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>tfw have 27k

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sorry lil buddy but youre wrong. its always has and been 10,000. 25k is the number if you want to sell along the way. so essentially people with 10k stack will be just as rich or if not even more rich because we got hands of steel

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Nice dude. Got 27k

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10k will be more than enough to retire on, but you won’t be able to live in excess extravagance. With the returns from investing the money made by selling 26,525.1989 LINK you’ll be able to afford a sensible classic car collection adding 1 (maybe 2) car(s) a year, a reasonably priced house every 3-5 years you can rent out and enough money left over for to live well each year.

If you want to buy a new Farrari every year, live in a multi-million dollar mansion and blow $5k every weekend you’re going to need a lot more LINK.

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What are you link boys going to do when Sirgay doesn't come up with a working product?

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what happened on May 25th 1989?

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>he doesn’t know smartcontract.com has had a working product for years

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i only have 26,525.1988

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>under 10k linklet
Is there even reason to live?

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I only have 200k Link which is nowhere near enough to actually make it. All these Linklets with 10k stacks singing about 1k eoy are starting to piss me off with their propaganda.

It was a joke and they are actually believing it and causing FOMO in newfags preventing the dump. I need to make it to 500k before mainnet for fucks sake. Link is only going to $5 max. Right now I might make 1MM before tax on that, but tax will take a big chunk out of that then inflation will fucking ruin me over the next decade.

Even if I chuck the 1MM into a dividend stock that pays out well and I get 70k a year of it, it's not enough to beat inflation unless I basically live in poverty as a neet and keep my wagecuck job in the meantime so I don't have to sell any retirement Link. In 10 years that 70k a year will feel like 20k a year. You need a minimum of 2MM, but more likely 3MM to make it.

The upper predictions for Link where about $60 but that was made during the bullrun of last year, and it assumed that the overall crypto market cap would still be expanding and BTC would go on to 1MM a Bitcoin and that we would be in a full blown crypto FOMO hype bubble when mainnet came out and we got our price singularity.

All of that isn't going to happen anymore. The singularity is cancelled. Now we will have a slow growth to $5. And the sad but ironic thing is most people on this board will hold from 20 cents, to $5 and then hold all the way back to sub $1 again because you all believe the 1k eoy memes, and just like the retards who held BTC and didn't sell at 19k, you will do the same with Link at $5. Looking at the current charts depresses the fuck out of me when I know I only have 200k Link, nowhere near enough to make it.

At best I will have 1-2 sweet years, and then return to wagecucking after that. But it will be worse because I will have tasted freedom and know what I am missing out on.

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5k linklet here, I will never make it

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Hodl and do not sodl untill at least $100.

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wrong again lil bud, you are very short sighted in the sense that you only think you can get rich off link. lets not forgot link is not the last moonshot. profits from link can turn into investments of other opportunities. dont tell me a person with more patience wont be richer then a short sighted fuck like you. A person with 1k stack can end up richer then a person with a 25k stack. Just matters of time, patience and discipline. lil buddy

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>t. sub-10k LINKlet

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There is a special power to the number 3 in nature. The first wave was Bitcoin. The second was Ethereum. The third will be Chainlink. I’m not saying there will never be a mother moonshot, I’m just saying Chainlink is the last virtually guaranteed 1000x+ we know of at the moment.

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Care to provide your support for that conclusion? Genuinely curious

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Most fags will sell at 100. Very few marines will hold after 500. That’s the true warfare

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The numerology of the number 3, or Chainlink being a virtually guaranteed 1000x+?

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If I am lucky enough to accumulate a decent stack there is no way I am hodling it all straight past $500. 10-15 mil is too much to pass up. I'll always leave some for the long haul but I can't risk ever wagecucking again

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i'd likely either move in with my parents to hold longer, move into my grandpas ranch and live off chicken and eggs, or go to a third world country and bum off for a while.

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LOL i really hope yall know that this is an pnd meme coin orchestrated by highschoolers and not an actual investment. gl biz/

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You gotta take profits anon, being less rich is always better than being a poorfag by holding something straight down, imagine being one of those BTC or ETH fags who lost millions in 2018 and are now needlessly wagecucking when they could have sold and bought in for a tenth of the price

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Well there are several ways you can come up how much LINK will be worth in the future, and while they all include some form of speculation, even an outside observer who does little research but pays attention can see that the LINK token will appreciate significantly and is actually designed to do so.

The cornerstone of my assessment is that crypto as a whole is going to grow to reach several trillion dollars in the coming years and Chainlink is an indespnsible piece of software for the smart contract application of blockchain technology. In essence:

Crypto market cap in the trillions + Chainlink providing data for anything requiring it + significant amounts of LINK being staked = A high LINK price.

I was particularly impressed by the WOTC coming up with a price of $379. $377 is a Fibonacci number and could be where LINK meets big resistance.

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what do you not understand about 1000$ EOY?

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What the actual fuck?

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new fag!!!

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BTC went 100,000x
ETH went 10,000x
LINK will 1000x

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ETH only went up like 4600x from ICO to ATH.

$1000 is unironically possible, but not for a while

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it checks out

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Why did the team do nothing last week. They just played counterstrike all week according to pivotal. Is this how Sergey runs his company???

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>Vitalik, is this guy bothering you?

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You mean $1

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I am relishing in the fact every single linky is going to get their hopes & dreams crushed when chain link becomes a bust. It'll be glorious.

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major cope. you are going to wish you never heard of LINK when the singularity hits.

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