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What do you do?

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Allow him entry to my virgin asshole

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You have to be an adult to post here. Scram.

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>blocks getting blocked up with blocks
Yeah sounds like ETH alright.

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Fucking knock his block back with my cock blocker, nogger.

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Blocked and stiffpilled

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>tfw you imagine him slapping his cock onto your awaiting tongue, sliding it in and filling your mouth and stiffing it's way into your throat
>you feel it pulse and thicc love juice splurgs down your esophagus into your belly giving you a nice full warm feeling
>you look up, tears in your eyes and he smiles, leans down and whispers
>"buy bsv"

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spam them and ruin the blockchain

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based and bigblockpilled

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tell him to get lean.
also to stop his larping

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kick him in the balls and slap him like a bitch.
chump ass nobody motherfucker

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that is one big block

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