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Its happening.



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There's too much to be bullish about. Please stop frens, I'm still wagecucking trying to accumulate

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>Effective Monday, February 25, 2019, Nasdaq, through its data dissemination relationship with Brave New Coin, will send real-time Bitcoin and Ethereum index level information on the Nasdaq Global Index Data ServiceSM (GIDS)

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>Coming to ChainLink specifically, This public oracle provides all smart contracts in the Ethereum network with free access to the daily Ethereum (ETH) US Dollar Price from bravenewcoin.com (BNC). This is an End of Day (EOD), Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) for Ethereum in US Dollars. The price is derived from tracking all ETH trading across all exchanges globally. BNC's superior market data engine, the first volume sorts global trading into various market averages Eg: EUR/ETH, CNY/ETH, then non-USD pairs are converted to USD and all market pairs are volume-weighted together to produce a Global Weighted Average (GWA) price. This is done every 5 minutes and at the end of each day, a TWAP is created which expresses accurate price discovery for programmers, asset managers and anybody needing a reliable source of Daily Ethereum Pricing. Live, historical, customs data and index feeds are also available.

Any Ethereum smart contract can query this oracle's integration address for a daily Ethereum US Dollar Price as Indexed by BNC at 00:01 UTC. BNC recommends a custom solution for those wanting to create decentralized derivatives or solutions requiring more granular pricing.

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what do you think it costs bnc a month to use chainlink to offer these indexes?

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Doesn’t this mean mainnet has to be up and running for this to work?

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>how much money will i make off this from my node

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Why have we not been told to fire up our nodes yet?

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Please dumb it down for me.... how can mainet not be up by this date then?

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BNC will use a different method?

Not sure. Total noob at this.

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Coming to ChainLink specifically, This public oracle provides all smart contracts in the Ethereum network with free access to the daily Ethereum (ETH) US Dollar Price from bravenewcoin.com (BNC).

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could probably do single oracle nodes, no aggregation
essentially the same as what oraclize offer now

until the network is up

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Kinda hard to imagine desu, link has always been about being a decentralized oracle network.... oh the irony if it really was up with a single node

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>until the network is up
the real question is...think they aren't already providing single oracle services (chainlinks) now?

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LoL, the shadowfork was real

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Sergey has said many times ... we provide data for x
without a network, i guess that can only be with single nodes

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This goes live Feb 25th. Interesting, Dan will also be in California giving a speech to whole bunch real estate types.... Seems to be an important date

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>Nasdaq is no stranger to the crypto world. The firm, which is known for operating equity, options and futures marketplaces, provides trading and market surveillance technology to at least 7 cryptocurrency exchanges. It also has partnered with crypto firm Symbiont to offer a white label solution that allows other exchanges to launch markets built on blockchain technology.

The key term here is white label solution.

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>whitelaber solution

LINK is so fucked.... what is the point if all the partnerships will use whitelabel private comissioned blockchains and won't use the public chainlink network

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lol Chainlink's decentralized oracle relies on economic incentives to provide reliability.
Rolling up a private Chainlink will have niche uses. If you want to take advantage of the power of a smartcontract, you will need to use the public chainlink network.

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Thats because chainlink is the white label solution dummy.



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Drunk anon basicly alerted us to chainlinks whitelabel status.

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Interesting cube at the top. Its chainlinks old website cube/logo

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Ive also seen it here

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Oh and microsoft and ey


>Will cryptlet serve as a decentralized oracle network ? Also can we integrate with 3rd party oracle solutions such as SmartContract (www.smartcontract.com) ?

>Yes, the intention is to allow cryptlets to solve this issue in a decentralized manner. We are still implementing exactly how we want to design the system, but it currently is in private preview with some customers. We'll announce when it is ready more broadly.

Microsoft will offer chainlink as their blockchain solution.

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I wonder what googles open source solution is.

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They started developing chainlink in nov 2017 from nothing, they even have some pivotal tasks related to the coin ICO sale, so all those breadcrumbs from 2016 are meaningless

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Does this have anything to do with ZKP?

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Bnc is partnered with chainlink. Sergey has been building oravles for 3 years. In 2017 they had their centralized smart oracles solution working. That's how they did the successful bond coupon payment proof of concept for swift.

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you can go read the goodbye post on the NXT forums to see that Sergey was focused on smartcontract.com in 2015

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> That's how they did the successful bond coupon payment proof of concept for swift.

Wow, you are right, thanks

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Main net confirmed Feb 25

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Only permissioned chains are being used apparently

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This is just the first step. Chainlink partnering with BNC and then partnering with Nasdaq.

keep in mind

"Any Ethereum smart contract can query this oracle's integration address for a daily FCT US Dollar Price as indexed by BNC at 00:01 UTC. BNC recommends a custom solution for those wanting to create decentralized derivatives or solutions requiring more granular pricing. Pricing via oracles is available for many other Digital Assets."

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is there significance in the capitalization of Digital Assets?
like Blythe's old gig

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do we know if there will be a stream of some kind?

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can't handle the happening in this bread.

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remember when Sergey spoke about what companies are willing to pay for decentralization? He said the premium was high but saved them money compared to the way things work now. It seemed to be based off of concrete conversations he had.

I forget which talk this was. Fuck it's been to many over the past year to keep them straight.

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HUNDREDS of teams are already running their independent nodes and have been for the last year, interacting with one an other in a centralized fashion but only for more menial workflows.

I can't see this being the case with such a high value/critical application such as bncnasdaq.


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This thread is absolutely golden, guys, this is archival-worthy and even more. Fucking memorize it all if you can. How can we be so lucky...

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I even got a golden ID. Kek can't help but agree with us

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It's not golden on pc, pfft...

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WRONG, dan is speaking tommorrow at the CELER - CHAINLINK - DENVER meetup

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you are wrong.
if we are all behind chainlink it's because you can do BOTH with chainlink, and even MORE.

you want to make your own centralized network? USE CHAINLINK
you want to have transparency and publish your SC on the blockchain? USE CHAINLINK
you want to lighten the processing power of your infrastructure? USE CHAINLINK TEE
you want funny decentralized secure data? USE CHAINLINK Network

also town cier brings a whole new level of utility to oracles.

I highly suggest you read this

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forgot pic

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