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Am I deluded in thinking this is going over $1 this weekend

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Depends on the announcement fren

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Calm down link not going anywhere soon just accumulate. Fuck all these permabull 1000 EOY goys. Link is a long term hold

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The price dumped after Town Crier "announcement"

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What time is the ETHDenver thing?

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fuck you LINK 1000$ EOY 2019

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The price pumped after Accord "announcement".

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>Am I deluded in thinking this is going over $1 this weekend
tl;dr: yes
ps: yes

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I hope it will unironically go to 10,000 by end of March. It's impossible but I still hope. There is no light left in life, without link many Marines will suicide. The hope will live till 2022 I guess. Trying to get a job but can't because of my disability and no degree. Keep applying for copywriting and digital marketing jobs because I do it freelance but they don't want someone with only neet freelance experience. My mom's cancer might come back. My girlfriend makes 140k a year as a developer and is asking me to become a live at home dad because I beat up the guy who was harassing her at work(with my friends), she doesn't want me to go to jail. I want to marry her, but can't without money.

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fuck you LINK 1000$ EOY

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>Has a wife and she brings home the bacon
>Can be a dad
>Considers suicide if his high risk high reward investment doesn't make him member of the next Rothschild .
How have I not seen this pasta before? I refuse to believe this are the words of a sincere real human bean.

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Try being born disabled and being looked down on all your life.

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>want to marry her but can't because broke
>marriage in 2019
that's god's way of looking out for you retard

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Married man here who supports his wife and child fully. Being a stay at home parent is not an easy job but it is a VERY rewarding job and I am jealous of my wife every fucking day of my miserable life. I would do anything to trade places but she went into a field that pays jack shit and so we have no choice. Take the gig, otherwise you are spitting in the face of every man like me.

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I am sorry to hear you are disabled, anon. I don't have it quite that bad, but I was born with health (hormonal) problems that prevented me from going above 5'3 and developing a male voice.
About five years ago in my late 20s I managed to ultimately get over myself.
I have a wife now, we are trying for a baby and I am buying a small, shitty piece of land to build a small house and plant some potatoes next week.
Money ain't shit.
If she makes you feel less broken, marry her.

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Dude you’d be living the dream.

Stay at home parent is such a meme fucking job, you are in a golden spot and a complete retard if you don’t do it.

My wife and I are in a similar situation but I will have to find some way of still making income while being stay at home, regardless I am excited about the prospect of working part time and doing the “hardest job in the world.”

I will unironically get more sleep with a newborn infant than I get working my slave ass 70 hr a week job.

>Care for child
>Housework (lol)
>Only actual hard thing would be doing home improvement projects
>Trade crypto and shitpost while baby naps

Don’t be an idiot, marry her.

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JFYI you won’t get more sleep. Maybe if you were working 100-120 hr weeks regularly. Otherwise prepare to be sleep fucked hard for the first few months and then still sleep fucked but not as hard for like the next 8-9. You’ll still be a lot happier not wage cucking, so no worries.

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Wtf was that

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Take it back fren

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No, you.

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>*trades sidways for 1.5 years*
>Link is a long term hold
Care to elaborate?

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This is unironically bearish. I am starting to believe uncleoldfag, price never budges

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>Being a stay at home parent is not an easy job

I broke my knee working physical labor and you complain about getting to stay in an air conditioned building?

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Here you go sirs, please eyes on the sideways good action, please buy ore thank you.

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Store of value kek

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Babies are fun except for the constant pooping, puking, and crying. I’d rather stay home and be with them than go to work and do mindless tasks that you don’t care for.