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Really USA?

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This kind of honesty would never have been possible under previous administrations. I mean look at the charade they had to put on to invade Iraq

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Yes really. Deal with it, because you sure as fuck can't stop us.

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>he isn't accumulating cheap Petro dollars

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Based and redpilled.

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You can't buy or receive petros from no one who isn't your state registering family

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They're literally shipping us their oil every fucking day you moron

They have no refining capacity and US Dollars is the only source of foreign exchange currency.

The US isn't invading. They are sending the USS Comfort, a hospital ship.

The Venezuelan military is defecting at the border into the arms of the Colombian and Brazilian militaries.

Maduro the madman has less than one month before the peasants sack his royal palace. Get comfy and order popcorn, it's gonna be a show

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>The ultimate goal in Venezuela is to turn the country and their people into productive and wealthy capitalists

The Trump administration sure is charitable. Trump 2020.

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>Maduro the madman has less than one month before the peasants sack his royal palace
LMFAO they've said the same shit for 10 years now.
Venezuelans are lazy commie niggers.

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Damn, americans are really the modern nazis.

Well, history will some day recognize them as such I guess.

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this anon gets it

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opens history book anon

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>muh oil
I remember this shit. On par with today's "muh russia"

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anyone really surprised?
this could delay the USD crash by another 10 years

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Did you learn all that from fake news?