget and spend it on content creators. Is the future of the internet worth as much as your netflix subscription?

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okay thanks i wont

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If you honestly believe bat is going to do shit youre a link holder

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>take years for mass adoption
>every other blockchain token hasnt even started the process yet

better buy some neo anon, its really starting to take off, it has 200 users

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I don't have any answers, but I keep buying more myself.

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Whats making more ground than Brave/BAT right now? This is about as viral as it gets friendo.

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As a bag holder I feel like it could dump back to 10 or even lower if they push ads back again.

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I could be misinterpreting how BAT works and I'm definitely not an economist so forgive me if I'm mistaken, I actually want BAT to succeed for multiple reasons but this is just something I was thinking about:

While the whitepaper doesn't say anything about limiting the price of the currency that I noticed, it suggests it will trend towards stability owing to its eventual, hypothetical mass adoption (there's an actual utility to it other than dumping on other crypto enthusiasts so the potential for mass adoption exists for BAT like no other)-and I believe it (the question is of course: where will it stabilize?). Once major companies decide that they'll exchange [x] BAT for [x,y,z] service (assuming that's how it will work) it won't take much for consumers to compare the value in USD-and there it will, I have to imagine, generally stay. It will fluctuate in value in much the same way a real currency does (not much). I feel it's a safe bet it will increase from where it's at but I'm skeptical that it's going to just go nuclear like some of the more 'hypothetical" cryptos that more or less don't do a goddamn thing in the real world.

In fact the more I think about it I think it will trend downwards in value just like a real currency does. While a real currency will be subjected to inflation and international exchange rates, BAT's value can only be determined by its ability to purchase tangible digital goods and services in international fiat. It's actually bad from an investment standpoint because of its sincerity as a product rather than in spite of it

tl;dr: I think BAT will go up, but I also think the smart money is investing in Brave the company as much or moreso than the coin-but I don't think it's publicly traded.

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Fair analysis

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To be honest I hope I'm wrong (naturally I want to see this shit well over $1) and I might be, but I don't know how else it could work. That said: I haven't heard of BAT actually being exchanged for services directly, rather it sounds like it's intended to be something given and received wholly voluntarily with the Brave browser just being the intermediary/facilitator which could be interesting from a "market" perspective.

For example, just look at how the auto-contribute function works. You can't set what percentage of BAT you'd like to give each content creator or select ones you'd like to prioritize-and at the moment there seems to be a lot of junk/noise in there too like random youtube channels you might happen to watch a couple times (I got this one lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR9pvjfGNbU).).

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Your thinking is correct
BAT must hope that with the adoption of Brave that users also adopt crypto as a whole. Hoarding BAT / exchanging it for other cryptos / keeping it in the ecosystem. Cashing out only will lead to the stable loop.

These figures for instance could mean one of two things
>91,000 BAT holders
>20m+ Brave downloads
>7m Monthly active users

BAT is brought to the masses in an update, who start earning / get airdrops & instasell, causing a big dump
Brought to the masses who hold and / or are forced to use the airdrops in the ecosystem I.e. forced donating to creators otherwise they go back to the UGP, like airdrops are now.

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/g/ has been shitting on Brave for a while now due to privacy concerns:

>Brave is remotely injecting HTTP ad headers https://laptop-updates.brave.com/promo/custom-headers

Not sure how it would affect adoption if it became common knowledge that Brave identifies their users since no one seems to give a shit about privacy these days but it certainly qualifies as false advertising on their part.

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You're a dipshit and this "problem" was addressed immediately.

If you know anything about tech and privacy you'd understand how this was a non-issue from the jump, but people like to FUD. Anyways, you're an idiot.

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I just noticed that you can set up recurring monthly tips which kind of addresses my concerns about auto-contribute (by making it almost completely redundant).

It's actually pretty interesting, no one REALLY knows how it will play out. I'm definitely down to stomach an ad or two in order to be able to support a favorite content creator without paying out of pocket, others might gobble up their $.25/$.50 in BAT the moment it's added to their browser wallet.

Regardless of my bags, I'm looking forward to seeing if and how this works out just out of curiosity's sake.

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>was addressed immediately
>you're an idiot
Critiques seem pretty valid to me, but I haven't monitored updates so the header may have been removed. Regardless, Brave advertises itself as a private, ad-free way to browse the web but it's simply not a viable alternative to ungoogled chromium or firefox if you're actually concerned about online privacy.

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Brave is a great browser. BAT is a shitcoin.

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Eich trampled all over this like any self respecting tech autist would.

>Update to say this is not a "backdoor" in any event, and custom headers are allowed per https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7231#section-5..
>Lots of confusion today about network requests or (in this case) custom but user-id-free headers vs. "tracking". A script load exception list (we will try to get rid of it; new thinking is defer until user clicks on FBConnect widget) we hardcode should be overridable and really should go away, but we are practical about not defaulting to a browser that doesn't work on too many sites to have adoption. That's on my twitter today.

>This post is about custom HTTP headers we send to partners, with fixed header values. We could have just hacked the user-agent: header but chose custom instead. There is no tracking hazard here.

In both cases, third party tracking requires some kind of persistent-in-the-client identifier, or else fingerprinting. We block 3rd party cookies and storage, also 3rd party fingerprinting. We block (dual-key, actually -- same as Safari) HSTS supercookies (HSTS added 1 bit per domain of client-persistent state, so 32 junk domains enables the Criteos of the world to make a per-user 32-bit identifier).

>As a user, I find it important to understand the diffs between requests and tracking before choosing a tracking protection solution. At first (in the '90s), I didn't grok the implications of 3rd party cookies, images, and scripts -- neither did pmarca or montulli, lol. Those genies are long out of their bottles.

>Also I find it silly to assume we will "heel turn" so obviously and track our users. C'mon! We defined our model so we can't cheat without losing lead users who would see through it. That requires seeing clearly things like the difference between tracking and script blocking or custom header sending, though.

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Some rough product analogies (it goes without saying that BAT is different from Google products in that it's client-side, privacy-respecting, and shares revenue with the user, etc.):

BAT Ads = Google Adwords
BAT SDK = Google AdMob
BAT Publishers = Google AdSense

But imagine in order to fly a campaign in AdWords, you had to purchase AdWords tokens. In our case, this would be BAT tokens

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Just wonderin', if Brave Ads does fly off, would learning all those Digital Marketing stuff like CPC, SEO and shit (the equivalent ones in Brave Ads at least) early be helpful in changing careers?

Lots of Digital Marketing jobs nowadays want experienced people on Adwords etc without any training provided on the job to lead a digital campaign and get results immediately.

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Yeh, Brave will take a market share, they wont monopolize the industry, rather eat into the stats quos profits.
Websites can run both models.
On chrome, run google ads
On brave block google ads and show Brave / BAT ads.

>reminder token holders have gone up 10k in the last 4 weeks.
>it took 3 months+ to move 10k before this.

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And neither of those you suggested compare to Tor Browser + Tor network with regard to privacy. You're just being an unruly faggot and you know it.

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I don't think the pay-to-watch-ad part of BAT is that interesting, i could be wrong, but i don't think the pennies you get from watching ad's will cause people to turn of their ad-blocker..

That you can use the Brave browser to donate BAT to content creators and perform micro-transactions, could potentially become huge.

I have for some time followed the soap-opera that is the dark enlightenment and the "far-right" youtubers.
A lot of people dislike patreon, because they have banned people from using their donation-platform for reasons that appear to be political or the very least arbitrary.
Another thing that is interesting in this context, digital platforms e.g. Patreon, have a responsibility for the actions of their users, they are responsible for that users don't use their platform to donate money to violence, hate-speech etc.
In theory the Brave using BAT as a payment system could circumvent this, just like no one can be held responsible for me sending BTC to an adresse, so could Brave not be held responsible for the movement of BAT on their platform - this would require that there is actual movement between BAT adresses whenever a transaction occurs.

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First no, it poabably won't grow that much
Bittube is good though
Got £4 worth of bittubes in a month

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But if pay-for-content-with-crypto is the futue, it's probably going to be with BTC/LTC over LN rather than BAT.

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>he thinks the incomplete Lightning Network will become viral and a browser gaining millions of users exponentially won't

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Yeah probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get in on that shit early. Additionally if you make youtube videos/a website explaining it to noobs, you'd probably receive tons of tips in BAT.

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Hmm. Another cool idea would be like a /BAT Ads/ general, where we could get all the pajeet marketers on board early and as a group figure out how to best use BAT SDK when it does come out.

Pool resources/knowledge and all that.

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There are a lot of obvious applications for it, but I personally wouldn't be sharing that kind of thing on a board this active unless I was like a week out from release and I feel like most people would feel the same. I'm interested to see what other people are going to do after the fact but the worst thing would be to have a better/faster developer with more resources at their disposal swoop in and make your idea a reality for their benefit.

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What is your BAT price prediction for 2019?

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> like a week out from release
Better start sharing.

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BAT will moon. Call me crazy but I saw it man. As clear as day in my dream. It's going to be big guys bigger than Bitcoin, bigger than Google! the exponential growth will be ludicrous

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i feel it too brother, we're gonna make it