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get fucking rekt faggot FUDsters come @ us

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What does this token do?

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Make you poor.

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So far nothing. Particularly considering that none of their "contracts" mention LTO Network or indicate in any way that the pilot projects they may have done are based on the blockchain everyone has tokens for.

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Lto কিনতে, এটা ভাল মুদ্রা। জন্য অনেক।

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low iq fud

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Most of the "contracts" are dated from before LTO Network even existed you autist.

But yeah man, they seem like professional guys you can trust.

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The company has been working on their blockchain tech since 2014, so no, none of the contracts are before LTO.

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Not quite true, if we're talking about the company's name then it's true there was a rebrand to LTO network and the contracts were mostly (or all, don't remember) done before the rebrand, i.e. LegalThings

If this rebrand fud is the best fud out there, I'm buying more

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LTO domain = registered September 2018

So yes, all of the contracts are before LTO.

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I still don’t understand what it does, what do they mean by “decentralized work flow”

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Ian Balina already said he dumped this shit in his latest video.

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> www.ianbalinamemes.com

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thx for this satjeet i had a good laugh

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