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I'm a massive retard who is about to fail university. How do I into crypto?

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all in LINK

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Okay, I have 5k in my bank account. Where do I go to buy it?

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conebase mayn

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use your student loans and all in link on binance

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buy eth from coinbase. u need to sign up for an account there. then sign up for an account on binance and send your eth to binance to buy LINK.

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Quit being a retard and do your fucking homework you spoiled piece of shit.

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Why is it called binance? Is it like benis?

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no its patrick

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because it is the exchange of bisexual finance, thats where link marines get their LINK

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Damn, you're lucky. Only a few, desperate people get spoonfed like this. Go make a coinbase account, from there buy ETH (on coinbase pro), then send to binance and there you buy LINK for ETH and then send it to your own wallet. Preferably a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S or you make another ETH wallet, just look for good ones online.

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Nauticus.exchange if you're an aussie

Coinbase if you're an ameriturd then transfer the ETH to Nauticus or Binance

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do not I REPEAT DO NOT listen to anyone on biz shilling chain link. It's a nasty pnd scheme that is a scam. You will lose your money. Stick with BTC, ETH & XRP.

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probably ngm

im starting to believe this is greater fools. once the market swings back up, everyone's gonna sell to get rid of their bags of shitcoins

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Fucking lmaoing @ ur life

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Seriously anon, listen to this man. Everyone here wants you to lose your money and this is the only person telling you the truth!

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everybody here is stupid.

If you're unable to finish university or college, you are absolutely too dumb to properly get into crypto. Be realistic. How can you expect to get into the crypto space without being able to pass a few classes kek


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>I'm a massive retard

Well you wouldn't be interested in crypto if you werent a complete retard.

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yeah invest in mobius sir you make 100x profit

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Maybe you should study instead of thinking about crypto.

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To be utterly and completely honest, like breaking out of meme mode. I completely identify with you man and I want the best for you as a 4channer to a fellow 4channer. I'm all in link, the fellow anons are telling the truth. But you shouldn't bank on it. I only have around ten thousand dollars in link but 25 grand in the bank but I'm still trying in school. Keep at it man, you have to try in school. But yeah chain link will unironically be around 370$ eoy 2020

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Join Delhi

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btc only

also university is a scam anonymity

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>corecucks fudding link

be sure to find a different forum to discuss crypto too because /biz/ is fucked