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How hard is your life at the moment (financially and physically)? I'm currently making minimum wage at Walmart while living on my own in a horrible apartment in an empty part of town. I have made some money on crypto, I do exercise, and I do have hobbies, but life is hard. I have to pay off so many bills and pay for so many miscellaneous things (most are necessary). Being an adult is hell.

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I lost my $40k job after getting a DUI.

>Got DUI
>Lost $40k job
> have $1,050 rent that my GF is currently paying
> State denied my unemployment
>Every job I interview for won't hire someone with an open court case
> I just made a bad judgement call I'm not a criminal.

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my 70k yr job is literally all i have going for me and thats not that great

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People always say they'll never fly X airline again but I doubt it's true.

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Have 100k link
Job that pays 50k
Health seems good other than turbo autism

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I have no remorse for shits like you. You made a bad judgement call? People like you KILL people EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY

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I do believe youre in a tough spot but maybe if you werent adding a bunch of unnecessary bills you wouldnt be strapped for cash. Its probably your own fault for being a basic bitch with no self control. Kys

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Shut up faggot
Drunk driving shouldn't even be a crime

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Fuck you, drunk drivers are scum.

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running on fumes

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I stopped drinking 2 hours before the bar closed, and had 8 waters and 12 boneless wings.
Blew a 0.081
I made a bad judgement call.

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Pitbull + service dog = the ultimate irony of ironies

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You deserve it honestly. If the punishment was any less severe there wouldn’t be any reason for you to not repeat your mistake.

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Lol wut

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LOL you got what you deserve jerkoff. Have fun on the bus.

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pitbulls are weapons, they don't belong on planes. liberalism is a mental disease

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your stupidity is a weapon, you don't belong on planes. liberalism is a mental disease

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Need instagram accounts. They dont need followers or anything, just need accounts and they HAVE to be confirmed either by phone or email. Will pay £0.25 per one. Email me at janicecocklin@gmail.com

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i guess you support a gun ban?

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Sorry to hear fren. Everybody makes mistakes, you'll get your license back soon and be able to find work. Once you have no more court cases you should be okay. I was in the same situation, luckily I could still get to work. More than anything a DUI is expensive so you'll have to find money.

I know how you feel. I literally almost killed myself after mine, felt like life basically came to end. But all we can do is keep on going and things do get better. Drunk driving has become a hysteric propaganda nightmare so I don't even listen to the shitty stuff like other anons said. Fuck em

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Over the past couple years I developed an autoimmune disease which debilitated me to the point that I lost my ~$50k cash under the table job with a based old racist boss and tons of prospects/room for growth. Now I can't work much, can't work out at all, have lost my sense of smell, and live with my family because I can't support myself anymore. I should KMS but I'm too stubborn and deluded with hope that there is a fix for my problem.
I hope you can claw your way out OP.

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So you support taking guns on airplanes. Seems fun. Flying was not intense enough for me i defenitly need to worry about someone crashing then airplane by force

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no guns needed. box cutters are sufficient.
actually i'm in favor or people having guns on planes

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I hate my life.
I work a bad job at a gas station. make 350 a week. I might get a raise soon with more hours and make 450 a week.
I'm able to save half. The other goes to my mother. I can't afford to live alone. A one bedroom is 1050 plus utilities. I'm 6000 dollars in debt to a hospital.
My home is awful. I deal with my grandfather that has Alzheimer's and Dementia. Then my sister that does meth who is unemployed and pays nothing for anything. She even stole 6000 from my grandfather. Her 2 kids 3 and 4 live there too.
The house is awful. MH grandfather keeps the heater at 90 degrees and there's always insects and mice. It is very dirty too.
No matter what it gets disgusting again.
Health wise I'm okay I guess. My feet are sore after work. Standing 10 hours.
Also my boyfriend doesn't want me to visit him anymore. Only real reason i tried.
All in all i regret what I've done with my life.
I am at least young. Only 22. But the future doesn't look bright.

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>Be 30
>Bachelor of Software Engineering
>Live in Finland
>Work as Test Automation / Devops Consultant
>Earn 4200 € before tax
>Live in own apartment worth 250k €
>Still have 237€ to pay off of apartment loan with current interest of 1,28% and max interest of 2,28%. No other loans.
>Wife. Kid coming in 7 months if nothing goes wrong

I work hard as fuck so sometimes I feel real fucking tired. I'm somewhat of a brainlet COMPARED to my colleagues, but social skills and hard work make up for it.

Life is ok.

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You drink YOU DON'T DRIVE.
It's not that fucking hard to grasp. But good thing is you learn from mistakes.

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KYS degenerate. I hate people that drink copious amounts of shit and want to normalize that fuck shit in my great pure western constitutional republic.

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w8. what was your job? why did you lost it? (I mean, bc you dont have your licence now or what?)

btw americans should all die. I can't believe on what mental state are they everyone needs a fucking ESA wtf

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my life is comfy as fugg but im physically disabled

dont exercise, dont really have hobbies, but life is easy

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What the fuck? is the FIRST THING you say to a potential employer is: " Ur der... i have an ongoing court case for DUI.... Ur der...." Seriously, are you that fucking retarded? U deserve everything coming to you. Good Luck loser.

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How do I get that life?

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Imagine the smell...

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Thanks for reminder, I have a bad habit of chugging a 24 oz on long trips for the buzz. I don't drink alcohol otherwise. this shit can ruin one's life

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Got a new job as an sysadmin in a small firm. 35k per year, and my rent is ultra cheap. Went from 2.2 to 2.8. And a raise is due in 6 months. I am quite happy so far.

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How did your employer find out?

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Pitbulls and anyone who owns one unironically need to be genocided.

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Service dogs are trained to take care of their owner who can't see. They are literally all angels. How is that blind guy supposed to fly since he needs his service dog to go anywhere

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> be 26
> 75k per year
> working 32 hour / week
> good passive income
> 800usd per month rent (gf pays half)
> cute girlfriend

Generally I'm happy, but can use some more freedom. Will probably quit my day-to-day job this year to focus on my side projects, art & travel.

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Shouldve eaten a sandwich, bread would have absorbed the alcohol long enough for you to blow under, maybe.

What the fuck is water and chicken going to do to lower the alcohol in your system, besides make you piss more? Why even include that detail like it was some kind of anti-drunk mechanism?

Oh I ate some chicken so I thought I was good for the 12 beers I hammered down.

Play stupid games anon.

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be me, 35, get into btc in 2013, do 3 years in prison over a fight, get out early 2017, come out to btc having mooned and buy random shitcoins, cash out 2ml end of 2017 and now living easy

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>took own apartment in place 20 minute busride from downtown, am a nocar, thought it would be fine
>far more miserable than I was living in the hipster area of downtown, hobos and all, where I had shit outside my door if I wanted to go out or get a part time job
>paying 2x to live out here, extremely inconvenient, area is all suburbs and depresses me
>can't get out of lease, have to stick it out
>just want to live as close to downtown as I can get and have roomies for that cheap ass rent
Entirely my own fault but man, it blows. Commuting anywhere is extremely inconvenient.
Filthy fucking cage scum. You deserve it. You could have just NOT drank and drove. How hard is that, you subhuman?
You don't drink and drive.
2 hours isn't shit.
Call a LYFT. Or don't drink in the first place. You could have killed someone you piece of shit.
My god I wish a bullet would find your skull. How many innocent people had their lives destroyed by chucklefucks like you?

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>31 ausfag
>partied and travelled way too much, made some really dumb decisions
>$70k in debt
>earn $100k in relatively comfy job with good prospects
>did get fired from $115k and $110k jobs though and I’m really on my last shot, I can’t pull my fake work reference scam again
>not too worried about the debt because I’ve got a huge stack of link and I’ll at least clear the debt, but could make fuck you money

I’m ok I guess. Relatively fit, have a great girlfriend and have a cheap but comfy apartment. I also have a catto that I love dearly.

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My cousin gave me an STI.
What am I doing with my life

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unemployed by choice and living off savings with parents. it's not a hard life desu. i'll have to get another job soon.

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Make about $3600 a month after taxes. Pay about 1.2k a month in bills. No college degree. Go to the gym obsessively. Former fatty but now fit as fuck and get hit on by girls regularly. Have an alcoholic girlfriend who gets fatter every month. Keep her around because she pays half the bills while I continue to build my portfolio. Could be worse I guess.

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>responding and exposing your wealth in CIA thread

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Imagine being this much of a pothead. Go back to your bong faggot.

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Hope things improve for you, please dont give up

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Hope this is true, prison is shit

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Doing really well in all honesty. Keep your chin up, it gets better,

t. former poorfag loser

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How many of you loosers have also gone all in on link and have no other hope than Sergey coming through?

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>I just made a bad judgement call I'm not a criminal.

lol that's black people logic

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>all these brainwashed NPC faggots spouting kike propaganda like the fucking subhumans soulless ZOGbots turds they are,
You fucking empathyless insectoid scums, you deserve to be shot in the head. And no, i never drink alchool.

I thought /biz/ was redpilled, but it seems all the plebbitards made it to this thread to repeat en coeur Shlomo's propaganda.

It's ok fren you'll make through this retarded shit. The system our forefathers initially created is now being subverted by kikes and used to destroy any remain of willpower and mental fortitude among whites.
Respecting the law and not being a criminal is not enough anymore, in order to justify this hypertrophied by hundreds of billions monstruosity they call (((justice))), they have to transform honest and hard working ppl into criminals. Making you subservient isn't enough, they want you to be an obedient lackey who will accept anything from any psychopath with a badge.
The bad news is you can't fight this NWO system on your own to end this tyranny. The good news is you can adopt their tactic.
They are a gigantic parasitic entity?
Perfect, then you become the biggest parasite possible. Stop to work, stop looking for a job. Apply to any social program you can, even if you aren't elligible.
Tell the system you are totally depressed and that this DUI triggered a psychological trauma.
Ask for disabled neetbux, ask for free seances with as many psys as you can.
Ask them for a shitload of antidepressants, painkillersand various shit. Don't take your treatments but sell the drugs to junkies online.
Ask for gibs, then for more gibs, ask for bus cards, ask for metro cards, ask for food stamps. Call the state social services everyday. Calls the cops to report fake strange behavior in your neighborhood.
Of course don't pay any taxes, anyway you aren't asked to since you are no more a wagie. Declare nothing.
Good luck fren.

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>I just made a bad judgement call I'm not a criminal.

I bet you're white lol

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pics of gf?

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>kill and rape a kid

>drink a single beer then drive back home

This is your logic under jewry.

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degenerates like you are particular examples why it is a very bad idea

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yeh it’s true, im still on parole and messed up from it. it took over a year before I didnt wake up all through the night and I still have dreams that Im back there, would not recommend to any bizrailites

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>service dogs
>not knowing the difference between service dogs and sight dogs
>not knowing that certain breeds of dogs cannot be allowed on flights by law (such as pugs, bulldogs, pekingese, others)

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>>Work as Test Automation / Devops Consultant

fuck. idiots got paid thousands for literally brainlet stuff.

I have been born in a wrong shithole

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no savings, no money at all, still living with my parents didn't even have a checking account until a couple of months ago (opened one up to deposit some christmas money my elderly grandma gave me), neet of 10 years

it's pretty bad, but i honestly have a good excuse for it all (actual mental illness)

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I’m kinda comfy only one thing annoying me rn
>live in Ireland
>21 share a room with 31 yo brother who just won’t move
>said he’s saving for mortgage so hopefully out in the next year or so
>he’s an accountant no gf
>kinda don’t give too hard on him since he got mad depressed after his EX friend cucked him
>she had a baby with polish man literally not even 4 months after they broke up and pole broke up with her and he went back to later breakup again
>other than this, everything is comfy
>have 10/10 big titty fit GF who’s loyal af, sucker punched a guy trying it on with her before together now nearly 2 years
>have €3k in crypto and €2k in savings with €400 to get back in tax
>3rd year studying pharmaceuticals
>working selling laptops for €1.1k a month part time a year now, quit there and leaving since want to get back to gym since 0 time to read books and learn code
>6 foot on the dot, can bench 110kg at my full strength early 2018 but I lost good bit due to wage slaving , weighed about 75kg probably dropper a little again due to being a wageslave
>College is fully paid for by a grant scheme and I get €265 a month for bus fares etc durin college so will have 0 debt
>Cause im leaving part time job on Monday I’ll have a month to get back gym and I’m still getting paid €1.1k end of month due to holiday pay they owe me
>start a work placement in April with pharma company getting paid €480 a week for 6 months and then I start my final year in college
>work placement might ask me to come back when I finish degree if they like me

Bar that I don’t drive and my brother still hasn’t moved out I’m actually more content with life right now, just can’t wait to either have my own room or own place

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Ex gf**

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A single beer isn't a DUI is it

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You're delusional, I've had my license for more than 3 years now and literally never ever drove in the same day after drinking. (Except for ONE beer or two lights if hanging with drinking crowd). It's not that fucking hard, just smoke some weed or something if you're that undisciplined.

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Pugs are killing machines.

>> No.12836436

you can't hide behind the law and the cry about the law at the same time, criminal.

>> No.12836442

>Not driving drunk is jewish propaganda
This is your brain on /pol/

>> No.12836453

>1 beer
this is your brin on talmudvision

>> No.12836455

yeah it's jewish propaganda to not drive when you're drunk
give me a break, fucking retard
perhaps try to get drunk so you know what you're talking about? anyone who thinks they can drive in that state is a mong. you'd have to be so stupid to believe that you're probably the kind of driver who's a danger to everyone else even when you're NOT drunk

>> No.12836464

>moral law and tyranny are the same thing
Learn2Logos you 60IQ brainlet mutt

>> No.12836489

>several post-grad degrees and a bunch of debt to go with
>stuck working as a fry cook, I keep on looking but no bites
>couple of k in savings
>ratty apartment, takes forever to get things fixed when they fall apart
>last girl I was with did a bunch of really fucked up shit, not going near that again
>some pretty neat hobbies and I get regular exercise
I'd blow my brains out if it weren't for my mother and cat.

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>yeah it's jewish propaganda to not drive when you're drunk
Yes it is you faggot,ever heard of the prohibition? They are just trying it again.
Why do you think USA was called new Atlantis and Washington DC was called New Jerusalem?
Why do you think all your food is kosher?
Why do you think you get circumcised?
Why do you think you get daily propanda against alchool and muslims?
Why do you think they transformed the holohoax into your new religion?
Why do you think Israel is your (((greatest ally)))?
Amerilards are transformed into jews and are too stupid to even acknowledge it.

>> No.12836654

It's the same for me bro
My advice is try to work on your social circle
It's a good way (and probably the only one) to rise your social status

>> No.12836728

Legit the most retard poster I've seen on 4channel lololol


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Everyday I want to die

>> No.12836788

Thank you. I don't think I will give up. I at least want to try and fix things with my boyfriend. I really like him. A lot.
I don't really have any prospects. At best do a trade school. Really don't know.

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"Last June, a passenger was mauled by another passenger’s 70-pound pit bull while trapped in a window seat and required 28 stitches across his face."

Yeah fuck that bullshit. Ban those fucking dogs. Every time I go to the dog park, pit bulls are the dogs you worry about the most. There are well-trained ones, but even well-trained ones can flip out or be provoked into taking a fight too far.
When my dogs are provoked, they growl or nip back, but they don't escalate shit the way a pit bull does.

These "Delta is a #BreedBigot" fucks are all pro-pitbull until them or their family member is the one trapped in the window seat getting mauled by someone's shitty pitbull service dog.
As if there weren't enough breeds in the world to make service dogs...

>> No.12836869

hopefully one kills you next you dumb cunt

>> No.12836881

The whole service dog meme needs to fucking die

I get blind people need dogs. Fine. But the idea that you have a dog in a restaurant with you to prevent a panic attack? fuck that shit.

>> No.12836887

Minimum wage, living at mums place, just got a NO from the army. idk what to do with life. there is nothing im interested in...

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15.50 an hour in an area where i pay 705/mo for rent. Recently graduated with a mechanical engineering degree here in Colorado, haven't found a job quite yet.

The big tentacle raping squid in the room is i took on some 70k in loans because i got railed and didn't start working at all until recently, and didn't do a good job of watching my finances. Still got some time left i guess, but i am somewhat worried.

>> No.12836947

Not too great. Have $50,000 saved, in addition to $20k in my 401(k). I have $40,000 left in student loans and make $62k a year. 24 and live with my parents.

>> No.12836950

And just to tack it on, i don't have any engineering work experience. I worked with a company and client on my senior project, but i can't list that as work experience on these online job apps which burns. I currently just work at a whole foods 30ish hours a week.

Gonna ask my manager for full time today though, since she said we are doing better.

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This is how you can tell this board is filled with incel fagots who never go out and have any fun. How easy is fucking driving that having a few beers will make you crash? Seriously, almost every single retard in all of society is out there driving, but because I'm .08 I'm some kind of "danger".

>> No.12836984

this is really retarded, and I own a few 9mm

wtf dude

>> No.12837025

pretty much yeah, they have no life thus can't understand basic stuff.

based NPC

>> No.12837041

I'm a NEET so is average, I make no money but have no expenses

>> No.12837111

kys faggot my grandfather was killed by a shitter like you

>> No.12837140

antifreeze in meatballs

>> No.12837156 [DELETED] 

It's about the 0.1% chance of something out of the ordinary happening that requires full response time and accurate manouvering which you will fuck up on three beers. On a societal scale even with low odds the death count is high and theres almost always someone innocent involved. Some members of society are scum however and need even basic shit like this explained to them, so more drunk driving kills yay.

>> No.12837187

Not too bad, things are looking up for me - I should be making about £70k per year soon. Made a decent amount out of crypto last year too.

I spent my 20s partying and traveling and fucking bitches. I'm 31 now and focusing on my career and making money.

Phsyically in good health, not fat.., look younger than my age... still have my hair.

Family, kids, settling down? It will happen when it happens. I am happy being a bachelor for now and don't have too much trouble with dating and getting laid.

>> No.12837197

I can't complain. I'll be switching from a contract position to a full time hire at a medical device company which will bump my pay from 70 to 75k. I live in Milwaukee with my fiance which has been hella cheap. The only thing is her work has been really stressful lately (paralegal handling 150+ files) and I know she needs to find a new place.

People really need to advantage of the current state of the economy more. It's pretty easy now to switch to a better paying job.

>> No.12837200

I understand it for war veterans, others can fuckoff

>> No.12837273 [DELETED] 

It is fucking 2019, call an Uber

>> No.12837284

I seriously wonder about you guys, It's fucking .08%. I can understand being blackout drunk as a crime, but mildly buzzed? Drunk driving has such a bad stigma bud anything below blackout is still way safer than texting and driving, but reddit faggots don't virtue signal over that because they all do it

>> No.12837334

I'm glad she ded =)
I wish i was the one to roll over her old smelly puss

>> No.12837390
File: 56 KB, 960x492, 0b4vvpq4f6d01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some guys can drink and drive, some can't. Get over it pussies.

>> No.12837411

You're thinking of seeing eye dogs. Not sure what the regulations on service animals are, but in the case of this cunt, I suspect it was a pound mutt that she dressed in a vest.
I personally think that the problem with pits is that too many niggers own them. Vent your spleen in the right direction, fren.

>> No.12837463

>$1200 passive income from government neetbux.
>80k in the bank
>owe 55k in taxes
>owe government 8k
>owe bank 3.2k
Crypto ruined me

>> No.12837464

>being retarded enough to endanger the lives of others while driving drunk
you fucking deserve to sleep in the bed you made you big ass fucking faggot
drive fucking responsibly or dont do it at all jackass

>> No.12837525

Lose your legs

>> No.12837547

> Make close to 200k between wife and I.
> Own house
> Made 10k on crypto last year, sold most of it.

Not bad. AMA, maybe I can give people some tips.

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>living at home
>60k/yr job
>25k student loan debt
>20k car loan
>25k in 401k
>12k in Roth IRA
>35k in crypto
>25k in checking/savings

How am i doing brahs?

>> No.12837562
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Pay off your car loan and student debt ASAP and then you'll be doing pretty good.

>> No.12837593

>Have $50,000 saved, in addition to $20k in my 401(k). I have $40,000 left in student loans
Why not just pay the student loans with the 50k?

>> No.12837594

online apps will get you nowhere. you need connections or to pay a headhunter if you have no work experience and a degree

>> No.12837629

Student loans are all fixed around 3.5%, the car loan is 1.9%. Ratherv invest it

>> No.12837640

meant for

>> No.12837665

>all these bugmen freaking out over a guy driving while mildly buzzed
i bet you all use your phones while driving and i bet you were all raised by single mothers lol

>> No.12837692

The car is still a depreciating asset. The student loans are probably OK to pay off slower at that rate.

>> No.12837707

Yeah it’s a Civic so hopefully it’ll last the next 10-15 years though. I did splurge buying it new I’ll admit.

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I've been NEET for a bit over 5 years now. I shouldn't complain but life feels empty and the days just fly by. My passive income is ridiculously small so I can't really buy stuff to fill the void either.

>> No.12837782


Three of youse is dum Dums.
Born and raised to hate drunk drivers, I'm willing to bet the three of you don't even have your drivers licence.
>mommy and daddy told me to hate drunk drivers so I will
I can guarantee you guys are literally the text book ding dongs that finally get their licence and introduced to alcohol and drive drunk cause it's fun.

I drive regularly even after a couple drinks, sometimes legally I'd be above the limit but I still don't drive 100 mph in a 60 zone.

>> No.12837791

how much are you living on per month?

>> No.12837809

join the military

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around 500 bucks. have been 1k but is dropping every year.

>> No.12837885

same. at least I make enough to save at a decent rate.

>> No.12837896

should've had a few HFCS sodas and some salty snacks then sat in your car for a while.

>> No.12837932

Where the fuck in Colorado is rent 750 a month? I thought all of the prices were inflated cause dudeweed lmao

>> No.12838114


>I dindu nuffins, I wuz a good boy

>> No.12838200

This. Impairment should only be considered during sentencing if the driver actually hurts somebody. Making intoxication sans any damages a crime is essentially treating the governed population like cattle instead of free men. In that sense, it really is fucking jewish.

>> No.12838286

dumbest shit I've read in 2019

>> No.12838344

>online apps will get you nowhere. you need connections or to pay a headhunter if you have no work experience and a degree
Guess I'll just kill myself, then. Surely not everybody is just full of connections and shit

>> No.12838367
File: 6 KB, 225x225, harold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

26 yo NEET living at my parents place. Getting about 600€ / month of welfare and having no fees I'm putting some on the side to move out and the rest of it in crypto. Right now I have about 5K€ in crypto and 2K€ in fiat.
As soon as I have 10K€ in savings I land some shitty McJob to get at least minimum wage and pay rent without spending my warchest I move out and hopefully all will be fine from there. Keep putting money on the side and invest as much as possible in stocks/cryptos, maybe start a side business with friends.

I'm actually pretty optimistic I don't have anything to lose.

>> No.12838455
File: 73 KB, 640x480, 302568.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12838561

Posts like this remind me that reddit has infested this board.

>> No.12838572

>This guy has more money than most wagecucks.
This only goes to show how poor spending habits can really keep a person behind.

>> No.12838620

jesus christ you're like parody

>> No.12838648

no they can't

>> No.12838672

>Commits a crime
>"I'm not a criminal"
topkek enjoy your free (You)

>> No.12838685

Are you fucking joking? You can literally walk onto any fucking construction site and they will hire you. You are literally posting this for attention you stupid FUCKING CUNT.

>> No.12838708

What degrees do you have? Da fuck

>> No.12838720

>last sentence
More attention-seeking fucking cunts. If you want a better paying job than your current one, look into manual labor. If not, don't come here for attention you low-test fuck

>> No.12838734

You should avoid drinking until your brain fully develops

>> No.12838747

You might be onto something here.
>The rational part of a teen's brain isn't fully developed and won't be until age 25 or so.
This explains the majority of /biz/'s irritating, cunty posters.

>> No.12838749
File: 399 KB, 1000x1316, 1aBmW4k6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>turning 23
>starting at $110K out of undergrad with full sacrifice of my life through workweeks (>70h workweeks, weekends always off though)

no idea how long I can tough this out, how do I retire as early as possible?

>> No.12838750

your age, wife's age, kids' age, how long did it take to pay off your house?

>> No.12838803

So you'd rather someone didn't have a ranged weapon in case someone used a box cutter on someone else? Your logic is seriously flawed, you're thinking with emotion. That's a mistake

>> No.12838815

So you got two full time jobs...

>> No.12838837

This. That anon is going to burnout in 3 to 4 weeks my guess is.

>> No.12838840

>Living at home
Yeah, I live at the place I live too

>> No.12838860

this shit right here made me crack up

>> No.12838884

What goes around is all around

>> No.12838912

>12 boneless wings
That sounds like a hell of night on the town, (srs).
Other than that stay safe anon and make sure others around you are safe as well.

>> No.12838916

Interest rate is low enough and I'd like to save most of it (in a money market account) in case something happens. I should make a $5,000 or so payment though. Right now I pay $500 a month and my employer pays another $100.

>> No.12838926

If that's true in your image they could just say he's not a pitbull
"Pitbulls" are not a real breed like a beagle or a dachshund or whatever, they're just mutts that they look at in the pound or the vet clinic and say "uhh, looks like a pitbull I suppose"

>> No.12838956
File: 743 KB, 614x615, 1345452323423.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Ah right, the scarlet letter crime all the faggots jump on so they can feel self righteous. As if most fatal accidents aren't due to speeding/not paying attention/running an intersection. Do you get this butthurt over people on their phone while driving? Because that's far more impairing

>> No.12838973

what comes around is all around my friend

>> No.12838986

Worked for 15 years haven't gotten anywhere still renting living paycheck to paycheck.
Moved country in an effort to break the rut and I'm just doing the same shit. Its actually worse now as I have less money and work more.
I try to save but sudden expenses stop me. I get evicted at random, own an air matress as its easier to transport between places. Havent slept on a real bed in years.
I dream of buying something, land, a boat something that's mine where I can live without monetary worries. But it wont happen.
My crypto stack is as pitiful as a 6 year olds pokemon deck, one pack deep. I had to sell some last month to pay for food & bills, $300 that took 4 months to save gone just like that
When does it get better?

>> No.12838994

t. literal child

>> No.12839023


There's this thing called "technical debt" in software engineering. Every time, in the gradual and compounding process of putting a sophisticated piece of software together, you decide to take a shortcut, or the easy way, rather than following best practice, you add another bit to that "debt", which will become ever harder to untangle or work around as time goes on. Life is kind of similar. Every time you slacked off as a kid you racked up debt. Every poor choice or myopic decision, not going to college or learning a trade, not getting decent grades, not taking a step back and reexamining your situation and figuring out a way to land a half-decent job and get your foot in the door. Life has so many avenues and opportunities and ways to "work around" a past mistake but it's on you to find them, it's on you to make good decisions, no matter how much "harder" they may be at the time, and its on you to think about future you, the you of 5 to 10 years ahead. Life is actually easy as hell in the first world in 2019. I know this is partially because my parents kind of put me through the grinder growing up, but even historically. You can walk into a government office and say you have autism and collect SSI checks for the rest of your existence. 100 years ago you were going to starve and die or waste away in a poorhouse. Figure something out, OP, minimum wage at Wal-Mart is bottom of the barrel reasoning. Look into warehouse work, or deliveries and truck driving. There are labor shortages everywhere.

>> No.12839038


I don't know why you think you're mature condemning people for one form of distracted/impaired driving out of the laundry list of them. That's incredibly narrow and arbitrary and reeks of personal insecurity, like the people who would show up to cheer at public hangings.

Drunk driving should be a crime, yes, but it's just another mistake people make. It's especially assuming if no one got hurt, while drunk drivers are impaired there are still serious degrees between the guy who's kind of buzzed heading home from the bar and the blacked out retard going the wrong way on the highway. Total lack of nuance or objectivity is the hallmark of childishness.

>> No.12839051

I already did this for a couple of months

it's possible to do it for a couple of years

>> No.12839055

I had to pay 10k court fees for some stupid shit I didn't do to defend myself. Otherwise okay, I've partnered with a friend and we've been running a service business for 3 years. Its just starting to take off and we're optimistic for the future.

>> No.12839057
File: 15 KB, 578x566, 1520442505907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what is a backgrouond check

>> No.12839063
File: 3 KB, 125x120, 1390183664228s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Lol, you are such a cuck, your brain is cucked, and you think that's a good thing.

>> No.12839080
File: 20 KB, 400x400, 1531546277823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Nice cope

>> No.12839087

If you pulled off 70 hour work weeks for a few months then most likely nothing can stop your ass. So you probably could yes.

>> No.12839108
File: 79 KB, 640x640, 1549870258857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>workout 3 hours a day
>read 4-5 hours a day
>play guitar 3-4 hours a day
>every meal I eat is freshly cooked

>> No.12839116

Where do you live city/state?

>> No.12839136
File: 2.67 MB, 4032x3024, 3D08F879-4C4B-4793-8205-14A58AC99676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

24 y.o
Higher education diploma (engineer), 1 year in army in honour guard
Working as technolician on a330, b777 planes
I get 600$ per month(guess what country, heh?), living with parents and have no any restrictions
On my weekend i prefer to hangout with friends, do some sport, watching movies, practice in medical massage

>> No.12839145

I don't know where are you from, but I would advise you to get some kind of formation in healthcare or try to get a government job if possible. Hope things get better man.

>> No.12839148


>> No.12839157

Where the fuck are you from

>> No.12839172

I was slowly scraping together a life, even on minimum wage. But then I had brain problems and now it's a complete mess. I now am a 35 YO that lives with his ageing parents, don't even have disability because I am not "disabled enough" and the NHS is refusing to speed up my case and fix me. I'm eating into the money I was saving for my own house, so even that meagre dream is now gone.

>> No.12839174

thanks, I only do this so I can hopefully get a comfy 6 figure job with 40hrs/week in 2 years down the line

it's totally retarded, you lose all your hobbies, friends, family, gf or fitness from Mo-Fr

>> No.12839186


1. Don't buy crypto until it drops another 75%
2. Stop eating junk food and start working out
3. Keep saving half your check
4. Maintain excellent oral hygeine.
5. Make an escape plan

>> No.12839187

I've done 7 days a week for a short time before. You truly do lose everything, lol. Youre right about that. Either way, Good luck on that goal. It's important to have goals if you aren't a buddha himself.

>> No.12839194

>Make an escape plan
This might be the most important out of the list

>> No.12839231


The thing is that .081 was probably swerving and drives a shitbox aggressively.

As if alcoholics are nice civil folks. They're all scumbags, I used to work in a bar. Degenerates, all of them.

If they don't have the goddamn common sense to bicycle to their watering hole fuck em

>> No.12839236

How many link?

>> No.12839248

>Having 45k in debt living at home
You will NEVER make it.

>> No.12839263

You realize that riding a bike drunk is also illegal and will get you a dui... Take a fucking Uber/walk.

>> No.12839265

Are you baiting? (((They))) were almost exclusively owners of the pubs in Europe and flushed alcohol down the dumb goyim.
It was that one always came into each village and set his shit up.
They may make it cool in movies et cetera to fool you.
If you drink alcohol you are a dumb goy.

>> No.12839267

>implying 45k debt is impossible to pay off
What kind of fucking weirdo are you?

>> No.12839273

Depends on the location. Riding a bike drunk is also dumb, but typically will just get you a citation.

>> No.12839276
File: 6 KB, 250x239, 1532368746900.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're a goddamn genius
thanks for keks man

>> No.12839312

You're a god damned idiot

>> No.12839324

I work at a metal manufacturing plant inhaling metal dust everyday getting a few dollars above min wage. I need to get the fuck out of here asap.

>> No.12839331

It will probably only make you tougher, to be honest.

>> No.12839338

This is actually a normal thing. Basement dwelling faggot

>> No.12839353

That's what stupid people who get cancer in their 40s think

>> No.12839358
File: 7 KB, 150x150, 6403DCEF-393D-4E4B-8698-9D15C0CFD3A7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12839390

Uk, hereditary poorfag. If my situation hasnt changed in 2 years I WILL rent a house out and do a big cannabis grow. Should net at least 10k - 25k with 3 rooms, 4 months work tops. I will use that money to buy some shitty land and slowly slowly buy building materials for a house, and build it.
Ive had both, I had an OK job that allowed me to save for 3 months working as a mental health care assistant in the mental hospitals. That place got shut down. Nearest one is now 80 miles away.
The UK slows everything down to keep the status quo going. Classism is alive and kicking. Guarantee if you were a BUPA patient you'd have seen progress.

>> No.12839408

I would just make the drive to the other one everyday. 80 miles isn't shit.

>> No.12839438

There are no jobs going there, the previous job was temporary as they transitioned staff to the new place. I applied but didn't get taken on because of the distance. I needed to be on call within a certain amount of time.

>> No.12839451

Most states carry the same penalty

>> No.12839470

>Being an adult is hell.
End it, kys now.

>> No.12839474

Nice post, very constructive and well thought out. Way to add something to the discussion. Here is your "you".

>> No.12839486

normal doesn't make it you absolute mouth breathing mongoloid

>> No.12839505
File: 213 KB, 625x910, dog-breed-intelligence-comic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12839519

>while living on my own in a horrible apartment in an empty part of town
You moved out of your parents house, you’re already doing better than 80% of /biz/

>> No.12839533
File: 7 KB, 251x171, goatsecam20110724-22047-1smrkf1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Every time, in the gradual and compounding process of putting a sophisticated piece of software together, you decide to take a shortcut, or the easy way, rather than following best practice, you add another bit to that "debt", which will become ever harder to untangle or work around as time goes on.

An incompetent programmer taking the long way or the shortcut will still produce shitty code. Good trying to add a new feature when you have thousands of unnecessary layers of abstractions when a single layer would do.

>> No.12839545


The point of taking your time and following accepted standards is that it makes it way easier to add on new features in the future. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "layer" but one big single block/chunk of abstraction means that it's all going to be coupled and dependent on itself and adding anything new will increasingly become a nightmare as you try to navigate that.

>> No.12839552

~29 states have no laws against drunk biking. See: https://www.wpr.org/drunk-biking-wisconsin

>> No.12839560

I drive drunk all the time I don’t see what the big deal is
If anything I drive better because I’m paranoid of being pulled over
As long as you’re not shitfaced it shouldn’t be a problem, the current 0.05-0.08% limit is bullshit

>> No.12839579

I live in a nice townhouse in a nice part of town where all the engineers for micron live. I don't work, and get paid 1200/month to go to college. I'm about to graduate and start law school next year. Life is very easy but I'm 25k in debt

>> No.12839585

His net worth is positive, dumbass

>> No.12839603

it’s a matter of finding out what your version of “normal” is, you myopic braindead NPC

>> No.12839611

My health is rapidly failing. I may be dead of a heart attack before 30. Had a nightmare about having a heart attack and now I know I have a good chance of dying while living out my nightmare.

>> No.12839619

This isn't your only life if you haven't become a buddha yet, anon. Don't worry.

>> No.12839627

Don't listen to them, you're unironically 100% right

>> No.12839632

Go on a whole food plant based diet and save your life. Stop buying the keto con meme.

>> No.12839666

Thanks, anon. Was thinking I'd try this and lower my meat and dairy intake. The only habit I have left to kick besides my diet is nicotine, which I think is possible since I was able to kick the recreational drugs I was taking.

>> No.12839698

Cash flow you pinhead

>> No.12839715

you just called 45k debt living at home normal and now you want to change the definition. have fun staying poor forever

>> No.12839727

You're literally just throwing around words now

>> No.12839746

He's throwing his check away every month on speculation/investments that don't have guaranteed return and doing nothing to increase his cash flow. Keep paying those minimum payments wasting money on interest. Cash is king and always will be. Unless the system collapses, at that point all of this is moot.

>> No.12839759

How do you recommend increasing your cash flow? Dumbass here.

>> No.12839768

Honestly, you should have denied the breathalyzer. You will still go to jail, but it would have been for a lesser crime because there was no concrete proof of your alcohol content.

>> No.12839804

Increase your income and reduce expenses. If you have debt with anything above 3% interest, get rid of it as fast as possible. Then get rid of the other debt. Living at home with a car loan of 20k on a 60k salary is some of the most sub 90 iq tier shit I've ever seen. Yes that might be normal, but it's still fucking retarded.

>> No.12839824

>I'm currently making minimum wage at Walmart while living on my own in a horrible apartment
>making minimum wage
>living on my own
Why? Renting a whole apartment is expensive as fuck and if you're making min wage you'll just be working really hard to stay in the same place - like a hamster on a wheel.
I have a well-paying job and I rent the shittiest, cheapest, single room in a shared house to save money

>> No.12839935

Im 28, living with my girlfriend and paying 600e rent together. Traveling 3-5 times a year, having 7 weeks paid holiday per year, earning 55k before taxes, sales job. Doing different drugs while im working to keep it intresting. Got 250k cryptoportfolio last bull run, still dreaming that i could quit my job.

>> No.12839987

>just turned 23
>Still need 1 class to finish my degree at a mediocre state school
>Gonna need expensive dental work and have no insurance
>Have a job interview for a dishwasher position in 15 minutes (if that doesn't pan I'm gonna hit McDonald's )
>Crush agreed to let me take her on a few dates, but then I had to leave town for a month and she started fucking a black guy
>Been stress eating and starting to get fat

I regret my past laziness and attempts at taking the easy way out

>> No.12840099

Hey prick. Don't rub it in for us other folks who are trying to make it, alright?

>> No.12840129
File: 57 KB, 422x609, 1541312183145.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12840167

That's what you get homo.
It's literally so easy to not break the law. All it is is
>1. See law
>2. Do what it says
How come people have such a hard time with this? Why do people look at laws and proceed to do the opposite?

>> No.12840197

>i'm not a criminal
>All I could have possibly done was kill an innocent white family with two little girls and a bright future

>> No.12840222

>>1. See law
>>2. Do what it says
Literal NPC. Some people can actually think for themselves and aren't bound by a piece of paper. Rules are just guidelines.

>> No.12840250

Look into Caldwell esselstyns research. He's the only person to ever REVERSE heart disease in a clinical setting, and he did it with a wfpb diet. Good luck

>> No.12840348

I'll try it, anon. Thanks. Nothing to lose by trying.

>> No.12840362

there's way too many laws to know what they all say. You probably break multiple laws every day without realising

>> No.12840369

I'm 28 and live at home with virtually no expenses. Got my first real job last year making like 70k CAD pre-tax all in.

Cashed out 250k from BTC in 2017 and bought my way back to 12 at great prices. Life was shit for me in HS and early uni but it's fantastic now

>> No.12840491

>Don't kill people
>I'mma go kill someone!
>*Proceeds to get punished for it.*
>Fuckin bullshit! I'mma fuckin free thinker, fuck the system!

Good going, champ

>> No.12840618


You can pull the fake reference scam your whole life my man. I've been doing it for every job I've ever had. I pay two people $50 each to be a fake work reference, and they act like they were my supervisors at my previous jobs. Been doing this for 20 years.

>> No.12840664

You're a caged animal. You follow the law like a zealot. The government is your God and its laws the sacred texts.

>> No.12840693
File: 1.90 MB, 500x249, 1550264221296.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.

America's total loss of redemption and forgiveness is turning it into hell on Earth

>> No.12840771

You damn rebel scum...Because of drunk idiots driving, people lose their families or get their lives ruined. Just recently I heard mother and 2 of her kids died to drunk driver. You're driving a metal box, no excuses. Harm yourself all you want tho.

>> No.12840853

>make ~45k/yr
>no debt
>20k in bank
>~2k in crypto for the hell of it
>gf of 8 years
>let all my friendships dissolve.
Went from being a social butterfly & life of the party to a friendless basement-dweller in less than five years. Sometimes good friends call me up and I ignore them. No idea why.
Assume people wonder what happened to me. Feel like I should care but I don't feel anything.
Just waiting for my gf to up and leave me. Slightly shocked she's still around. I've become so damn boring.
Feel like I should be depressed but I feel absolutely nothing.

>> No.12841459

Id rather not have people blowing fucking holes in the sides of planes yeah

>> No.12841474


everyone giving you shit in this thread is just a faggot plain and simple, what you did wrong is literally nothing and you know it wasnt that bad to begin with or worth losing your job over. my friend got a dui and it has impacted his life alot. the dui is nothing compared to everything else you end up going through. just be greatful that you didnt hit anybody while driving or you would be in prison for 15 years right now. if this is your first offence try and get a lawyer who will get the charges dropped for you if it was really 0.081 and explain that you have lost your job because of this. the government wants good taxpaying citizens on the payroll and my friend who is in the same position as you might have his charges dropped if it is under 0.085 I think you will be ok anon

>> No.12841522

>actual mental illness

>> No.12841535

So you think you should be allowed to put others at risk?

>> No.12841540


Hope you lose your home retard, only way people like you learn

>> No.12841546

>I just made a bad judgement call I'm not a criminal.

We all make mistakes but sometimes they ARE criminal.

DUI is a crime and honestly, you could have ended the lives of innocent people.

Thats why its taken so seriously and is a crime.

I sympathize that you feel it was a shitty mistake, but you do need to man up and face the consequences.

>> No.12841738

duuuh jooooooooooooosssss

>> No.12841769

Yes, the jews.

>> No.12841883

>I have no remorse for shits like you. You made a bad judgement call? People like you KILL people EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY

fucking liberal

>> No.12842026

Cant wait until your jewish overlords breed you inbreds out of existence

>> No.12842041

>has gf
>hard life
whine more bitch

>> No.12842050

Not going anywhere.

>> No.12842092
File: 5 KB, 221x250, 1550610000176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12842117

Jews are genetically repulsive omega males that will be gone in 2-3 generations. Their birth rate is scary low and their intermarriage rate has hit 70%, but that's not why I hate them.

>> No.12842275

Perhaps he is wondering why you would shoot a man on a plane when you can throw him out the window

>> No.12842307


no one would've blinked an eye 40 years ago.

rip OP.

>> No.12842325

Saving about $2k a month, live in a comfy apartment in the nice part of town, my job is relatively stress free if a bit boring, I enjoy life mostly with a small to medium amount of existential dread from time to time

>> No.12842338

Just found out I can get 100% disability through the VA unemployability.


And then get my social security disability for another $1200......im 25 years old.

Its not much money but enough to be comfy i guess. I want Bitcoin to crash to $500 so i can buy in with my VA backpay in a year or so.

>> No.12842339

BDC salesman at a car dealership

I sit on my ass and pick up money, the last 2 hours of the day I shitpost on 4chan. It seems even poor people like to buy cars. Live with my mom and work part time. Making 1.2k+ every month life couldn't be comfier. And I just met a weeaboo 4chan qt, so even the gf problem is in the works. Literally couldn't ask for more other than for my crypto investments to moon.

>> No.12842437

They have this program that pays for your child's education too.

Its called Dependents' Educational Assistance. Its great news upon great news. Biz neets deserve free money from Bitcoin or otherwise

>> No.12842444

18, cant find a job, need to pay my parents 2300 by november, need to give my parents 400 a month to live at my parents, so im starting to sell everything i have to pay them, i only have my phone (had to sell my computer, tv, monitor, console) left will need to sell it to, no other family, no friends, probs gonna kill myself next week, but i hear that costs around 4000 for a funeral, so ill be putting my parents at 6k debt, they are dirt poor and cant pay for it. i dont know what to do anymore

>> No.12842493

>need to pay my parents 2300 by november


>> No.12842519

Alcoholics defending this nigger, mental illness.

>> No.12842520

I bet you’re not lol

>> No.12842544

you are absolutely delusional

>> No.12842564

I will never know the comfort of living a cheap apartment life because I inherited puppies when I was 18 and I'll always had to live in a house with a yard for the boys to roam and protect. By the time they pass on I'll be a boomer.

>> No.12842574

I'm not even disabled i just have "chronic depression"

I feel fine tho

Joining the military and creating a medical record is what all 18 year okds in America should do desu.

>> No.12843450
File: 7 KB, 645x773, Thatface20110725-22047-wlaopv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Same man I work 9 hrs a night at Wal-Mart do the most mind numbing work and have to take the bus each which is an hour and a half to and from work each time. I live in a ghetto part of town full of spics and niggers but at least rent is cheap started investing in crypto early last February portfolio tumbled I lost hope for a while now I'm starting to make some real fucking gains almost have had enough and plan on quitting as soon as I have enough to feel comfy living off gains

>> No.12843570

Currently living below the poverty line on seasonal work while studying. Life is difficult, particularly since I had to purge my entire portfolio to afford car insurance, registration, mechanic work and health insurance. Now I live on about $1.30 a day and my idea of splurging is a $0.75 bottle of off-brand cola or $0.50 chocolate pudding twice a month.

Luckily I own my home, have rain water tanks, grow my own vegetables and I generate all my own power. In any other situation I'd have to drop out of school for the foreseeable future and destroy any hope of graduating before 30.

>> No.12844009

1. I am not sure if I would buy crypto. It just seems like a huge gamble.
2. I'm trying not to. It's difficult with the way our home is. I have no access to a kitchen. I actually bought a fridge for my room and a microwave. I'm thinking of a hot plate too. Also I eat garbage food at work.
3. That's the plan. Haven't bought anything u didn't think I needed. My PC broke and still haven't got a new one. Probably won't either.
4. I already do this.
5. I don't really have one. I had a plan with my boyfriend. To move in together next year. He finished his schooling this year. He will be an x ray tech. So I would work less hours while went through trade school. But that all seems unlikely now.
I really want to move from my home.
I tried to join the air force when I was 18. they declined me.

>> No.12844035

>pitbull flies some thousand kilometers with commercial airline to bite child

>> No.12844062

I'm 31 and live with my grandma. It's not as easy as it sounds

I work 80 hours a week at a flat minimum wage salary. I walk to work, I bust my fucking ass for 13 to 15 hours, and then I walk home. For the past few years I was sending my money away to a woman who needed surgery, but after she had surgery and kept demanding more money anyways without ever letting me see her (she's the last woman I had sex with) I finally stopped. I still think about her pretty much constantly, as if she sort of occupies a certain area of my brain no matter how hard I try to reason her out of there, and that's really the hardest part of it all

I'm almost out of debt and I might switch things up soon.. I've been at this fucking job too long

>> No.12844069

oh right and I meant to say, I haven't had sex since oct 2014, which was around the time I first noticed my own wheezing

>> No.12844106

I really hope this is fake. If it isn't, give me your Erc20 or BTC adress and if I ever make it, I'll remember to send you some crypto.

>> No.12844136

I work 80 hours a week, and most of the remaining debt is from dental work I had done last year, I'm fine

my credit card will be paid off this month, from there it's smooth sailing

>> No.12844162

I make twelve dollars an hour to sit at a computer and try not to fucking fall asleep. It's the most money I've ever been making in my life, but it doesn't upset me. It empowers me because I know it's the least I'll ever be making again. The show's just getting started.

>> No.12844225

>$135k/yr + bonuses
>live alone
>physically fit but possibly depressed
My life basically consists of working, gym, and sitting in front of my computer all day. My friends have stopped asking me to go out months ago. I chat with two Thai village girls on LINE everyday. They'll eventually grow bored of me once they realize I have no intentions of visiting them.

>> No.12844248

I make $15/hr in Los Angeles. I work 84hrs every 2 weeks. After all my expenses are paid (rent, phone,food) I save about $1k-$1.3k every month. Just started dating a QT registered nurse, life is nais

>> No.12844631

That's a lot of money for 42 a week. You must live cheaply.

>> No.12844672

bless you mate

>> No.12844682

i have acne
so pretty hard, op

>> No.12844870

The only legitimate complaint I have at this point is that I'm consistently working 6 days a week and it's costing me time with the ones I love

But they understand that it's for a purpose and that I am doing this for them. It's been 4 months of this and I have about 1 left.

>> No.12844926

u looking for a college that is currently working same shit in germany ? I love Finland

>> No.12844987

Nursefag here. Probably half my pts are gay black men that are hiv positive. They hate me because I am straight and white.

>> No.12845671
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if you drink it never does

>> No.12845743

It doesn't sound so bad, a bit boring but nothing that can't be changed.

>> No.12845864

>24 yo
>work shitty gas station job
>Save 80% of cheque cuz neet life

Im in decent shape but fuck i feel stuck. Trying to get more security under my belt because i cant afford to live alone. Thinking about taking a nice chunk of my savings and bank on the next pnd hype. Slowly feeding my divvy etf while trying to improve my wageslave salary; Going to invest in myself and get a license of some sort. In my free time I exercise and currently learning to code. Yes, adulting

>> No.12845925
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>studying bushcare 2 days a week
>getting $300 every fortnight for being unemployed and in education
>spend rest of time at home on PC
>rest of family is either at school or working, so I have the whole house to myself most days

Life is pretty comfy, for now. I might invest $1500 or more of that welfare into bitcoin for the off-chance it blows up again. After this course I might get into bushcare and help regenerate sites for lots of money for the time being until I figure out what to do in life. Of course this is probably the best time of my life right now and it's all downhill from here.