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Redpill me on BTT

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It has a huge supply so you can buy early and tell dumb people on twitter that it will reach $5 and they'll probably believe you since they don't know what market cap is.

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You shouldn't buy it, there is thousands of bitcoins worth currently being dumped.

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Going up after an airdrop, that always happens.. r-r-r-ight?

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How is it going to go up? Whos going to buy those millions of dollars of heavy ass bags?

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It's a scam that has only 6% supply in circulation.

Plus a working product already exists on ERC20, Upfiring.

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>buying chink scams
At least your thot choice is on point

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this is all you need know

>Justin & CZ
>76m mcap
>#56 in rank

if you dont think these chinks will pump this coin to top 20 at the very least you should unironically quit crypto and then kys

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I'm buying in with a tight stop loss. Reminds me of the OCN pump days. Based Chinks. YOLO.

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Can you see where the airdrop block dropped anon...

> also >>12722622

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I know it's a chink scam I'm asking if I can make money off it.

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