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4,000 per cubic meter?


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I pay $500/month for a mcmansion

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Seems like a posh area though, no?

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the irony is you're not even paying to get away from shitskins, because these major cities are diseased with them

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How many roomates?

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The irony is he is paying more to live with shitskins.
Once the City of London will be transferred to another seat of power, the crash will be hilarious.

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how do the shitskins afford to live there?

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Probably subsidized housing

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just 2, his mom and stepdad

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This. Literal tax subsidized property bubble. londonistan is getting rekt in the next crash

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Government subsidized, rent controlled housing.

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Ancestral wealth built by monumental sacrifices of earlier generations / entrepreneurship / fox-mind

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>Charlotte Road, Shoreditch
Incredibly shit area BUT walking distance from Old Street roundabout. This is basically like a rental bang in the middle of silicon valley

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Cheap as fuck, nothing there but Australians

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>silicon valley
>old street roundabout
>a bunch of fresh out of uni posh boys with shit tier startups that make zero sales who sit in coffee shops all day talking about blockchain / fintech and checking LinkedIN while not even knowing how to code

t,. deal with those faggots regularly

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burguer life is easy mode

t. europoor

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shoreditch is one of the main nightlife scenes in london, of course its expensive there. it'd be less than 1/4 the price if you lived somewhere nearby like whitechapel or bow road

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If this is accurate who the fuck funds them?

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Daddy or people they have connections with.

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Shoreditch isn't posh, just trendy.