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Seriously, congrats guys!

2USD end of month

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QNT is a shitcoin

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Sorry I brought yesterday... my fault.

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Oh no, an expected retracement after doing x2 in a week. However shall I cope.

Nevermind, a partnership with Oracle and a project with the EU Commission to look forward to soon.

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Not falling for the FUD, this is just how market cycles work.

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muh partnership lul

nobody gives a fuck in the middle of a bearmarket.

Congrats on your gains, primarily fueled by a scam exchange inflating the apparent price on cmc to draw in suckers. what a massive scam coin practice.

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I'll screenshot this and repost it in 6 weeks and you can congratulate me on my gains then. This is nothing.

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It'll be less than 2USD is 6 weeks. Do your thing.

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HAHAHAHA. From one second to the other it jumps over a dollar on FATBTC.

How can the Quant leadership even accept being associated with this? Fucking lol. 70% of the "volume" is on a SCAM exchange WASH-TRADING to a fake price.

SUUUUPER professional. Doesn't smell fishy at all!

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If this coin was even HALF serious, they'd Quant leadership would do everything in their power to disassociate from FATBTC, whether that be getting in contact with CMC to remove that data. But they're not doing that, because it's artificially inflating the price of their shitcoin. What a joke.

Reporting to the relevant authorities.

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They have you fucking moron. It's been frequently mentioned.

And if you actually paid any attention, you'd find that FATBTC's price is regularly under the IDEX price.

Anyway, we'll revisit this in 6 weeks. Can't wait.

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>we'll revisit this in 6 weeks said every bagholder ever

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>Tons of typos on website
>Muh unlocking the true value of blockchain
>GitHub literally consists of PDF file of a Visio drawing
>Being a guarantor of pay UK without knowing what it means
>Pajeet Dev and Dev with down syndrome

Did you fell for the shill?

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Not concerned in the least. Of course there's been a pull back. That's how markets work.

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>Not concerned in the least.
>Of course there's been a pull back.
>That's how markets work.


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>HAHAHAHA. From one second to the other it jumps over a dollar on FATBTC.
>How can the Quant leadership even accept being associated with this? Fucking lol. 70% of the "volume" is on a SCAM exchange WASH-TRADING to a fake price.
They're not, they didn't give permission to list it and they can't get them to remove it.

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Fuck of Adie you cunt

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Fuck off Addie Bear, you cunt

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Let’s go Fleta

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That's the spirit.

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>muh retracement
I always see this excuse used for PnD shitcoins. Face it: this was not genuine growth. This was a coordinated hype-fueled Discord shilling campaign and it is over now

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Redpill: most arguments accused as FUD is actually legitimate concerns that emotionally invested brainlets can’t refute

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Have you done your own research. Tell me what QNT does beside unlocking the true potential of blockchain. They have literally nothing (look at their GitHub, last commit was 26 days ago and was a fix in the readme...)

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> he thinks legit companies with propriety software use fucking github
> he thinks it is still 2013 when crypto projects were run by two dreadlocked shitbags on Library wifi

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For a company that has to implement an SDK there is no reason not to have it on GitHub
Meanwhile they have this:

And some functions for uppercasing a string....

Speaking of dreadlocked, have you looked at their team

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Done accumulating(OP here). Fake fud. Let it fly again bois.

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>They have literally nothing (look at their GitHub, last commit was 26 days ago and was a fix in the readme...)
It's not open source fag. No shit there isn't anything on their GitHub.

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Fuck it I give up. You people deserve to be dumped on. DYOR.

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How can you be this dumb?

It's multiplied in value and then retraced about 10-15%. That's it.

If this isn't genuine growth then what is? Continuing on forever without any pullback at all?

The absolute state of Biz. I get it though, don't worry. Slight pullbacks and then everyone FUDs each other. Just part and parcel of 4chan.

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What actually terrifies me about people in crypto is they STILL look at this kind of shit as some kind of signal. They're either extremely low IQ or very new.

>> muh github
>> muh linkedin

Yeah man, founder of the ISO standard for blockchain, with a huge CV in working in governments, the Bank of England and Mastercard, wants to make sure they have an active Github for their closed-source project to satisfy the basement dwelling autists on the internet.

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Shit is my mom going to die again?
>let’s go FLETA ffs

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Aware me on FLETA.

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Yeah massive dump... price still above $4

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Down 10%. It's over isn't it.

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Highly scalable dApp platform with MASSIVE potential, but flying under the radar at the moment. Will likely be shilled massively in the near future however once word starts getting out about it.

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Could you elaborate on the potential? What's so special about it? The different concensus model?

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Tech, team, metrics, and partnerships. The hype factor will be real.

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Are there already known partnerships?

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