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2018 yielded a budget surplus of 58 billion euros (more than 70 billion dollars) enough to build several Trump walls. Germany's debt to GDP ratio is rapidly declining at 56% with a projected ratio of 30-35% by 2025.

Germany's success story comes alongside a record trade surplus putting Germany firmly in the lead globally as the number one high-tech exporter and tech hub, in front of China and the US.

wtf /pol/ told me germany and the EU is dying?

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EU is dying because Germany is sucking it dry.

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> Yfw Germany goes feral (again)
> Third time's the charm

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yeah... never listen to pol. it's an echo chamber of stupid and people don't listen to whomever has well supported views, they listen to whomever has views or supposed "facts" that support their confirmation bias
80%+ of pol are dumb copers who are mainly in it just to gloat and feel like the world is burning because they themselves (as white men) weren't valued well enough and weren't given their rightful place. Boohoo.
Meanwhile most of them are pretty much the bottommest tier of white men in one way or another (either socially or professionally).

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TARGET2 balance EOY 2018: 966 billion, up from 906 billion in 2017. which happens to almost match the budget surplus.

Germany has amassed almost a trillion euro in claims against other participants of the euro system. These claims are never due, do not receive interest payments, and could very well vanish into thin air if the euro collapses.

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The EU is obviously dying. Check out all the other countries, espececially the southern ones. They are not able to compete due to the fucked up mechanism of the euro.

Germany is nearly the only beneficial winner of the EU.

And further...germany is cucked and fucked due to the migration policy. The german people are in a genocide right now and guess what? People with expertise and knowledge are dying out or going elsewhere. Look at the brain drain effect.

>GDP good != country good

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>the bottommest tier of white men
remember the Venti meet up pic?
most, if not all of them were non-white.

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>Germany has amassed almost a trillion euro in claims against other participants of the euro system. These claims are never due, do not receive interest payments, and could very well vanish into thin air if the euro collapses

thats why germany holds
the eurozone together, nice to know thx anon

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Halt dein Maul, du dummer penner! Was redest du von einem Dreck?! Warst du schon mal hier. Verpiss dich du Opfer!

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its the biggest underwiter of europoor debt.
you guys cant even spot a bubble right in front of you.

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only the absolute dumbest would go to a meetup. no great surprise if that meant it was mostly non-whites.

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Du bist anscheinend komplett benebelt. Hast du deinen Termin beim Amt wieder verpasst?

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> The german people are in a genocide right now

The only genocide happening are your brain cells

Germany is amassing top talent in many sectors due to companies moving their staff to germany from britain because of brexit

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Sagt der deutsch /pol Leser. Du Schmutz! Grüße aus dem reichen Süden, wo man freitags nicht mehr Arbeitet.

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>Germany raping the EU means the EU isn’t dying

imagine being this dumb

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Thanks for arguing for me. Genocide it is. Birth rate is decreasing and you try to counter argue with the brexit? Brexit has nothing to do with the current brain drain. Just a short term change because of fear and anxienty. But you are right,, germany will be the new financial hub of europe

Du hast jeden Tag Feierabend, aber red es dir nur schön.

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>EU is dying because Germany is sucking it dry.

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Based and eventual WW3 pilled

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Imagine being this stupid.

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Itt salty 56%ers and pakis.
Europe was never better.
EEU is pumping 7-8% yearly.
Got rid of imbecile bongs.
Stay mad cucks !
Deutschland uber alles !
t. Romanian

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kek - Genozid?! Du schmutziger afd hund. Zeug mir ne Statistik, dass die Geburtenrate fällt. Zeug mir eine Statsitik, dass wir nen ‚brain drain‘ haben. Ich Zahl im Monat insgesamt mehr Mehrwertsteuer als du Einkommenssteuer. Jetzt verpiss dich, du schmutz!

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leftypol is literally that dumb

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Du bist mal ne richtig blöde Fotze, warst du auf der Hauptschule?

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Take your gypsies back please they are a blight.

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Berlin bro checking in with 50k link and 7,5 Mill tron,

Going to make it in germany

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Yo, listen Upfa.

>GDP good != country good

That is the talk of a sore loser living in a country that cannot compete. If your GDP is not growing or even shrinking, your debt will simply stifle you.

Germany didn't embark on the "let's spend our way out of a recession" bandwagon, but has kept tight fiscal discipline for 10y now, THAT'S WHY we are winning.

/pol is both dumb and and overrun by fat Burgers. Also: Heil Hitler.

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Was bist du denn für ein Lutscher? Du holst dir doch beim Gedanken an einen weißen Genozid einen runter.

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Die Kanaken machen doch ohne Ende Babys, in welcher Realität lebt ihr Gutmenschen bloß

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Why are left-sörens allowed here?


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Bleib aus mein kiez, stinker!

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The books are cooked, another Volkswagen style scam that will get revealed eventually.
Never trust a German.

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Statistik Bruder, Statistik. Du Mistkind...

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So happy the UK is not supporting the Gypsies any more! Let German do it all! Can't wait till the small states try to succeed from the union & get federalised!

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Dummer Nazi! Zeit mir die Fakten. Den Krieg hat dein Opa schon mal verloren. Ab mit dir an die Ostfront.

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Was bist du nur für 1 Untermensch

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Im in one of "the southern ones" and things are fine and getting better each year, i dunno wtf you are talking about

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That's because you're a dumb alman.

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Brudi Digga Alder
Zeig mir die Statistiken du Dirne

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GDP exists so politicians can trick morons with it

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Alman? Are you turkish, damn that must suck, torn between the civilized world and the sandniggers.

Protip: kys, thanks for the kebabs tho.

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Always bet on Germany.

Ever since the HRE, Germany has been unstoppable.

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Saying bs doesnt make it objective truth even if u desperately wanted it to

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The society benefits by having a video of two boomers eating bull crap for free, therefore proving entertainment to millions.

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I hope you are fucking kidding me. If you mean better in terms of political parties are able to establish themselves who wanna exit the EU asap, then yes.

Where should i start? Migration, unemployment rates, gdp, debt, border control, ghost towns, brain drain, birth rates, more migration.

But everything is fine as long as you keep living in your own bubble. Be warned tho...protect your bubble as good as you can.

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I can't wait to put my 10 years of service for the Vaterland to good use. Let a war happen as long as I can hold a rifle and dead liberals and muslims will pave my path.

BRD and EU must die so Deutschland and Europe can live.

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B....ut. Why are so mean? Deutschland is saving us all. :(
And don't be racist to muslims. They are a very kind and part of a peaceful religion, not like the christian with their crusades.

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Basiert und rotgepillt

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Checked and ducked.

I'm calling bs.

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>wtf /pol/ told me germany and the EU is dying?
and they were correct

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Scheis muselmänner
Allahu kackbart

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Germany is better than ever faggot

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this so damn much!

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it's never been good.

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I always wonder how rich we could be if we didn't take all those shitskins. Just imagine it.

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Keep crying. Expell them, why don't you ?

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As simple as that. Then germany would be a shithole. The whole society and economy is running on migration.

>Ja, wir schaffen das.

You had your chance a few decades ago and unfortunately failed. You won't get another chance for another hard reset. (((They))) will make sure of it.

The EU alone has a policy and a goal to reach a certain number of migration. Pretty funny, isn't it. :)

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I wish for federalization

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Of course Germany is doing extremely well, the number don't lie. /pol/ is mostly retarded Americans who are obsessed with race and think that Europe is some sort of Aghanistan while most of European capitals have lower crime rates than American cities. Also

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BRB building a boat so they can swim back. There's so many gypsy beggars it's fucking ridiculous.

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> the number don't lie
but they do

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And you can back that up with what?

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> Anonymous (ID: jeLJlxdY) 02/22/19(Fri)11:25:54 No.12826865▶>>12826884
>I always wonder
t. retard that doesn't understand history, probably a Zoomer.

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>the wealth of government and corporations directly translates to quality of life for citizens of that country
nice meme
i'm part of the 1% myself but it brings me pleasure to know some of you heinous fucks will get hanged by populist crowds one day

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t. retard that doesn't understand history, probably a Zoomer.

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Time to learn german bois

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You forget on whom costs they are taking so much tax money. The hard working wagecucks at the age of 45 and above are about to retire soon and take advantage of the retirement government money which so the population will get more and more older by increasing automation and more more people working on time fixed job contracts which makes the liability of the tax income totally bad. Also germans who wagecuck don't breed, there are plenty of wagecucks in my company 40+ without kids ,so now imagine the pajeet import of mudslimes.Also the number of unemployment insurance benefits taker are increasing, the government here in Germany basically loves to pay unemployed folks money and loves to cuck the wagecuckers more and more taxes. Plus most German keks are living not in their own home ,they live in condos and the rent for it just went to the moon the last decade. You can live here in Germany, only good stuff is blonde bitches roasties and good social system . I'm gonna keep my money and put it in stocks to make a solid living on dividends abroad, preferred Canada or new Zealand or in Turkey. I'm 25 and have 2 condos right at the Mediterranean worth of 100k+ if I make another 300k on stocks and monthly about 1grand in dividends every month I'm gonna move away from germanistan maybe I'm gonna buy a farm hand have a dozen of kids the dream.. to come back to tax last month I earned about estimated 4k$ and paid like 1.5k$ in tax...just to fucking feed unemployed pajeets and uslss welfare camping sons of bitches.
I hate this goddamn country so much and Merkel should be gang raped by pajeets and jews

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Good, maybe we'll make you snowniggers finally pay reparations to the rest of Europe now that America isn't protecting you.

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File: 108 KB, 920x518, cdu-generalsekretaerin-annegret-kramp-karrenbauer-als-die-mauer-fiel-war-sie-27-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

u are all fucking jealous because germany is the best country in the fucking world

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>machen ohne Ende Babys
ja und wo ist das Problem. Billige Arbeitskraft und kurbelt die Wirtschaft an.
Aber du geistig behinderter Afd Untermensch bist viel du dämlich um sowas zu kapieren.
Geh dich erhängen du Hurensohn.

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Alter seit wann ist hier so Sören verseucht. Findest es wohl geil schön 70% Steuern abzudrücken während Ali und Mtumbo zuhause sitzen und noch mehr Schmarotzer erzeugen.
Inzöll Rage

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Cucked and faggotpilled

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Der Spitzensteuersatz liegt bei 42% du Idiot.
>Sören blabla
Ja schon scheiße wenn man nicht immer nur in einer Echo Kammer ist und sich gegenseitig den Schwanz lutsch du erbärmliche Schwuchtel.

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Er lässt sich seine lisa auch mindestens einmal die woche von achmed durchvögeln

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Aber hier sieht man perfekt was für eine erbärmlich schlechte Allgemeinbildung der Afdler hat.
Ihr seid wirklich der absolute Bodensatz der Gesellschaft.

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Ist mal gut alter ein you reicht

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Argumentativ mal wieder auf höchstem Niveau.
Aber was erwartet man schon von dem degenerierten Teil Deutschlands.

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Dumm? 42% steuern und dann kommen noch indirekte steuern oben drauf du sojamilchgesicht

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Geh mal weiter wullacken du scheiss sklave

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Wagie wagie

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>germany is cucked and fucked due to the migration policy
this. the second the euro fails, which has to happen some time in the future, the cost for migrants will eat up the surplus.
look at the demographic pyramid of germany for a second: those people which are now working to archive the surplus, will go into retirement in the next 10-15 years and nobody will be there to replace them, but low qualified migrants.
germany is a ticking timebomb and demographic change and migration are the reasons.

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>Argumentativ mal wieder auf höchstem Niveau
Du hast 5 Spergouts wegen einem Kommentar, was gibts da zu diskutieren du Autist. Du kriegst hier einen Anfall und erwartest eine ernsthafte Diskussion.

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56%er tier education
Go shoot your dog ot something

>> No.12827193

Germany is doing well because almost each and every southern and eastern european country had to give up something to enter the union at the time so UK, France and Germany get the upper hand.
Fuck you leeches hope your 4M turks kill you all.

>> No.12827200

How are we taking advantage exactly? Iam not a big fan of current germany, but i never really understood how we are taking advantage of other nations economically. We can only artificially stifle our economy to reduce exports, but we are not having an unfair advantage? So tell me what exactly are we doing

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This guy is the embodiment of reddit. He has the intellectual capasity of a parrot. Sad

>> No.12827218

fuck off Gypsie!
your country STILL uses horse & cart!
Have you ever been to the south in 'Merica?
Its how Romania will end up with federalisation!
a constant shithole!
Talkin of shitholes, the main train station in Bucharest, STILL uses the squat style toilets, leaking pipes, the fuckin smell, its a fuckin shit hole!

t. not a Mutt

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Assozial und dumm, peinlich...
Look at this angry german, jacks off to economical data while his country gets flooded with low IQ monkeys and sand nigger, probably himself one..
Its a modern subversive element to rate a country only by its economical factors, its what combines capitalism with communism, all fixated on the economy as the primate of the people, the economy must serve the people, not the other way around.

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lol stay mad angry greek statue

>> No.12827233

fuck off to reddit faggot and suck a bunch of Antifa dicks while welcoming your new brown overlords, or better just kys

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lol, ever hear of the Holy Roman Empire leftist faggot

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>german economy booming
>second highest taxes in eU
>gobernment makes record surplus
>meanwhile wages have been stagnant for decades
>german private wealth is the lowest in europe
>one quarter of german work force is employed in low-wage sector (thank you based schröder!)
feels good being bled dry by mutti merkel. I just hope we will get more nogs and arabs so I can pay even more taxes

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Never listen to anything /pol/ says ever. They're just retarded racists. Nothing more.

>> No.12827300

how much money did you loose with crypto?

>> No.12827305

See. Retarded, racist, unable to think clearly or make their way in the world. That's why they're so angry.

>> No.12827319

I'm 10k up thanks for asking.

>> No.12827322

and it's beautiful

>> No.12827358


>showing up to your job and working instead of taking a siesta
>raping the EU

>> No.12827363


t. Adhul bin Zlocyzwksy

>> No.12827544

Zeig mir einen Kanaken der auf dem Bau arbeitet oder Klo putzt. Sowas machen die nicht weil es gegen ihre "Ehre" verstösst. Du hast null Ahnung wie Kanaken so ticken.

>> No.12827605

>This is an accurate representation of government jobs.

>> No.12827818

Auf dem bau sind polen und osteuropäer generell, die haben auch ihre Probleme, sind aber 10 mal bessere Immigranten als kanacks

>> No.12827883

N-no! It's A shithole on the verge of collapse! /pol/ told me so! AAAAAAGH

>> No.12827911


Halt's Maul Justus/Ali.>>12826239

>> No.12827943

I dont know why you fags celebrating EU death, Germany will still go strong and you'll be as broke as you were before ascension (except england and northern countries maybe)

>> No.12828103

>criticize America for wanting to build a wall
>Spend 70 billion on rapefugees and mosques

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Imagine taking /pol/ seriously.

>> No.12828212

Norm Mcdonald tried to warn us but we didn't listen

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The EU is dieing. It's a zero sum game. While Germany prospers every other nation in the EU is starting to suffer.

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EU is the plantation
Germany is the house nigger
The cotton is created ex-nihilo

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their suffering is entirely their fault

>> No.12828341

This is you pol. Never forget that.

>> No.12828363

epic upboats! I am very smart >:) fuck wypipi and FUCK CHEETO DRUMBLE

>> No.12828369

+20% auf alles was du kaufst +krankenkasse, was auch eine steuer ist, da pflicht

>> No.12828404

The truth spoken

>> No.12828419

Germany inherited
-the nazi war industry
-the marshall plan
After raping all of europe in ww2

Now, germany uses its industry plus slave labour to absolutely dominate all those markets

By slave labour i mean cheap eu and other workers slaving away in production facilities, who earn minimum wage and pay rent to live on their labour lords property

Germany was extremely lucky to be such a close ally and of such value to US foreign policy

>> No.12828423

67% ist der Spitzensteuersatz. Geh dich einfach erhängen.

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>-the marshall plan
It's fucking nothing.
It was like 3% of West German GDP at the time. Also, West Germany only got like 11% of the Marshall Plan funds and the rest went to France, UK, Netherlands, Berlgium etc.
These funds hardly would have balanced out the losses from US's confiscation of german patents and copyrights. lol

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Ex-soviet eastern europe in particular got fucking destroyed in two steps on entering the EU -
1) Whatever industries existed were bought out by EU competitors for pennies and mostly shut down.
which in turn helped the
2) Brain drain
to basically leech off a ton of 110+ IQ educated individuals looking for the opportunity to wage slave for more cash than their countries could offer them. A vicious cycle, leading to not just disastrous economic growth but also demographics crisis that will make japan look positively booming.
Additionally, strict EU laws prevent these countries to deal efficiently with existing and incoming muslim and gypsy minorities.

>> No.12828678

The EU is the fourth reich. I don't know why nu-nazis hate it so much.

>> No.12828776

This pretty much.

>> No.12829027

not again...

>> No.12829093

Comments like unironically make you look dumber than the people you’re trying to mock

>> No.12829193

Löhne erhöhen. Dann können sie sich mehr (ausländische) Produkte kaufen. Die erhöhten Löhne sorgen dafür das Deutschland nicht mehr soviel exportiert weil die deutschen Produkte teurer werden.

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