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Is it really here

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Come on you guys

You guys


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At this point I believe nothing until big daddy Sergey announces it

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looks like big macs are back on the menu

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Bump. Price will dump

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is this dude holding his golf clubs instead of his girl and son?

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Someone put adelyn in pic related

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I can't believe it guys

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We are going to space soon, aren't we, guys?

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this is literally mainnet
they went with the silent but deadly release
fucking mad men, very based

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Sergey said they were going to announce it at least a month in advance.

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Chainlink turds are hyperactive children that believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth fairy. Any hint of news and you chimp out. Pathetic

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Where can I get Chainlink loot?

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Where can I get these meme cubes?

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Yes, the node operator, in this case BNC, got at least 1 month notice. Next question.

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If this is the case the network is not decentralized. It could be the actual testnet with real tokens.

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that means we will see some real large companies using it soon !! :O

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silicon valley is here as well...

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Oh my god

We’re gonna be rich! We’re gonna be rich!!!
Im so happy!!!!! Im so fucking happy!!!!!!!!

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Can confirm, am junior swe at El goog

Never heard of blind before but I'll check it out

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>Initially, the goal is just to start feeding data, aggregation and consensus comes later
36:20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYiEPFRHV9A

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it's basically 4chan for silicon valley software engineers.
Should get on there and spread the word - organically of course

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Scrolling through the responses gave me cancer instantly.
Why do some of you insist on carrying your tourette's outside of /biz/? Do you realize how fucking stupid you look with names like 'BRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP' infecting the posts of market-makers who actually succeed at moving Chainlink forward, unlike you who send it backward?

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implying that's not exactly what's happening in that link

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Frens, take a look at the "Trusted By" section...
Chainlink prominent as the only crypto project - apart from some crypto funds.

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holy shit these people are fucking bluepilled retards. Pretty funny considering i bet 90% of them think they're geniuses

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the first comment was enough for me to stop reading.

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you expect anything else from the heart of california?

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Is this not just testnet?

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They are right though. People like you who think they are smart when they call asians souless, when maybe the asians in china are souless, the asians who grew up in america are not. If it became common place to call asians souless stupid people who read the statistic would assume you are souless simply because you are asian , thinking correlation implies causation when it does not.

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shut up you soulless chink.

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cock sucka

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How do you do, Mr. Nguyen

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gook detected

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Oh shit this is just their testnet which has been active since before sibos. Kek bnc became the first node to run on their testnet. This confirms swift and every other industrt connection isn't actually a partner like biz is speculating.

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Being a vessel for a soul is about bloodlines, not magic dirt. Only Yahuwshua saves bug people, "mankind", or hu-man from destruction. These things are not Man. Remember, chinks literally came out of the moon very recently when that prawn mothership mind control relay showed up only 4 or 5 thousand years ago.

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is it really fucking happening bros

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This is a picture of my dick. You tell me my race

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>when maybe the asians in china are soulless
see pic related

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what does this mean? Its just a chat between some people

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How could you ever trust a fat, smelly philosophy major slav who runs his business from a nail salon.

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Looks like a Jews dick to me sirs

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Reminder that AJ worked for the NSA

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Middle East? Maybe Ukraine?

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I'm carrying bags of LINK...but am honest with myself in that I know LINK as of this moment is just a gold plated proof of concept

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>the absolute state of /biz/

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They’re not running a node currently faggots. The Nasdaq ticker is not using Chainlink. He’s saying they will run a node providing market data for developers when mainet is here. You’re all fucking retarded.

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literally muh dick

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>being so insecure about your race that you randomly post pictures of other men's cocks and claim they're yours
man, chinks sure are soulless

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it's a smart oracle, like what they created for SWIFT. when main net is up it'll be a node.

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Way too long, did not read.

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>mutilated jew cock


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last paragraph is tldr

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>when maybe the asians in china are souless

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I expect we'll see Link at a couple billion bucks mcap soon.

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you fucking nutjobs are going to destroy this project. if you cost me money im going to ping /biz/ to death.

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Can someone please ELI5 BRAP??????

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This needs to be a post.

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Did the girl get her foot I hired or some shit? What's the big deal in walking in water

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Have a lot of Chinese friends and calling them the C word is not cool. You can have your negative opinions about them all you want, but disparaging them by using a racist word is going too far. The Chinese people are not to be reckoned with.

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Chinese are racist as fuck cause they are not cucked like the West, get over it. Also China cannot project jack shit power/force, they are at our mercy ultimately.

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Stop being a kike. Virtue signal elsewhere faggot.

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I can’t believe there are this many posts in this thread and still claiming BLX using CL. Brainlets needs to stop claiming breadcrumbs on everything when it doesn’t even make sense. How can you not realize that he is talking about testnet??

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thats all bitcoin is

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The race is faggot

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Next level shit.

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Holy shit I want to be a gay linkie now

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You already are my dude!

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G-guys, if you divide the marketcap by 1 billion, you get 15 cent linkies... will link dump to 15 cent in mainnet?

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chink chink chink chink chink

The chinks got cucked big time by the UK in the 19th century

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Check em. Enjoy this.. Sleep tight marines. Surely your ducks are all lined up (?)


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what's your etsey my nigga?

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>Still has a fair amount of outstanding work to do

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>fucking nasdaq confirmed to use chainlink
>price goes down
the state of crypto market

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Checked. People don’t understand how far we still are!

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And a ching ching to you too

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Ching chang wei chang sheng ma?

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>Allows nodes to withdraw payment

That's all I need man

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The absolute state of the retarded mongoloid moonkiddy newfags who own Link now Jesus Christ. I bet you guys are the ones with Sergey/Pepe avatars posting cringey shit on Twitter.

BNC does not use Chainlink for their indices you absolute retard niglets but Chainlink can be used fetch the current price of the indices for use in smart contracts.

You pathetic subhuman loser newfaggots, go buy Vechain or something or at least learn how to fucking read.

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>BNC does not use Chainlink for their indices

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discord pajeets getting really desperate

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>Available via Chainlink from BNC
LMAO, this is literally, literally, LITERALLY what I just said. LITERALLY. This is what I mean about learning to read. Èlx and blx are not created with Chainlink.

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They’re running a node my dude

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>trying this hard

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You said BNC is not using Chainlink for their indices.
But BNC is literally running a Chainlink node on their indices.

That makes you a retard.

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Noone said they were using chainlink to make the indices. But BNC is running the index data they provide through a chainlink node so that anyone all over the world can use the data for smartcontracts.

I can’t tell what is intentional FUD vs just plain ignorance anymore but the intentional FUD seems pretty cringe this late in the game. It seemed there was an implied
>we the turn off the FUD at some point after we’ve denied (((plebbit)))
But I’m not sure if there was a memo or if people didn’t get it.

Either way your comment is stupid. BNC is running a chainlink node to provide their indices data to the network which anyone can use in reliable smartcontracts. Pretty straightforward

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based and kek'd

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It's a good read though..

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are having official correspondence with Fran Strajnar of Brave New Coin, collaborator of Nasdaq. What fucking timeline.

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And that's how you get rich from memes

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"these people are awful nice to me. What kind of a rapper is a B. Rapper? must be popular.. Fans of the band linkinpark and chainlink? Rock on!!.... SIr Gay? Ohh how nice, a gay chainlink aficionado! how liberal."

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It's BNC running a centralized oracle, and we've known they're partnered with link since forever. Testnet is unironically more important because of aggregation, we can finally see if our fucking stupid ass chucky cheese tokens are worth a fuck
and maybe see some companies testing the network, idk

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pretty crazy that nasdaq/bnc got all that press and NOBODY mentioned chainlink, yet here it is, all but confirmed. Guess what that means for the other speculative partners...?
>pic related
nice double dubs, thats how i honestly envision these guys. we give ourselves too much credit, they literally don't give a fuck about our frog fetish nor even aware that we fantasize about T.Gonser's throbbing esignature.

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>t. nopants

>> No.12874708

>nice double dubs
ty lad

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Umm because that data has nothing to do with Chainlink? Nasdaq is using data provided by BNC. Chainlink will be able to use data provided by BNC. You’re all newfag retards.

>> No.12874878

Except it has been stated BNC will use data provided by Link, brainlet.

>> No.12874885

hmm where?

i thought they were just offering their data to smart contract owners through the chainlink system

>> No.12874923

BNC is using Chainlink.

And everyone who is going to use the price of BTC and ETH is very likely to use Chainlink as well because of this.

>> No.12874934

>And everyone who is going to use the price of BTC and ETH
... for smart contracts.

>> No.12874935

You’re a clueless faggot and don’t understand how any of this works. Please show us evidence that Chainlink is currently aggregating the data for the BLX index that has been around for several years.

>> No.12874949

>Please show us evidence that Chainlink is currently aggregating the data for the BLX index
Leave those goalposts be, anon.
BNC have themselves stated they will be running the BLX/ELX indexes through Chainlink. End of story

At some point you're going to have to cope.

>> No.12874969

That’s not what you originally fucking said dumb ass. Yes they will be providing the BLX indexes through Chainlink for on chain applications. This has nothing to do with Nasdaq. Give up already.

>> No.12874975

>That’s not what you originally fucking said
Quote what I said.

>es they will be providing the BLX indexes through Chainlink for on chain applications. This has nothing to do with Nasda
It has everything to do with BNC using Chainlink.

>> No.12875011

Quote what I said, chop chop faggot.

>> No.12875039

ho ho

>> No.12875049

And you are a dumbfuck who doesn't know what he is talking about. You clearly missed the memo, we are all wrong and you, being the genius you are, are correct. Fuck off.

>> No.12875071

>It has everything to do with BNC using Chainlink.
SPECIFICALLY for the BLX/ELX indexes.

>> No.12875103

I think that we need a full autism move to make sergey spill the beans about this. Trips decide how we transform reality with the power of our aggregated autism

>> No.12875118

Why do you think exchanges are adding link to fiat pairs? Exchanges run a node to sell their data to bnc smartcontract, and they get payed in link. No reputation needed as the contract for the price feed requires a specific signature to sell there, which is obtained through a offline face to face agreement. Exchanges are gonna dump link for fiat, and bnc needs to buy link to fund their contract

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Why does it dump every time we find out something cool

>> No.12875609

Because thou art an impudent toad, pajeet.

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>> No.12876060

>ThEy ArE rIgHt ThOuGh.
subhuman cope, no one cares about your inferiority complex

>> No.12876073

very high quality stuff. thanks for posting fren.

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They're gonna get cucked again, look at China's history as a country, 90% of the time they were a slave state to a whomever conquered them. They would live like this for centuries until the peasants would finally rebel and take over. The peasants would soon destroy the country themselves since they were peasants and then they would get conquered by a foreign country again, the cycle would repeat until Mao essentially.

>> No.12876099

hey look it's the retard from yesterday lmao

>> No.12876103

The Chinese are pretty much a nation of crabs in a bucket mutually dragging each other down for 10,000 years.

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Oh (You), you're so sweet pumpkin. These comments are adorable, you tried so hard!

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Where do i buy this shit i can't use Binance because i don't have any transferrable BTC available and they won't let me verify my identity the cucks

>> No.12876207

You must be doing something wrong, there's no reason to deny verifying your identity since that scamming chink wants those sweet LINK transaction fees.

>> No.12876221

Why are nu-Linkers so dumb bros? Did all the Vechain holders switch to Link?

Why is so difficult to understand that the BNC indices are provided for use in smart contracts through their node available in the testnet NOT that their indices use Chainlink BECAUSE THAT IS NOT WHAT CHAINLINK IS FOR CHAINLINK IS A DECENTRALIZED NETWORK OF ORACLES WHERE YOU CAN MONETIZE YOUR API FOR USE IN SMART CONTRACTS MADE BY PEOPLE NOT FOR CREATING CRYPTO OR HEDGE FUND INDICES FUCK.

Seriously how is possible to invest in something and be this clueless about what it actually does?

>> No.12876243

Hope link can reach $6.

>> No.12876314

Literal subhuman retard. Let me spell it out slowly like I would for an 11 year old since you're clearly a street shitting downy.

>BNC created their indices in 2014
>NASDAQ will be using these indices for their ETH and BTC listing on stock exchanges
>These previous two lines have nothing to do with Link
>However, BNC are running a testnet node and will likely run a mainnet node selling these indices into smart contracts aka the entire reason for Chainlink aka a decentralized network of oracles selling real world data for use in smart contract

I am literally all in Link but the amount of tards is astounding.

>> No.12876338

Move those goalposts back where you found them.

BNC literally said they will be running the BLX/ELX indexes through Chainlink. You just said so yourself.

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>top link in the menu is WORK VISA
poo in loo pajeet

>> No.12876395

I don't think you even know what Chainlink is.

They are running them through Chainlink to sell for use in smart contracts. You can fucking do it in the testnet right now. They did not use Chainlink to create the indices they are monetizing their data feed API of THEIR indices which draw prices from dozens of exchanges since like 2013. IT'S NOT A SMART CONTRACT THEREFORE CANNOT AND HAS NO REASON TO USE CHAILINK. CHAINLINK IS NOT PARTNERED WITH NASDAQ AS MUCH AS I WOULD LIKE THEM TO BE.

>> No.12876425

>They are running them through Chainlink to sell for use in smart contracts.
That means any smart contract that relies on the price of BTC and/or ETH in some way, is very likely to use Chainlink.

>> No.12876509

Because Chainlink didn't create their fucking data. Because Chainlink is for monetizing YOUR data feeds not creating them.

>> No.12876524

You still need mainnet even if it's data you already created, lmao.

>> No.12876538

Stop cussing and capslocking, you look like a simpleton.

>> No.12876543

right but you still have to create a chainlink node or adapter whatever to be able to grab that info for a chainlink node to use in a contract

>> No.12876812

Can link reach $10 for real ? Seems like a pipe dream to me

>> No.12876851

Realistically I'd need it to hit $200 for my 21k stack to even be worthy.

>> No.12876854


$100 in 2 years

>> No.12876878

Cant wait for mainnet so I can get coffee for free for the rest of my life

>> No.12876983

This should be permanent post at top of /biz homepage

>> No.12877026

10 bucks 100% sure. 370 bucks 100% sure. 1000 bucks 77% sure.

>> No.12877308

dude, its literally going to hit $1000. what part of this dont you understand?

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holy fucking shit

>> No.12877678

sōyboy hands