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And you can't prove me wrong.

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Wow a website. You really proved your point there kiddo.

Protip: You aren't gonna make it.

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>compatible data feeds
So bullish on Link, thanks fren

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phew good thing you showed me this OP, this is def a better choice than chainlink! you are so smart OP thank you!

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So no argument then.

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nope you are totally right

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thanks just sold all my link. Hell of a website URL you just posted

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>no decentralized oracles
>no security to rival TC
>P. Diddy is an advisor


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just bought 100k LINK thanks dude

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Idiot Alert on isle 2

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holy shit. i thought you were joking. we got real competition on our hands boys.



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We all know how succesfull his business ventures are.

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Amazing. Who's the Lead Dev, T-Pain?

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Having a rich influencer with millions of followers as an advisor. Bullish.
Who has ChainLink as advisors? Exactly.

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I unironically think that having people like him sitting on an advisory board, even if it is a bs one, is bullish for the smart contract industry. Extremely bullish for the standard in decentralized, secure, oracle network.

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It's a centralized oracle with some bells and whistles. Closer to clcg.io than smartcontract.com

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lol they only have one developer, such amateurs

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Linktards coping in this thread. As if Chainlink could ever produce a promotional video of this quality:

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You're right, the link team is busy making working product and not a moon boi faggot video

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>Having a rich influencer with millions of followers
Implying his millions of followers would even understand and care about decentralized oracles. He could post a IG post of ZAP today and the shit wouldn't even pump.

>Who has ChainLink as advisors? Exactly.
People who understand the space and have been around since the early stages > rich guy with millions of followers who got in crypto late

This is such obvious FUD lol.

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They should've gotten puff daddy to do the music


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>it's fucking real

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Their advisory board is literally full of niggers and Jews. The company has been on CNBC, spoken in front of Uk government officials and many other things. This company reeks of nepotism.

These are all signs that they have been choosen by (((them))) for success for the simple fact they are good goyim that go along with collaborating with Jewish agenda.

Just think do you really believe (((they))) will let chainlink succeed. (((They))) hate whites with a satanic passion and chainlink is full of know “Nazi racist white” investors who will become powerfully rich if it does succeed. For this fact (((they))) are moving towards another company to make king. If we stayed under the radar then perhaps Chainlink would of been the choosen company.

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a lot of ppl don't understand that THIS is the chainlink killer

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For the newfags, this was fud last summer too, when Diddy tweeted this.

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oh wow ok thanks just sold 100k link and bought 100k zap.

thanks OP ur so smart and kind

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No. Link is shit compared to zap. I bought in a while ago.

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Look at that volume... LMAOOO

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strategic low volume

sergey is finished

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Look at the price history, then look at the comments from bagholders on Twitter thinking zap was revolutionary. Kind of sad, desu. Probably a few suicides.

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What even is the point of their token? As far as i can tell there is no point

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Holy shit I've never laughed so fufucfufuckfufucfufuckifufucfufuckfufucfufuckinfufucfufuckfufucfufuckifufucfufuckfufucfufucking hard in my life

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tobius from arrested development's on the team. i'm going all in!

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Sounds like some Bollywood mess + stock photos. You'd think Diddy would toss these poor bastards a bone.

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I can judge and shit on this website from a 10 second impression.
>wordpress site
>fiverr tier video
>shitty floaty node background that every other scam uses

That's literally all anyone needs to complete ignore this shitty project forever

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short it

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Didnt this guys just copypasted smartcontract website 2 years ago aprox?

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they dont have any partners that actually matter and fortune 500 companies will never use it

>thanks for the post, pajeet

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forgot about this

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The amount of newfags in link threads these days is nauseating. CRINGE

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BOOM!!! Chain Link about to go the way of the dodo. Link speculators are notorious pajeets in disguise, don't fall for it. It's a trap!!!

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Thanks for the keks guys. I had a feeling this was bad, but not this bad. ChainLink still has no serious competitor.

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Crypto Joe on suicide watch

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lmao i haven't felt this bullish about LINK since pre-fireside chat

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I can't read the last row.
Some wise anon please help.
Am genuinely interested of investing in this project.

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No one important, just some dude who works for some company called BookFace or something idk.

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>says the increasingly nervous bagholder, as another year slips by

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who loves dots? Who worships dots?

Sirs buy the zap sirs

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Boy, I wish there was a person here collecting this FUD.

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is this real?

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Back to Zap. We're literally on cyclical link fud now.

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For dots and dots and also dem dots

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Let's be honest, their project is shit and their bonding mechanism makes zero fucking sense. Speculating on centralized oracles... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBjKUCCKxRo&t=103s

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The entire dev team is bumping the thread using VPN's. Do not buy this scam shit.

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>We're literally on cyclical link fud now.
buy mobius sirs

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Witnet is the new mobius

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