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>Daily Biz Redpills/Blackpills

This post is aimed to solve and give some basic knowledge, if you want to ask or just chat feel free to do it.

>Aliens are Demons
>Magicians use their spiritual power to evocate spirits/daemons/evil beings
>You can increase your dick size/lenght through JELQ and the consume of tribullus terrestris and/or maca peruana (peruvian maca) and or ginkgobiloba
>JELQ have more than 200 years of existence and its a known habit in some old arabic cultures
>JELQ is free, dont need to buy anythings besides some skin lotion based on natural products, besides that just warm up, rest and eat properly, jelq works maximizing your blood pressure
>try to avoid food that need to be warmed and its into some plastic container, every plastic container when exposed to hot temperatures release Bisphenol and Bisphenol-A, both of them are pro-cancer substances
>even if you are ugly there is no reason to you avoid exercising properly that will help your body in many ways and release testosterone, you dont even need to go to a gym: Calisthenics
>You can get permanent erection problems if you get addicted to porn to a level that you need more and more adrenalin released by uncommon fetishs
>Avoid shaving with razors, try to cut your pubic hair with a scissor, razors create micro fissures into your skin that make you weaker to sexual diseases such as HPV and many others.
>Capitalism and every other economical system are nothing but control protocols of "them" to maintain their powers and control, both capitalism and communism were funded by masonry members such as Karl Marx and many others, all of them are nothing but perpretators of Luciferianism/Satanism that is the main ideology of Masonry
>if you are really ugly or with abnormal traits there is no reason to cope and you need to be humble enough to understand that if you want to live into the "social world" you will need to compensate
>to get hookers always use a different number

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you seem to be very focused on dicks fren

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Shouldn't you be studying engineering and bettering your life instead of wasting your time posting /x bullshit on /biz?

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If you haven't made it in crypto yet, you're probably not going to make it.

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Well, I have a anaconda between my legs, so I dont need to cope, I'm just sharing info that could help anons that got fucked.
I'm waiting for some anon reply me, he told me to appear, that is the reason. Also, our Brazilian Carnival is next month, before the carnival the teachers doesnt give tasks or ask a lot of things.

Thanks for the message, fren!

Why you say so?

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>lets talk about something not at all relevant to myself

kek that makes sense OP

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>most of /biz/ is stupid
>when someone tells you to buy a coin first ask them for proof they even have it
>frog and wojak posters is a sign of autism

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Bro, a anon made this post yesterday:
I'm waiting to see if he was kidding.

No, Pepe the Frog is nothing but the Entity known as "KEK" the ancient Egypt God of Caos, also its a sigile to evocate "BAAL", Baal have 3 faces, one of a man, one of a cat and one of a frog.

Its a satanic evocation sigil.

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taking estrogen/t-blockers makes you smarter

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still dont get it but whatever, you do you fren

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what are supplements that increase your thickness load when you shoot.

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Just search about KEK Deity, its where the Pepe the Frog came from.

What substances can be tblockers? Can you recommend some?
Eating pinneaples, mango, Zinc supplementation and tribullus terrestris.

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you are loosing me fast OP do you honestly think I don't know about Kek...

But I think Kek would not care about the size of your benis desu

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the real redpill is that all religions were created by one elite family. the OT and NT were written by the Essenes, of which Jesus was one and so was Mary. the purpose was to destroy the roman empire

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He's been a demon manipulating the world through a Kazakhstani quilting message board this whole time?

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wow I just looked at your picture and I think I will get the "logo" inside the frog as tattoo. thanks OP atleast this thread was good for something

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maybe even the whole frog with the kek in it. Really like it desu

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What the fuck, anon?
I never said KEK care about that, KEK care for other things.

But really, wtf dude... You really worship it?
I can assure you one of the few truths out there is about Jesus death to save us, I have seen real shit and I'm not even kidding.

Yes, its a Entity that feeds from people faith and evocation, you can realize that almost every chaos event Kek was present, Kek was feed by the spiritual abism of anons failure/suicide/cosmical pain and in return grown bigger.
I dont know if you kidding or not, if you are I really hope Jesus can save you from that chain.

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This isnt a biz redpill list. This is a shitskin superstition list.

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Its not superstition, ask >>12722626 if its a joke or not what I said about Kek, this not a joke neither a larp.

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kek i would never be kidding about Kek. Kek is my Lord fren and yes I do worship him. I was heavily involved in this

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I dont have words to express the feeling I'm with right now, its like every hair of my body got spike and a strange feeling like there is "something" not normal near me right now.

I dont even know what to say right now.

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Maybe praised be Kek?

you are in the wrong basket weaving forum Fren if you dont accept Kek as your Lord and Savior

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here take this tripcode I will deliver within a week or 2

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Not sure if they are one family. But there were many civs before those biblical.

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Does you have mediunic powers?
Ask KEK why he gave me two reptiles, if was him and if he supported/helped me or not.

Just if you can.

This are my 3 Orgonites and 2 frogs statue that I dont even remember where they came from.

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wow English is not my native either but I did not understand a word you just said

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Have a good week, fren.

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Can you talk with keks through evocations/Ouija/Sacrifices?

If you can, ask him if he was the one that gave me the two reptiles, if was him that supported/helped me in the past.

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It was him you monkey faggot and he says you should be grateful he protected you from ww3. Also he hopes your fagsonaro doesn't send troops to Venezuela or they will all perish.

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>starts looking for evidence of frogs in my house.

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I just sacrificed a Lamb for your stupid question. And he said : "tell that faggot to go fuck himself kek". Dont know what he means by that he speaks in mysterious ways some times

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I dont know if you talking truth or if you are fooling me, thanks anyway.
Its because I already received some reptiles on uncommon events, I already received 2 iguanas as a gift already.
Hue, search for the photo in higher quality if you really will do it.

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