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does any /biz/fag want to start a youtube joint venture with me? I know a bit of video/audio editing, so the post production part is taken care of, I just need a partner who can take care of video/audio production, and someone with which I can potentially discuss video topics, ideas and whatnot.
Does anybody have time to waste? Let's at least have fun if we fail :P

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whats your editing style like
what kind of youtubers are you into
and where are you from?

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What videos do you want to make, to be more specific?
What is your target audience?

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Sounds fun I'd be down, I'm a gamer who can at least provide fun or creative content

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I had in mind 3 video types:
- something like a top10, without any raw footage, just a text script some background music and boom, you got yourself a clickbaity enjoyable vid.
- Vloging, I would edit a video shot by you, about a preferably pre discussed topic, and I would add kinetic typography something a bit similar to what prager does on youtube.
-just a normal faceless well edit ranting video, simillar to IHE, leafyishere, pyrocynical, etc.
target audience would be children and teens, since they are the most common viewers on youtube, plus it's not hard to taylor to their tastes

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:P I don't mind doing some editing if you'd like, just give me the word :)

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please see >>1278469
youtubers: IHE, Leafyishere, h3h3, ffrank, MKBHD, theamazingathiest, thundetf00t, darkmatter. tons more, but these are the ones off top of my head.

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oh and I'm Romanian

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A Top 10 channel seems like the easiest option, you can basically do that by yourself. They can even be "goofy" if you want, as long as it's funny and you like it. However, you need a personality for the last two video types, might be harder, but the emotional pull will be stronger since you're selling virtual friendship/entertainment.

My suggestion: Do it like all the other start-ups, pirate a video editing program and JUST DO IT

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>pirate a video editing program
lol, too late.
I agree with you, first type I could easily do on my own, but I would prefer the second or third type, I feel that the first would be just too fucking boring, the drawback is that I simply don't have the personality for the other two, plus I feel like a partner would be able to judge the content that we produce better, hence the thread :$

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Well, that's the big crux. If you are not talented/charming enough, your channel will sink into the purgatory of mediocrity. You need something to stand out and hook people to your channel, no matter whether it's being informative, funny, outrageous, meme-y etc.

Sometimes on /v/ (and maybe /tv/?) "post your YouTube channel" threads pop up, if your channel is gaming-related, you can plop your channel there and ask for criticism, network with other like-minded creators, the usual stuff. Other 4chan boards might have such threads, too, it depends on what your channel will be focused on.

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Not only that, but in order for anyone to get up on youtube you need to learn yotubes's algorithms, and rank high on youtube searches results. I have got everything figured out, I'm just really to anxious to do it alone.
here is a dropbox reel that I had when I tried a freelance editing experiment, I feel I could expand on my editing capabilities.
tl;dr = I want to brag about what I can do, shower me with attention pls senpai.

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Your editing skill is sufficient enough to make YouTube videos, why don't you make them already? YouTubing is definitely a learning-by-doing craft.



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when I don't have a partner to poke my ass with a pitchfork every time I get lazy and start procrastinating I quit fast, that's why I am looking for a partner, plus >>1278535
>I'm just really to anxious to do it alone.
I need someone to help me do the videos and critique them.

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That's just low energy talk. Sad!
If you really wanted to do it, you would have already done it
The critique can come after you finished it

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I've started YouTube channels before. I've experimented with different methods of advertising (twitter, shilling on 4chan, etc).

I could send you videos of me vlogging or some shit, you edit and do all the marketing. All ad earnings will go back into the company.

Let's do it.

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..ok, you're a dedicated bastard ain't ya? give me the name of your channel and let's chat over :)

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My channel isn't operational anymore. I just reviewed movies. Another reviewer with 500k subs subscribed to me right after I stopped making videos.

Let's just make rant videos and market it to /biz/ and rebbit. Say controversial things and go viral. What do you think?

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so rants or vlogs? do you actually want to appear in the video? >>1278660
>market it to /biz
yeah right, like anything we would do could entertain them. I would much rather market to reddit and/or /pol/. That audience would be much easier to entertain.

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We will start with rants. See if it goes anywhere. You never really stick to the idea you start with, I'll adjust to what the market wants.

I can't promise a lifetime commitment or anything but I could probably send you 10+ videos. Are you prepared to spend many hours a day shilling?

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Yeah I'll appear in the video. I don't want to read the comments or deal with any of that shit though.

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we'll both have to shill, plus it's not the only way to get dem views brah, I'll need to contact you, through other means though.

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I have the most experience in shilling. I suppose we can also network with other 0-100 sub channels. Comment on their videos, subscribe to them and they will in turn subscribe to us. What other ideas do you have?

I will help shill and market, and I'll send you the raw footage. Can you handle managing the YouTube channel and facebook/twitter page, video tags, SEO?

To make it easy, you'll handle the money. You can keep any ad earnings in exchange for managing the channel.

Email me at k1n0mat (AT) mail.com

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wait, I have a spare sim card that i never use, do you mind chatting over whatsapp? I am the only one who'll give out a number since there's no risk for me

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I´m game. I am in need of kinetic typography and the like. Whats your contact? Lets have a chat.

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>I am the only one who'll give out a number since there's no risk for me
What do you mean by this?

Sure, I'll get whatsapp.

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He is romanian, no risk getting scammed ;-)

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I mean that I can get a prepaid sim card for free and give out my nr. I can't seem to find one at home, so I'll just have to get one tomorrow, let's hope this thread survives by then.

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Nah man. Post your contact email instead.

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kek, the fucking bants, I'll have to congratulate you, that was not bad :)

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I'll just make an email quick.

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Did you recieve anything??

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come on you mongler, what is your email?

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Romanian incoming mails auto into the spam folder, so what is your email?

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lolipopsquad it's a gmail.
and P.S. kinetic typography is not easy, and it's very time consuming, so don't get your hopes too high.

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>lolipopsquad it's a gmail.

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chat invite sent

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where have you disappeared dude?

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Still here. Email me and tell me about yourself.

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I managed all the FB/twitter/instagram SEO stuff for a private server(WoW) that saw 1000 unique players each month and 700/online at peak before the owner shut it down
email me - [email protected] (dropshipping account lol)

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i can video and edit

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My gmail is pinklolipopsquad, I can't talk to you today since it 3 in the morning, maybe we could chat the first chance I get tomorrow, send me an email

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did you die?

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[email protected]

send a mail and we can chat a bit about the venture :)

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if you want me contact me

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sorry correct mail is [email protected]

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sent ;)

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add my steam

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Make sure it's pinklolipopsquad, cuz I didn't get anything.

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... are you alex?

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Dude, just talk to Charlie Sun of CrazyFunWow. He's in need of an actual creative mind because his channels hype is drying up fast. He would love your ideas and is desperate enough to do it. But just in case he's not enough of a degenerate, I'm game.

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I'll be your hype and bug man. What's your address so I can motivate you to make content. I'll be your first sub too you anxious melon

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Game on, my gmail is pinklolipopsquad.

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I don't have a channel, I'm planing on starting ground up from square one, I'll be shilling my channel on biz later on if I can get some traction. Thanks for the positive reenforcement ;)

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If OP is in here, I wouldn't mind doing a wrestling show for you. Lord knows doing something like a WWE Podcast would get popular pretty quick, depending on the quality of the video, plus it doesn't require having a face if you've got a decent mic.

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elaborate please, who exactly will be recording, expand a little so I could get a clearer picture of what you're proposing, and whether it is something I am searching for.

Yours Unfaithfully, OP

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The offer is still up, for anyone interested.

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Romani? pe /biz/-ul meu? Ce dracu patroane..Dragut video-ul cu "kinetic typography".

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The offer is still up everyone

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ID change?

I do software development at my wageslave life job/game development (in my free time). I could make a few gaming/game dev videos.

I thought about doing a series before where I take an aspect of a game and analyze exactly what they did/recreate it. I've already got a channel with a couple thousand views (between maybe 20~ videos, most of which I uploaded for personal stuff)

A proof of concept would be something like how Populous: the beginning did a spherical world way back then.

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It changed like 4 to 5 times, it refreshes every day or so.

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Ms boos, l-am facut de mult timp, ma bucur ca ai place cuiva, pentru ca eu l-am vazut de prea multe ori sa-mi mai placa :)

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I used to make cod videos & whatnot. I got up to over 2k subs until my headass decided to make a new channel and only got to a little over 500 before I quit. I know how to use Vegas for video editing & photoshop for thumbnails or anything related. Always been interested in getting back into YouTube. I may or may not have video ideas if anyone's interested.

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top 10 biggest faggots on /biz/ that want to start a copycat channel of retarded faggots pandering to retarded faggots and children

>> No.1283864

Top 10 Autistic NEETs who have no prospect of a future that don't understand that contemporary comedy is regurgitated garbage. You have wasted your time entering the thread and replying to me and that makes you shit, I bothered to reply to you and that makes me shit as well, but the difference is that I admit it.

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I'm good with graphics and objectively cute with a "pretty" voice. Also willing to be the poke and bugger. This sounds fun. Reply with email if interested, otherwise good luck OP.

>> No.1283965


top 1 biggest retards that think they'll be the next pewdiepie but will get ten subscribers and waste their time

>> No.1283972


I can do web design n coding.

>> No.1283974


cool man we'll get twelve subscribers and show these nerds the fuck up

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OBJECTIVELY CUTE. Christ. Internet bitches.

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I just made a youtube channel myself recently actually. On a side note, this joint account idea is a terrible one, don't bother.

>> No.1284326

>posts about having a cute voice with no vocaroo


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How come?

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Tresting it like a business will end in failure. Also, having a joint account with a friend let alone a stranger is a terrible idea. Shit will not last.

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OP have you found a partner already? Cause I've got a few ideas, but don\t want to read 50 replies to see if you're still looking for somebody.

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Nope, I'm still looking for a partner, my gmail is Pinklolipopsquad

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the thread is on page 9, this is a last call for anybody interested in the project. My gmail is pinklolipopsquad.

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