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I just got 200 dollars for helping someone sell their car. What should i do with it?

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Bunnycoin. All in. No stop loss. With Bunny you make Munny.

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Wtf did u just say to me u little bitch?

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wipe your ass with it

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Take it to a casino and wait till it hits player a twice or three times in a row. Then start progressive betting on banker. You should make $50 every hour doing this

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l e l
thats not how probability works

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$200 smackers!! Whoo boy!!

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Buy .1 BTC when bitcoin drops to 2k end of month. By bull run you will have 10k

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Eventually it hits banker

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When's this bull run going to happen?

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Fuck u i probably have more money than you lmao

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2021 maybe 2022, everyone else that thinks it will come sooner are delusional moon boys.

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I never understood why some people are so eager for it to happen. It's going to happen. That's just how things go. But why not enjoy how cheap everything is right now? I'm enjoying every bit of it and priming my bags.

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