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Why are majority of Linkies so fucking dumb? Is it because most of them are retarded NEETS who dont understand basic economics or what? At least 75% of people i talk to CL about have no idea what theyre talking about.
Muhmuh $100 EOY. Muhmuh $1000 next year. You fucking morons have no idea how long it will take for smart contracts to be incorporated into real life. I swear most of you are coping hard with the fact you think this will make you rich in the next few years. I actually feel bad for how stupid some of you are. If you think CL is gonna worth more than $10 by end of next year you're an absolute fucking dumbass, and I hope you sell your shit way too early so you never have the chance of even tasting what success is. Fucking idiots.

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Well said brother. Though $10 is a hell of a stretch already

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Nice blog post. What are your thoughts on kale?

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it tastes good with dressing.

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That wasn’t as good as your first post. What else are you passionate about besides your dislike of investors in a cryptocurrency?

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clapping your mothers pink cheeks from the behind position.

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Stop trying to be clever, take your scolding like a man

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