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how do i make a decent living on a computer from home without going to university

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nice bait

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what bait? i just wanna know
i'm just a zoomer that doesn't wanna deal with un*versity

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how do i make a decent living without shitcoins*

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you can fall for all the work at home memes or you can go out and acquire a skill and then become an advisor/consultant. Nothing in this world is easy and you're going to have to work hard either way.

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Sell kneepads online.

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Go to Western Governor's University online and get a degree in basic IT shit retard fuck you

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t. boomer

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online degrees are a massive joke

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Not from WGU. You don't know the first thing about the industry and I can tell by your response asshole fuck you

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easiest way to make money in 2019 must be trading cryptocurrency.
if you sit 24/7 in front of a PC its super easy to do

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doesn't matter what uni it's from. employers see that as a joke. online degrees are for third worlders and autists

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does your computer have a webcam?

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never got into crypto and judging by the posts i see on this board it doesn't seem like a profitable business

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Ok. I'm sure your plan will work out better shithead fuck you

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if i wanted to go to college i would just go to one irl, why the fuck would i waste money on one online

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I make many small trades a day and this sums up to several hundred a day

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Learn 3D modeling and sell it in virtual worlds
Learn to draw furry porn
Show your butthole on webcam

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If you have a webcam in your bedroom, you could maybe try to create some kind of claymation animation series or something.

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What about after taxes?

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anal camwhoring, obviously

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>Show your butthole on webcam

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Pretend to be a college girl, piss on some cheap panties, and sell them online. Duh.

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Because you asked for ways to make a decent living without going to a university fuckface fuck you

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Didn't know wgu paid ai to shill on an anime image board

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every day at work feels twice as long since I didn't make it in 2017

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Lowball retards on craigslist and jewbook, then take all their shit and sell for profit. This will sometimes require you to leave your room, so you are unlikely to succeed.

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I love boomers, you just can tell they repeat the workhard meme otherwise they would realize their entire lives have been spoonfeeded, it's like hippies when they say you should love everything just to avoid getting a bad trip next day

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>it's like hippies

Boomers are hippies

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depends on where you live