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For me it's coffee and my daughter

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coffee, weed, cigs. Its fucking ruining me

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Twitter sloots (I’m a paypig)

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this. man how do we stop spening 400$ on weed per month

that's 1000 links ok

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>Spending money on a women

OP confirmed bluepilled as fuck.

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Imagine unironically spending money on weed and cigs AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA you fucks are so pathetic I can't even

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You could've already made it if you didn't waste it on the drug jew.

Stay poor faggots

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Just me or do his muscles look kinda off?

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Weed is fucking degenerate. I know high functioning people who use it but most people I know who smoke weed are unmotivated stoners who play way too much vidya.

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Crypto ever since I start buying crypto I put literally every spare cent I can into crypto and now it;s finally paying me back. Been going out to eat at nice restaurants every couple of days.

But none of you faggots wouldn't know anything about that you smoke Mexican ditchweed and got hooked on the tobacco jew.

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jesus I didn't know I am sharing board with such degenerates

it's photoshopped

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>jesus I didn't know I am sharing board with such poorfags

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I know, I'm sorry, but I need a buzz.

the bare minimum I can smoke is 5$ a day. that's 150 dollars, that's like 400 links. I smoke 400 links per month MFW

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I saw that, I am on biz 24/7. It's not OC though

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Alcohol and unnecessary food.

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biz or 4chan? what other boards do you ''use''

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what alchool and how much do you spend on it each month

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/biz/ AND /pol/ rarely /v/ and /tg/

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>tfw quitting weed because it affects my vidya skills too much

No time for turtle reactions in an FPS. I'm a caffeine Chad now

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I cant stop spending money on your daughter either

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I had this mindset until my mid-20s. I'm 30 now and I'm glad I outgrew that pathetic phase.

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Vidya is escapist and highly degenerate, anon.

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why shouldnt I be escapist? life fucking sucks man

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for me, it's /x/
damn, when I wagecuck like, 5 minutes on x perceived time, look at the clock, 45 minutes passed.

life hacks

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how did you grow out of it?

what happened? at what age? last bong when?

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Biz 95% of time, other 5% I am on /fit/. The percentage varies based on bull/bear market though

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Work on making it financially. Accumulate fiat and cryptocurrency.

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How the fuck do you spend that much on weed? I smoke every day, and spend about 40 CAD every 3 months

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I realized at age 26 that I didn't need to smoke weed to have a good time. In fact, I started to get anxious if I was high in public or out with friends. It doesn't make me feel more social the same way it did when I was younger. Ironically, I can now afford to smoke ounces every week if I wanted unlike when I was in college. But it's not worth losing my career over (random drug test is a possibility).

I will still smoke occasionally if I'm at a music festival or something when the blunt is passed to me. But I will never go back to smoking blunts or bongs alone at home everyday.

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man it's 10 euro per gram here.

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grow your own
cmon you righteous fuckers, you got no vices? everyone does. Tell us yours

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i need my parents away. I live in such a way that my parents can come into my apartment.

i only smoke top shelf shit made by frens, but I pay it bad.

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I am OP. I waste it mosly on coffee and my kid and that's it

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Your daughter is a genetic extension of you and it is your job to make sure she is raised right and attracts a high quality mate.

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for me it was only a social thing in my teens. After that it becomes a sort of drug habit that you'd rather do alone. Stoners usually cant stand each other when not smoking and the weed 'culture' is fucking retarded, i always hated it. I know deep down most stoners wanna quit they just wont ever admit it

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Are you guys American and drink "coffee" at Starbucks all the time or why is it so expensive? I drink tons of good coffee at home and I costs me a couple of bucks per month.

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guerrilla man, i've done it. But then again i dont live in the U.S i can see how it could be too risky there and not worth it
how much coffee you drink man? good coffee is expensive but not that much. Are you drinking starbucks daily or something?

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no but im a poorfag and the coffee and cigs add up, it ends up being quite a lot per year

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the little debt i got left
nothing extra for me anyways, being ascetic is not that bad i wish living entirely off vacuum energy would be possible

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condoms and cialis
My girlfriend is a nympho and does not respond well to the pill.

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I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

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One coffee costs approximately 2.5 dollar but I have like 4 coffees a day so it adds up

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that right man you reminded me that this year I grow it outdoor lowriders ad-cazzum

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mfw I realized that since I smoke

I SMOKED 50,000 cigarettes

I smoked fifty thousand cigs

how am I still alive

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You will be dead soon don't worry
Prbly just kys now desu

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so what should a father of a daughter do? kill her? ghost her? idiot
if you enjoy the process of raising her then there's nothing wrong that it goes into vain after she turns 18. you eventually die as well so what's keeping you from not killing yourself if it's meaningless in the end to enjoy life according to your theory, you retard?

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>you eventually die as well
We're hitting levels of COPE previously thought impossible

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im ready bitch. one day lived as Me doesnt compare to your whole life

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I'm pretty straight edge ut I'm your stereotypically disgusting degenerate wannabe NEETfag that posts on /biz/ wagecucking stacking crypto Unironically leveling like >>12925139 My room is fuul of cola bottles and pizzaboxes. I have all the money but no friends and nothing really to do except shitpost on /biz/ and /pol/ 4chan has ruined me I have become to blackpilled.

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holy shit stop drinking coffee out there man, make your own at home
yea now think how much $ that is.. but then if you didnt spend it on cigs you would've spent it on other crap

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I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a son. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a boy for at least 18 years solely so he can go and ravage other women. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little boy - reading him stories at bedtime, making him go to sports practice, making sure he had a healthy diet, educating him, playing with him. All of it has one simple result: his body is more enjoyable for the women that he will eventually fuck in every hole.

Raised the perfect boy? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random woman who had nothing to do with the way he grew up, who marries him. She gets to ride his big cock every night. She gets the benefits of his kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised him.

As a woman who has a son, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a boy for another woman to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically.

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Honestly I agree we need arranged marriages otherwise she'll end up having mullato niggerbabies.

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Let's go stright to a simple and untimalte conclusion: living is a cuck. no matter who are you and what you do

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see if you were doing drugs with all the normies since your teens you wouldnt be in such a sorry state. Drugs suck but they do help with meeting and making frens. But then maybe you wouldnt have made it with crypto.
I'll take the money over druggy friends anyway, you're not in a bad spot. Fix your shit

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in italy, it's ten thousand dollars. basically, 20cents per cig. lets say eleven for the marlboros

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Society has destroyed all hope of raising a daughter right she'll become a slut before she finishes HS go to (((college))) got indoctrinated by feminism and become yet another souless NPC catwomen.

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I went thru my smoking phase. I outgrew it once I understood that everybody above school age that still smokes acually hates it.

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i will indoctrinate her to buddhism and eastern porthodoxy first and she will be coming with me to hare krishna temples to make friends with pajeets

her pussy will be sealed by the fear of sin


I will sing the koran when she in the cradle.
I'll make a beast.

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I'm only lucky because I became redpilled about jewdebt and women very early in my life and vowed never to let what other people went through happen to me so I became a shut in abandoning most societial interactions. It's only after discovering crypto have I had any hope in life. My goal is to stack crypto till I have enough to retire and literally not give a shit.

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sir you are an eternal buddha. you are not alone.

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Breeding a man is the most repilled thing you can do. Men will generate the most wealth for your family women are just there to have babies.

>> No.12930590

You need daughters to create more of (you), humans, no way around it

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I will live to see Society collapse and hopefully I will live past it. Crypto is literally the only thing that give me hope we'll ever defeat these fucking kikevermin and I personally hope to see these rats packed into the ovens where they belong. I've become to blackpilled to care what the masses of brainwashed NPC's think anymore bring on the collapse.

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I like this pasta.

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you are an eternal buddha, you are not alone

>> No.12930642

what boards do you lurk fampai

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>Breeding a man is the most redpilled thing you can do
>women are just there to have babies

this is some real edgelord alpha shit, bruh

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lets make a christian state guys. we can do it. lets fucking do it. christianic state of West and Sham. we make only arranged marriages WtoW and Bt0B

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and we kill muslims, Checked, trips of truth!

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Cigs and beer.

I want to rape the gov't tobacco tax money complex, and profit from it.

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>measuring value in links

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I have tried to quit. Titrated off and stayed off for six months. OCD kicked back in hard, along with depression, anxiety.

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same here. coffee and your daughter

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Gym and medical bills. I'm almost cured now, but with gym entering the picture there's a whole new moneysink in my life. Fortunately I can take the hit for now.

How do you even get enjoyment out of that? Does the rush come from getting attention from women as opposed to no attention at all otherwise?

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Damn im in the same situation... how did you escape the addiction ??? I wanna stop but its kinda hard since I got 60gr in my house... cant fucking resist at this shit..

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Fast food and gambling.

I'm gonna change soon hopefully. I just need to muster up the final amount of motivation to push me over the edge.

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for me its heroin and your daughter

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Unironically this and unironically stopped last week unironically going through withdrawals unironically don’t even like weed unironically don’t even know if I ever liked it

>> No.12932019

I simply decided to stop buying. I smoked every last bit of bud, shake, and kief that I had.

>> No.12932117

You're a light weight. Real degenerates smoke a gram of wax a day.

>> No.12932121

I really wanna stop because at the moment its not very healthy for my social life and me... I mean I close myself to others because of this... but I grew it myself and dont pay for shit... I like the effect but I dont know... too many negative effect on the side... gf is sleeping now and Im here smoking ton of weed because i try to not smoke a lot when Im with her .... but on the other side I still want to smoke.. I like it and in fact Im afraid of losing something I love doing....

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I wish I could do the same as you

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i spend about 25 bucks a week on whiskey

is drinking 725 ml a week alcoholic tier?

i have been doing this for 8 months straight.

every fri i buy a bottle.

give it to me straight frens

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I know exactly what you mean. I love the smell and the act of smoking. Rolling a fat blunt and watching something funny on Netflix is so much fun.

>> No.12932257

Smoke concentrates, they're a lot cheaper since they're so strong you don't need much.

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my wallet is getting absolutely rekt by starbuks and chipotle

>> No.12932282

sergey it's okay, you're stuttering isn't that bad that you always need to medicate before speeches

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Damn youre not helping haha I was considering stoping the day I'm getting married and having kids and shit... some people I know got kids and are married but dont abuse the with grass ... Im not a failure in life im In my mid 25 with 2 houses , cars, i just hope I will find my way with my addiction

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>one thing
>lists two
Top /biz/

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I spend around 1600 per month on camwhores and twitter thots. I live by myself and make 2500 a month so it's a really big expense

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online poker..its bad, real bad

its also the reason why I didnt invest in bitcoin in 2010 when a friend recommended that .. due to my fucking ego I believed poker prize could be quicker money for me and I was a poor student then, not much money, so I were putting it in poker instead of btc

its killing me to this day

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Five Guys

>> No.12932403

Stop it I have a porn addiction REEEEEE

>> No.12932472

what the fuck is wrong with you. stop that.

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>you wont die alone
>we're sure of it

>> No.12932485


Start french pressing your own.

>> No.12932713

> a day
Pleb. Real degens take one gram dabs

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You didn't just write what I think you wrote. "His daughter" You make me sick. I know you probably wrote that to be edge or funny as fuck, but it's inappropriate. You're in for a knuckle sandwich if you continue being a cheeky SOB. Tread softly mate, that's all I'm gonna say

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/o/tist reporting in, for me it's the car and the missus to some degree. Cars are such a fucking expensive hobby, and you have to sink absurd amounts of money into it to gain the slightest of satisfaction. And being that me and the gf are in a long distance relationship at the moment, I'm having to spend a fair whack on flights to go and see her on the regular. It's worth it, but still a significant expense.

But honestly, there's not really much else that does it for me. I get bored playing vidya, and used to like PC building but slowly lost interest. Pouring money into my car has been a thing for me ever since I started driving and got a taste of freedom after living in in a state where public transport was a rarity at best. End goals are a responsive 600hp at the rear wheels, with handling good enough to take it out on a back road hoon and have fun.

Pic related, it's not my car, but the same model and similar enough.

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Aeropress? Grinding the beans youself and adding some cream tastes better than anything Starbucks can whip up

>> No.12933167

Hash oil, nigga

>> No.12933189

Dude so buff even his pixels are cut

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>I can't even
you have to go back

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Smoking, buying link, eating more than twice a day

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Not gonna make it

>> No.12933326

Gambling for me.

>> No.12933329

My dogs. My house.

>> No.12933492

Holy shit. Why not just get a whore. It would actually be cheaper and you can touch.

>> No.12933518

Fast food. Someone help me. I'm getting fat.

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/biz/ and /pol/ primarily occasionally wandering into /tg/ and /v/ Will probably lurk in /fit/ when I make it.

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A couple of things
>Cheap Alcohol
>Drunk ubers
>PLAN FUCKING B because apparently my condoms are too small and always break and I bought 40 of them
>Fraternity Dues
>Hostgator monthly hosting plans because I'm too cheap to host my sites for a year at a time
There's actually a lot more now that I think about it. cba to list them right now though.

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Getting this butthurt over some what some anonymous edgelord posting on Thai basket weaving forum.

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i literally like to spend 20-40 on food.

it's so hard man

>> No.12933660

Do you drink the bottle in one night? because if you do then thats alcoholic tier. if not then keep track of yourself since your are on the path to alcoholic tier. It's okay though anon, this is always time to change the road you're on.

>> No.12933809

>multiple fast food people
>not a single faggot mentions high quality food

>> No.12933966

cigs are not bad for you, especially just plain tobacco.

>> No.12933994

Alcohol and high quality meat

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Megadose vitamin therapy & Gerson Therapy. Research them.

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>My goal is to stack crypto till I have enough to retire and literally not give a shit.

like your thinking anon. Hopefully in CHX?

>> No.12934137


All in on BTT at the moment

>> No.12934465

Dollar cost averaging into my shitty dude weed stocks. Like 2k a month and I only make 3.2.

Hope it all pays off

>> No.12934942


Risky bet.


Which weed stocks? I heard a lot of the opportunities are in VC.

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and you are a tool, falling for his sarcasm and posting a default meme to sound whitty. Whats next? "I was just pretending Xdddd"

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I’m all in chainlink. That’s all I know

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Chainlink. I keep putting all of the extra money i have into chainlink. I have been living super cheaply, i almost never go out or buy clothes or snacks anymore. I just buy more chainlink. I have an addiction to buying it high after a fomo pump and holding as it falls. Is there something wrong with me? I've turned into an incel so i can save money and buy more chainlink. I used to have this mobile gaming addiction where i would spend 10 thousand dollars every few months on mobile games like clash of clans so i could have the next base upgrade like a drug fix and now most of my money is in chainlink. How do I stop destroying my life? I just keep buying chainlink and i can't stop. If i keep buying soon ill be homeless.

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Absolutely desperate fud

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I'ts all true. My life is sad :(

>> No.12936045

> wagie kaiji

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>no traps
>weird ab inserts

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