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How do you fake being an ordinary human for long enough to pass a job interview?

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5 years unemployed, still trying to work that out

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Firm handshake (stand up when shaking hands)
Lock eye contact (brain eases up when you do this)
Smile and laugh a whole lot

Congrats, you're a wagie
It 's not hard faggot

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Drink a beer and brush your teeth before you go in.

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Practice your story. Get good at telling who you are and what you're good at. Not emotional stuff or a full history, just the basics of what value you can bring to the table. Your elevator pitch. 2 minutes.

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just have a conversation. it's like making a 4chan post, but don't be a faggot about your life.

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Take an adderall. It will make you a normal person temporarily.

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Don't do this. It might sound like a good idea but it's not.
Do this. Only thing I ever rehearse is the tell me about yourself part. And I don't really rehearse it because I've done that and sounded like a total sperg and didn't get hired. Just have a basic idea of what you want to say and let it come out naturally.

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one question. you do know you can get fired after a job interview right? Why would you work for someone who doesnt accept you as you are? Thats just idiotic i am sorry

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I've acquired Machiavellian tendencies in the name of appearing normal.

That's the only way us autists can survive in this hyper-social world.

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Get those people books and emulate.

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