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You're a smug fuck and nobody really likes you therefore nobody will buy from you. If you weren't so self centered and scamming everyone you might make a sale. But it's obvious you're only looking out for yourself and I hope you lose your job soon.
t. potential customer.

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Be a sociopath

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Convince somebody through manipulation to think they want something that you have and sell it to them to the highest price possible.

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Wish I knew

T. Bad salesman (sitting on toilet while I should be making calls )

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Depends on the product and the customer.

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1) Figure out what the goals are of the person you're selling to
2) Figure out a genuine way to tie what you're selling into their goals
3) Show them what will work and what won't work
4) Sell them on what will work, if they like what won't work tell them you'll sell them that but that you don't think it's the right choice for them

Most importantly, don't work a sales job where you don't believe in the product. Snake oil sales isn't the way to create a good track record and wind up at a great company... it's the way to wind up at a great company based on your numbers and then get fired based on how you operate, and have to sell snake oil for the rest of your life which will always be lower wage sales roles. Oh, you'll also be able to sleep at night.

The problem with manipulating someone into a sale is they eventually realize you did that, and will never buy anything from you again. Create happy customers who believe you're looking out for their interests and they'll buy from you over and over, and pay more and more.

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I'm an engineer but my boss asked me to work a convention where I'd be essentially selling. I do believe in my product, I just don't have any idea how to sell something. :/

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Get out and make calls. Thats how to git gud moron

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Meet customer
Talk about his business needs and how your product helps him
Sell product

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It's a luxury good. Expensive one.

I just have no charisma and lots of people around me exhausts me. I'm going to be terrible at this.

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If your fundamental problem is that you suck at talking to people then you're going to have to work on that first. As your boss or coworkers to help practice your pitch, so you have a 10-second spiel for customers, a longer 30-second spiel for those who seem interested, and so on. Also do practice runs with your co-workers (and people from other non-technical departments, preferably) pretending to be customers so that you can loosen up a bit. Ask people who've gone to that convention before what kind of people go and what they tend to look for, and what they've been interested in in the past in order to craft your pitch.

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you have to be a bad person

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Read How I went from Failure to Success in Sales by Frank Bettger
Old but solid

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Talk in a manner of what the other person needs not as if you are trying to sell him something

be polite

on time

and do a good job

simple as that

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>do a good job

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Are you actually supposed to be signing deals at the convention, or are you basically just presenting the product to those interested?

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I don't care if you think this guy is a scammer, legit, asshole etc whatever. This guy has some good points in his persuasion program which I pirated. Go on piratebay and get his persuasion program for free. It talks about human psychology and all of that sales/marketing stuff.

I'm still watching his videos, but what I found really interesting is the 25 cognitive biases humans have like fear, reward, scarcity(9.99 only for 24hrs shit) and there were more. Really interesting.

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Normally I'm just an engineer on hand, but this year my boss wants me to actually sign deals. I think he is just short sales staff and that's why.

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Then other interesting thing was personality types. Tai made his own system. The P.A.S.E system. P - practical, A- action, S - social, E - emotional/sensitive.

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Are you going with anyone else? If there are going to be other sales people present then you can depend on them for most of the work, and then spout autistic techno-babble on demand to give the impression that your company knows what it's doing.

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i did not want to hurt your feelings fren i am sorry.

but it is true if you do a bad job you wont sell anything no matter the product. and if you are a good salesperson it literally does not matter what you sell as long as people have at least a some desire for it.

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Yeah, there will be some real salespeople there, but not enough so I won't be able to hang with them.


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Talk to those sales people who are going with you beforehand (as in right now or within the next few days). Tell them that you're an engineer who has no clue how to sell, but you don't want to just go there and fuck everything up for everyone else, and ask for their advice. They might work something out, or give you useful advice.

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I think all these people telling OP to admit he is pathetic and ask other people in his company for help are giving terrible advice. Just practice some talking points by yourself, and don't seem too eager. Make sure you don't put your foot in your mouth. Your boss shouldn't be accepting stellar sales from you so just don't fuck up. What I'm getting at is, work to preserve your reputation internally, as that is likely more important to your career in your role than how many sales you make.

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Thanks anon. I'm in such a rush to get things ready for this show that I feel like its hard to really practice, but I'm going to make time to get some talking points down.

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