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Just had my 27th birthday 2 years ago.
Fell for the CS meme.
Didn't even enjoy my youth(as in anything other than vidya),was constantly studying for uni and postgrad shit.
All that to now stare at a PC screen and make 850 euros/month(of which i would be able to save exactly zilch if it wasn't for having free food and board).
This amounts to 10k/year if i could save 100%(which simply isn't happening and is a pathetic amount anyways).
Never gonna escape wageslavery.
Literally why even live?

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you know what to do anon

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In what country does a cs degree only amount to 10k a year?

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Im sure the same holds true for most Balkan and eastern EU shitholes.

Americans really do have it well.

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Do I get this right? You have a cs master and earn net (<-?) 850€/month?

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Welcome to mediterranean europe except france.
But muh germant holding everything, fuck those leeches.

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Why not move to a 1st world country?

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its ok fren


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wtf are you talking about? someone here in Romania with that many years of experience earns between 1500-2000 euros per month. Are you literally pajeet tier or is Greece this much of a shithole?

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Λολ είσαι απλά kαkός προγραμματιστής.

Στον kλάδο βγάζουμε σίγουρα 1100€ starting, kαι εσύ λες βγάζεις 850? Άσε με να μαντέψω, 10€ φορμάτ σπέσιαλ?

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dont pay taxes. you are a cuck if you do as a greece.

t. german

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He's probably pajeet-tier, skill wise. Salaries are 1100 starting.

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I am from Germany, I do have a PhD and I don't find a job. Just so you know.

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You can't get a proper PhD from a shit tier third world country which loses wars all the time. Go away

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I make $30k Freedom dollars being a low level warehouse manager.

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Kek I made that in 2 Months as an electrician

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minimum! In Portugal you can start with 1000€ straight out of college and 3 year later be making 2000 or more if you're good. And 1000€ go a long way here, the only problem is that rents have skyrocketed in the last 5 years.

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Dumb fucking anon can't even google translate properly, lot of your shit is still showing in english you mentally incapacitated retarded.

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You must be from Spain, the only shithole for working, I've heard of postgrades earning less than 6k/year

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I don't know much about the work laws in the EU; can you move to someplace else to get more money? Like here in the states if you went to college in Wyoming or some shit, once you graduated you could move to California or Texas and try to get a high paying job.

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Now where would one want to go to make real money if the whole of EU is just a low-wage economy, my friend? It's not exactly that I wouldn't have thought about that, you know.

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You're telling him to move to Germany or Sweden which is gonna be a pain if he doesn't speak the language, finding a job itself aside

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Yo how are you making such fucking little money. All the CS majors here make like 2,000 a week.

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Why making things more complicated then necessary? Where's 'here', you dumb fuck?

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What? That is the copypasta that bans chinks.

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lol what part of its over if you arent chad or at least born rich to cope with not being chad or at least winning the meme lottery like being a rich youtuber like tfue didnt you understand

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and if you are an "entrepeneur" you have to pay 283€ each month no matter how much you earn, add in 60€ for the accountant and you are at 343€ monthly losses by the very second you start your activity

obviously no one fucking pays that shit when they start but by law that's how it is, it's fucking retarded

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how are taxes for someone making adsense revenue there? considering moving there also has low tax on crypto i think

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I have no experience to speak of between uni,masters,and obligatory army service this is my first "real" job.

I've had several month long internships but noone really counts those as experience.


Ofc i wouldn't give jack shit to this sham of a government if the company wasn't literally withholding part of my pay and automatically contributing it on my behalf.


Don't be retarded gross is a meme.1100 doesn't mean shit when you take home 850.
And yes i'm being paid "1100" to begin with.

/catching up

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Get back to the warehouse, worker

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based freedom

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Seriously considering moving to the US.And since people came out of the woodworks to attack me with ad hominems i graduated from one of the top universities in the field.Problem is math has always been my calling and CS is fucking boring,which people fail to mention somehow(and yes i realised that early on my 1st to 2nd year changing majors is a major PITA and not really viable here unless you're content starting looking for jobs when you're 30)



like 70% tax rate then more on top of that for "benefits".Those poor guys are more cucked than us yes their govs get shit done unlike ours who is perfectly content to simply steal from the people but still can't see me accumulating wealth there.

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Best pasta

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>he doesn't know there's nothing after this

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>implying shallow money is everything to live for
better kys right now faggot

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Problem is i do,what I don't know is how can people put on a happy face when their reality is like that or worse.I guess we've been declawed in every sense of the word.


>shits on money in a business and finance board

enlighten us on the higher meaning you've discovered based retard.

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OP, do you wanna help?

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Actually, eastern european "shitholes" are paying better in IT related jobs compared to the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain) countries.

t. portuguese

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> Americans really do have it well
Let's ignore your countries ridiculous laziness that nearly crushed your entire economy. Poor Greece has to actually work for a change :( Americans work more hours on average per year than anyone, it isn't even close.

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I confirm these values if you're talking about gross numbers and are only talking about Lisbon and possibly Porto. Too bad about the fucking rents in those cities.

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>I don't know much about the work laws in the EU; can you move to someplace else to get more money?

Yes, you can. That's what most millenial Portuguese people do.