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daily reminder to all the wagies that you MUST save up $5 million dollars, after tax, if you want to survive your retirement in around 40 years or so.

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by the time im retirement age inflation would have made 5mil equivalent to $20 today

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Let's be real $10MM is about the bare minimum to not be at least partially enslaved.

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Sounds about right, $5M after tax is the made it number, unless you're a completely hopeless NEET in which case I suppose you can probably afford less.

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i did say "survive" with the 5MM

you will still be a poverty-tier poorfag with 5MM

5MM to survive

10MM to survive somewhat /comfy

20MM to be /comfy

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are you all nigger women or white prostitutes?
My monthly expenses are less than 800USD.

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Your idea of living is unironically vidya and anime until you die alone one day in your tiny apartment. We know that you don't need a lot.

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10 million is nothing

Stay poor

poorfag cope


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I can make it off 1mill easy and I'm 24 now

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>he doesn't understand compounding interest

you don't need to save close to 5M to get to 5M. I could literally do nothing right now based on my investments and if I reinvest all dividends and capital gains and in 30 years I'll have 4.7 million dollars (thats without adding in any new capital and a annual growth rate of only 7% average)

Also investing in meme coins is the biggest loser today. stock market corrected, if it crashes, you'll be able to invest in all the cheapies and have 20% growth rate for at least 5 years. plus a very good yield on cost for dem divvies

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>just wageslave for 30 years bro

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we are talking 40 years in the future, and not living in a cuckshed in some ghost town outside of Kansas

You probably won't pay rent directly with currency, in the future Link Oracles will pay wageslaves in Time, just minimal amounts barely enough to scrape by, until the day they stop wageslaving.

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>working is wage slaving
gen z should bring the reign of terror against millennials and just wipe them off the map, they're the most entitled, self centered lazy as fuck generation there is.

i hope you starve to death

didn't you get the point? i could literally NEET it for 30 years and have 4.7 million in my investments in 30 years.

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You can also leverage debt and invest in real estate/businesses for cashflow

The pyramid should be >real estate>stock>business>commodity>crypto

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instead of investing in properties and having to deal with landlords and shit, you can always invest in REITs like O, IRM, DLR, DOC, CCI, FRT, etc.

Just make sure they have good FFO to be able to continue business and expand. O and FRT are probably the two safest options

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>a annual growth rate of only 7% average
>only 7%
lmao, not possible. And wageslaving for 30 years, nope, rather I kys.

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nobody cares faggot, save it for your diary
>muh reign of terror
you probably get anxiety ordering pizza, you ain't reigning shit, little bitch

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I’m just gonna hope that my rich uncle leaves me something when he dies. I don’t even know how much he has, but it’s somewhere between $100m and a bil. Maybe more. Ten years ago he told me he paid 1.2mil in taxes for that year. In Texas.

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You really can't though

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my current return YTD is 6.78% (Jan and part of Feb) and my I've been getting an average of 10% for over a decade. but sure, 7% average is impossible. is this babbys first lesson in stocks?

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based emoji poster

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says the guy who will probably be wageslaving his entire life because he missed muh crypto boat and thinks stocks are for boomers.

enjoy poverty. i'm betting I made more in passive income last year than you invested in the last 2 years.

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its hilarious that 7% is considered "good growth" in boomer stock land...

i think crypto has highlighted this to me..

after getting 20x returns in less than a few months.. how the fuck can i settle for a nothingburger 7% return... thats like 1 shitty days return in crypto

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i'm going to go ahead and say your total portfolio is down. very few people "made it" in crytpo, most morons didn't sell half their stack consistently when it kept going up and are holding bags now.

show portfolio or i'm calling your larp

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>he missed muh crypto boat
not even close faggot

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lets see your net worth/portfolio then

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so larp it is... thought so

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ill probabl get called a photoshopping larper anyways,

the point wasnt even to do with realized gains, experiences traders and people who werent greedy definately cashed out/shorted. Just that people probably saw the most insane gains possibly in their lifetime, so rediculous it shatters your previous perception and beliefs. now that people are aware its possible to make vastly larger gains with crypto, why would they go back to the boomer market ?

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indulge me

also, i've seen bubbles before, crypto was no different. almost no current coin is going to be worth anything in the future. blockchain technology will be, which is why I invest in companies like IBM. But people who think they'll become rich staking nodes with chainlink are delusional

and why go back to the boomer market? do you know what compounding interest is or how it works?

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>requesting "evidence" on eritrean cucumber harvesting forum
maybe you should get some hobbies

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hahaha he can't prove it because he actually didn't make any money

yep, sure is LARP in here

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>being such a retard that he doesn't realize all "evidence" can be fabricated on the spot
yep, sure is decrepit boomer in here

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>people will think i just made it up so i won't post my evidence

you could have just posted it you brainlet poorfag

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All of you are spoiled cunts who want to live lavish lifestyles til you die. None of you deserve it. One thing kikes did for you faggots is let you buy more than you could ever earn with their fiat money scam so be grateful goyim.

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here, here's my stock portfolio that doesn't include my work 401K

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image didn't post

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>20MM to be /comfy

I agree with 5MM tu survive, but 20MM to be comfy, are you nuts? Everybody know that you need at least 100MM in order to be comfy.

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eustaquia, what a retarded name

t. spaniard

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100MM to be comfy, are you nuts? everybody knows that you need at least 9^47k99900110099.[insert integer here] in order to be comfy.

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who can afford to retire in 40 years?
Maybe if I had a job

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And here I thought you were actually made. My crypto portfolio is actually bigger.

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prove it faggot

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do u have mor of that stupid hoe

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what's it like LARPing pretending you have all this money then when you stop posting for the day you realize you're in your mums basement and she won't even bring you tendies?

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>not buying Resistanse

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>400k portfolio delusional faggot unironically posting like he's rich
You're not near wealthy enough for me to care about anything you have to say, peasant.

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oops not even 400k kek

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>5 million
I calculated that I'd be okay with roughly 1.75 mil as that puts me comfortably in the $38k 0% capital gains bracket at 3% withdrawal. Thoughts? I live in the Midwest where it's fairly cheap.

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>he still can't prove he owns anything other than 0.003 BTC

kek, stay mad

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Under the current circumstances of degen society, this is unironically the optimum life choice.

There's no stopping the tide of misandric hypergamic divorce culture now. What reasonable man would consider bringing children into this smoking wreck of a society?

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I'll make that amount off 800K, yet you're "yikes"-ing me. top kek, all you crytofags are larpers.

someone post actual proof of their portfolio or net worth or shove your comments up your roommates (moms) ass
>inb4 taxman

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5% dividend on 5mm is $250k a year
I'm thinking I'm pretty comfy at 250k a year without working but I must be poorfag

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>yet you're "yikes"-ing me. top kek, all you crytofags are larpers.
I'm yikesing you because you have a tiny portfolio but you're waving it around like you have a big ol dick. It just made me cringe a bit, that's all.

>I'll make that amount off 800K
while maintaining your principal against inflation consistently over the course of your life?

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yes. dividend growth + capital appreciation. my portfolio will continue to grow even if I don't reinvest any of my dividends/capital gains. Based on my portfolio, my average increase in just the companies growing their dividend will be around 6-10% per year, outpacing inflation vastly.

>you have a tiny portfolio
i'm not saying i'm rich by any means but certainly its a respectable portfolio for someone my age. Not to mention I earned 20K passive income in 2018, and that number is set to grown 6-10% based on me doing nothing. if I invest and reinvest my passive income, the'll be a sizable increase yoy.

also please share your portfolio then if youre such a heavy swinging dick

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That's an accurate number, my goal is to have $6M in my 401k by the time I'm 65 and I should be on track as long as the average market returns is 5% which it hopefully should be.

I told some of my coworkers that are my age (25-35) that being a millionaire will be the norm when it's time for us to retire and if they don't have at least $2M by the time they're 65 they're going to have a very rough time and they looked at me as if I had 2 heads.

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jesus dude you are immature as fuck and your projections are just all over the place

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no, and no.

post your portfolio you LARP tard or stop posting let the adults talk son

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less than 2 generations ago, you could purchase a house for 10k, 15k, 20k... obviously wages weren't high, but people had more purchasing power than today, that is dwindling because of inflation.

the debt society has is absolutely fucked, and the kikes printing money will keep going until the ponzi collapses..

food nowadays is over $10 for a meal almost anywhere, and people are making the same amount. there is literally not near enough time to be alive to accumulate enough money to buy a house at low wage jobs.. even "high wage" jobs at $50 an hour are still fucked.. houses are in the millions... and if you miraculously save enough to buy a house, the property taxes will rape you every year.

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>I'm going to consistently withdraw 4.75% in perpetuity
inb4 moving the goalposts and other retarded shit, you are stupid

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>and if you miraculously save enough to buy a house, the property taxes will rape you every year.
move to the Midwest

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500k is enough to live off of

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who said anything about withdrawing? I'm not going to withdraw any of my principal you fucking mongoloid poorfag. my passive income will eventually cover all my costs and continue to grow.

is this babby's introduction to dividend growth?

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Assuming a conservative average of 5% returns thats 50k a year to live on. Thats ez

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>who said anything about withdrawing?

>comfortably in the $38k 0% capital gains bracket at 3% withdrawal.
>entire context of the thread is wagecuck retirement
you started this conversation by replying to this with your ridiculous tiny cock waggling and to top it all off every additional post goes further in demonstrating just how fucking retarded you are

you can't even coherently carry on a basic conversation

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there are numerous places to live where cost of living and wages are basically inverse of what you'll find in cities. you'll just need to be willing to relocate.

Or you could do jobs where they pay for your housing or give stipends like travel nursing or working in the oil fields.

Midland Texas sucks but you can make a grip of money, spend almost nothing and save your way to an early retirement

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>you'll just need to be willing to relocate.

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is your entire life a fallacy?
I only indicated I'd make more passive income with less, not that i'd be a tard like you and withdraw any principal.

yet here you are, still LARPing and strawmaning your way into irrelevancy. stay mad

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>yet here you are, still LARPing and strawmaning your way into irrelevancy. stay mad
you failed to read and comprehend basic statements and now you're backpedaling with some circular reasoning and hand waving. No, you were simply wrong. Ditch the huge ego you dumbass. We're on the same page here except you're being a giant cunt for no reason

Anyway I agree about moving to the midwest among other things. How do you earn passive income at the moment? Assuming, of course, that that's not just dividend/cap gains/etc income

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it is dividend capgains income. those are the only two truly passive income investments you can have.

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>in 30 years

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shh just keep on wageing it out and remember bitcoin is the actual ponzi

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>implying you can know the amount of wallets that belong to a same person
>implying the people that took the bigger risk getting involved when bitcoin was literally 0 thus mining at a loss while you were saying it was a scam shouldn't be rewarded the most
>implying bitcoin whales can sit on their ass and recieve infinite (((interest))) as fiat whales do

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>all those implications

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By the time I retire, the US will be a commie socialist utopia. Why do I need to have 5 million for the gubment to take half of it to feed lowlifes, when I can join them and be spoon fed? If you can't beat them(and you cannot as they keep breeding and being imported) join them!

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just go 100% on bitcoin, everything else will be confiscated

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i'll retire with $2m anyways

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>Retireing in America
Imagine being this fucking retarded

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>suze fucking orman
Jesus Christ /biz/. A million and youll be just fine. 500k is the bare minimum for survival

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100MM to make it?

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the larp continues

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Im unironically rich from bitcoin, bought at 150, 250, and 450, didn't even sell %50. By 2030 when 1 coin is $1,000,000, now that will be fun.

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Are there pretty lady wagies? Is such a thing even possible? Reminder that women breeze through life on easy mode.

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You aren't factoring for inflation and retirement.

>> No.12725785

Youre fucking delusional

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That is retirement faggot

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Ok so what's your plan when the government taxes your dividends as income? That's the real blackpill of early retirement when you need a mil to get the divs you thought you would get from 500k.

>> No.12725902

>what is a business that you own and other people run
>what are rental properties w/ property management
>what is automation
>what is a marketing campaign
>what are websites

look no further guys, there are only 2 forms of passive income on the planet

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No. Divs are taxed same as income

>> No.12726565

Those arnt truly passive

>> No.12726620

qualified dividends (holding 1+year) are taxed at capital gains rate

>> No.12726680

Thats even lower

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Anon you do understand what inflation is, right? The future value of $5MM in 40 years is $2.2MM (or maybe even less).

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your kekki genkai will not work on me wojack-san

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Thats more than enough faggit

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With a wife like your pic OP, double it.

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t. pajeet

chads do not pay a dime

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what did you just call me you little bitch? I'm 100% aryan.

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