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buy in green zone or get cucked later

>> No.12921982

First green zone started and ended with a massive cucking.

>> No.12921985

why do you want me to buy so badly? what's your motive?

>> No.12921990

Grin zon is at 1000

>> No.12921996

I'm not buying your heavy bags. Shit is heading sub 2k

>> No.12922002

Retard were in the purple zone right now, shift everything over

>> No.12922004

i'm pure love

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To me it looks like there is a looooong way down.
I know it makes you angry and you don't want to hear it, but oh well.
Bought gold instead.

>> No.12922018

gl buying the jew bags

>> No.12922020

so we have until August to buy? thanks just didnt buy 100k until august

>> No.12922025

The diamond bull run starts in October

>> No.12922028

not necessary. we can end the accumulation at any moment
but probably wont until august

>> No.12922030

why october? just based off the chart pattern of because of some event?

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This. Shit will land between 2800 and 1400 usd

>> No.12922040

low iq

>> No.12922045

this, whales painting it beautifully deceptive

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>$320 to $220 is a massive cucking
Most of this board is way below that.

>> No.12924616

that's ok. and the predicted uptrend after the (current) green zone corresponds with the next halvening.
~1/3 is a pretty decent cucking.

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The real chart

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>he bought into the 50 ema day strong support narrative

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