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Why aren't you all in mft

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don't worry anon, saw your original thread.

Been in since 83 sats. Smooth sailing rn. What are your targets?

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do you really need to say you've been in since 83 sats in every single thread you autist?

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>asking to discuss targets in every thread
>ask to discuss targets, but shouldn't post my own entries
What did he mean by this?

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>thinking his entries has anything to do with targets
>also sucking major fat cocks
what did he mean by this?

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dude. your ID basically spells AUTIST. you just got blown the fuck out. dont even reply with that ID if you have any dignity

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>ID is literally "AUTIST"


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You got me on the second one. But if my target is 140, you may ask: "huh, why would he exit so early?". Well if I got in @ 70, while your ass got in @ 100, I already made a 2x, and you're still waiting on a 1.5x. So yes, they do matter.

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your target should not depend on your entry though. you must be fully unbiased every step of the way. for example, would you buy now at 100 sats? id probably wait for like 95 sats or something

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yes, there are objective targets, but by keeping your entry in mind, you also realize that there are people that bought even lower than you and will dump on you sooner than you would want to dump on others.

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True, you must keep in mind how many people bought lower at all times, regardless of when you personally bought in, this is what the volume indicator is for, volume profile especially helps

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The very top resistance. I'd say 160 max

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I have a bearish outlook on alts until end of year and it's make or break. Many of them have descending triangles just like mft and they can extend all the way to December..I'd be fucking ecstatic if it breaks the market structure which desu isn't confirmed.