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What is that one luxury object (like car, console, watch, etc.) that you've been dreaming about and will buy once you've made it?

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nigger or pajeet clown?

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2019 bmw i8 coupe

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Freedom from de facto servitude.

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This, by far.

Then a Porsche 911 GT3RS after that.

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I don't have dreams.

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Redhead with huge tits in fur

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Only thing I dream about buying is time/freedom

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A laboratory to conduct my experiments in.

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Freedom and a SCAR 17 with a gucci optic

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when i make it im finally buying one

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that car is shit and you have shit taste

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R32 Skyline GTR

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700kg of pic related

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Blue label Johny Walker and a bunch on very expensive Single malts including a nikka.

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it's the nigger-pajeet-clown

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Cosmetic limb lengthening surgery that costs basically 38k total in germany (including plane ticket, housing, etc.) to make me go from 5'5"to 5'9".
I would have been the ultimate human of this planet at 5'10" and broken world records if not for this height
>inb4 dur hur der r short body builders and being midgets didn't stop them *honk* *honk*
Others can accept being degenerates. I can't.

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a slav cosplay gf

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Freedom from slavery and nintendo switch

>all these normies wanting roasties
Top kek

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A shotgun so I can kill myself for having to endure this bear market

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just be patient anon. we're all going to make it. just focus on other aspects of your life and don't worry about your investments for a while.

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Whores 24/7.

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A gf

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PlAsTiC sUrGeRy

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>tfw I can easily afford everything that's been listed so far
Have I already made it, guys? Or are y'all a bunch of low expectation-having motherfuckers?

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>I would have been the ultimate human of this planet at 5'10" and broken world records if not for this height
No, if you think you worked hard it's because you compensated internally. If you were always 5'10 you probably would have settled for mediocrity

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Rolex Daytona, white dial with black ceramic bezel

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I just want to work on my projects at my pace and have 100% voluntary relationships.

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Premium plastic surgery by the best plastic surgeon that cost 100x more expensive than normal plastic surgery.

If I want to get plastic surgery, I'll get the best.

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You're stupid af. I trained like crazy under the assumption I would have been 5'10".

I didn't train hard to "compensate". I used to be a king.

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I would want a bag of shiny silver coins but I already have that

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I used to do 17k pushups with 45lb in a month, 51k situps in a month, curl a 20lb dumbbell 1800 times per arm in one single set, almost maxed the machines I used for 2 yrs (ages 15-16), curl 50lb dumbbells, hand stand pushups, Etc. That's just a brief summary. I basically did one of everything. Trained 2-3 hrs everyday for 4.5 yrs.

Again, that's just a brief summary.

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Is this clown's name pronounced "pah-glee-ah-chee" or "pah-lee-ah-chee"?

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Lies, you don't have anywhere near enough money for what I mentioned. I guess it makes you feel cool to tell outrageous lies on the internet where noone believes you?

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A full astronaut suit modified to hot box weed

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I would basically have a normie but well off lifestyle while I NEET it up going through education for fun.

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I already bought a Cartier

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peugeot 106

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Small boat. /biz/ doesn't know the bliss of sitting off the coast in your own watercraft, phone off, soaking a crab pot or spinning a lure, watching the sun set. It's a simple dream, and that's why it's so hard not making it

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A racing track would be my dream. Too expensive for my stack anyway...even if McAfee will not eat his penis my 8 BTC worth 8M$ will not be enough...
So I’ll go for a comfy house somewhere in Spain or Italy and buy a nice Radical SR3, and use it on the weekend.
I’ll probably keep my job and I’ll try not to change my lifestyle from one day to another...

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a 30x10 house with a garden plot 10 miles outside a city. it's my retirement plan and it's so minimal that i'll probably be able to actually get it

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a damask knive

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I bought a house and my freedom since I'm basically retired now.

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when my portfolio first tipped £1 million i bought a very expensive and very gorgeous paul reed smith guitar. not pic related but not dissimilar.
i'm currently at £1.7 million. not sure what to get when it tips £2 million. i am not by nature a conspicuous consumer- i have a shitty car and i don't wear designer clothes or a bling watch, etc. it might just be another guitar.

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A house with a huge Japanese style bathroom and a huge fully equipped kitchen. Somewhere in the Taiga, probably Canada or maybe Russia where my money will go further. Preferably hidden somewhere deep in the forest. I'd use what solar I can for power but have the place set up run without any power as best as possible.
A bunch of cool rifles.
Two blonde loli daughter-wives.

That's really it I think. I just realized you said one luxury object so I guess the lolis.

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Based taste

How many link?

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Merc benz truck but only if I'm stupid rich

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Original medieval sword. No not a larp replica but an authentic one from the 14th century. Shits expensive yo.

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Luxury whore

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Who are some of your favorite child models, based anon?

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1.5k USD chair herman miller embody.
jaguar ipace
nice property close to big city but secluded in trees at the end of a street where only upper middleclass and rich live.

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vc overseas

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A decent meal like a steak

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Shitter. buy a patek instead for phucks sake.

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Retarded frog tier.

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Based. I always wanted one of those as a kid ;(

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>buying muslim chocolate
Yeah no fuck that.

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toblerone is owned by an american company
also there is a bear hidden in the logo

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It's muslim now. They secretly made it halal.

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A cow a goat, 5 chickens and 4 ducks.

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A 4chan pass

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High-end camping/backpacking gear. If I ever make it I'm going to dedicate as much of my time to being in nature as possible.

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a zeppelin
a ticket to outerspace
a spanish galleon/huge sail boat
a locomotive
a tank

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Free time, the most luxurious thing of all

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A nice Condo with nice facilities

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a comfy little cottage in a village near where my dad lives in NE England

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>a zeppelin
>a spanish galleon/huge sail boat
Are you me?

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fk2 type-r

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It's not an object, but rather a 5 stars hotel night in a beautiful European city.

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Donate it all to the Democratic party.

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Luxury high rise apartment in lower Manhattan with floor to ceiling windows. No car, watch, boat, vacation house, etc. Just want to live in peace and quiet in the best part of town with proximity to everything. One day boys..

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Based and red pilled

Ex pua here. I honestly suggest you to end it all. You will never be chad. Game over at birth with yoir garbage genes. Women can spot a fake chad from 2 nautical miles away. Fuck off manlet shit. Also its all about how your face looks. My bet is you look like a crazy chicken

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Sports car

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Plastic surgeon here.
More expensive isn't better.
What's good for you is better.
Go to a lot of plastic surgeons and tell them what you want and offer them a lot of cash, double the standard fee.
The ones that say sure, I will do it . Do a 360 and run away.
The ones that say, OK some things can be done but for you specifically I wouldn't do such and such. Those are the real deal.
The one that looks at you from the top down and says that no amount of money would make him perform X procedure on you. That's the one that will give you the best surgery and if he can't he will point you to the that can. That's the one that will tell you that he doesn't have enough experience in X field and he thinks you will get better results from another colleague.

Beggars can't be choosers.
Best surgeons pick their patients, not the other way around.

t. Plastic surgeon

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An Airbus A380, a tiger and a private panda express franchise.

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Me and my wife, we dream about starting a family.
Our only option is in-vitro.
It's expensive.

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A medication I need that my insurance refuses to cover

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just buy it for cheap from india on the darknet, fren.

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Honestly, a full length grand piano with professional recording setup

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golden AK

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(You) had one job

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Just buy Keyscape, friend, and some weighted midi keyboard like M-Audio Hammer88, if you only care about the recording's quality.
They spent 10M bucks on recording these samples, and their engine behaves so natural that some of the best pianists in the world weren't able to distinguish Keyscape from a real instrument. You would have to be nauseatingly rich to be able to afford the same recording setup they had.
Unless you care about the experience, then there's nothing better than a real grand piano.

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Good lord this

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stop feeding the AI

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Literally a trip to the moon

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1. I have a good face hence why I've had plenty of girls flirt with me
2. You can't touch my 16 yr old workouts, can you, faggot? Of course not.
Kek. Pathetic piece of shit. Even as I am now, I am superior than your dumbass.

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Doesn't even come close to actually playing a real grand piano, fucking retard.

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some black paint so I can make blackface great again

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Posting in grwed threads is a sure sign that you are never going to make it.

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Posting in greed threads is a sure sign that you are never going to make it

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Just this. Don't give af about lambos or whores i just want real freedom

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>Even as I am now, I am superior than your dumbass.

I am a former male model. But unlike u i dont obsess about how i look and muscles. You should end it all. Muscles scare women and gym friends dry pussies. U should smoke weed; it will drag you out of the closet. U r so deep in the closet you made Narnia your home

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A house. At this point any 2-3 room cuckshed will do.

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College loan

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>Muscles scare women
Lmao you probably weigh like 140lb at most. Stay beta, faggot.

What were you a model of? Some ad for stylish clothes? You're pathetic and will NEVER be a real man. I bet you lile to stick dildos up your ass and claim "that's not gay!". Loool fucking retard.

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>dreaming about materialism
Fucking neck yourself, you will never make it with that attitude.

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lol q3

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>1 post by this id
thats how i know youre a beta brainlet

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First things first I'm going to upgrade my HRT regimen as right now it's pretty poverty tier. Then of course go in for my breast and butt implants. Hopefully after that I can find a soiboi who made it in crypto as well to pay for everything else I ever need and keep the rest in my link node.

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Any pinball table, though especially a good WMS like Indiana Jones, World Cup Soccer or pic related would be my dream. Just wouldn't know where to put it lol

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I just want a swimming pool

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The dip

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a fuckin' truck.
the model I chose, full-optional, will set me back 52k.
I wish I could pay using ChainLink.

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You clearly didn't excercise your brain. Everyone here can see you are projecting.

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full gym in my house complete with
>bouldering cave
>gymnastics trampoline
>specialized gymnastics equipment like mushrooms and full parallel bars
>full wall mirrors
>spring floor, 8 full pannels worth

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I just want a house. It doesn't have to be big or have a bunch of expensive materials and gadgets installed. I'm so tired of renting. It's not fair that boomers and the chinese are allowed to bubble up the real estate prices so high, then banks come in and put in extra strict mortgage rules to reduce their risk for when the bubble pops. Meanwhile I easily make enough money to afford mortgage payments but a downpayment is still out of reach at current rates.

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Gay and bluepilled

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you cant buy more time anon

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Electric car

>> No.12714662

real estate to make more money from it

build an empire
become richer for the sake of becoming richer
im not jewish but i just want to be richer than rich and then become even richer

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I don't know, i literally don't even want anything luxury besides a better computer in a few years. Honestly all i want is to have to not work while being self sufficient

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buy a big house, 5k$ pc's and chill playing games with my boys

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comfy house in a country that isnt run by jews and has no property tax

>> No.12714825

if I make it huge a private military to kill evil ( are lawyers and bankers evil?)

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>> No.12714839

Jews are evil. I love how people say all the stuff dominated by jews are evil (lawyers, bankers, the mainstream media) but then refuse to name the jew.

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Well you can keep pumping her full of baby batter in the meantime for free. There is always a chance...

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i think all i want now is a place on my own.

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I want an audio setup and a mushroom farm

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pepperoni stick

>> No.12716130

A septic tank for my home

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bless you rajeet

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a gamer pc, worst thing is i had the money but i investeded in this...

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I want to create a educational christian institution where i can see people thriving to be better people and helping others

Or an hostel for the homeless where they can learn a trade or something

it would be pretty neat to become a self-made millionaire and do based shit like this

>> No.12717090


a millionaire campaign against porn, desire, masturbation and degeneracy, explaining how sexual liberation breaks families and the soul of people would be pretty neat too

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>luxury item

>> No.12717557

My own company.

>> No.12717845

brand new bmw 3 series hardtop convertible

>> No.12717962

10MM link

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Listen boyos, I have almost everything listed here. Big house, expensive cars, nice watches, a very healthy passive income stream.

It doesn't make you happy. You will always be chasing something bigger. You go eat at the top restaurant in town and a guy parks his brand new Bentley next to your McLaren and you wonder why you aren't making enough to have what he has.

At the marina? There is always a guy with a bigger boat.

Happiness comes from within.

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top larp

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I want to buy a nice house, and in that nice house I want to build an additional green house with nice plants and a really nice authentic zen garden.

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is that you, kommodore?

>> No.12718127

BGS10 Alpha Black Lotus

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I'm telling you right now as someone who managed to temporarily escape wagecucking the past 3 or 4 years, it is fucking paradise. Just the simple act of being able to wake up whenever I want is life changing. You do have to have projects and hobbies and you sort of feel like you are existing outside of time as your peers move up in their normie careers but it's fucking worth it by so much you have no idea. I regularly take long hikes right in the middle of the fucking day, I can go out on a weekday and play music gigs and party until like 3AM without worrying about the consequences whatsoever.

Unfortunately I am running out of money and unless I get very lucky in all this crypto shit I will likely be back wagecucking by 2021 at the very latest. It's literally a race against time for me. But as someone who wagecucked for a decade straight it has been incredible to just do whatever the fuck I want every single day for years of my life. I hope we all fucking make it bros

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already buying a few items, (jade pendants) fuck waiting til i make it, im a simple man and im going to buy some fancy rocks now.. also i wont be tempted to cash out my stinkies if i already have most of what i want.

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i had enough suffering to genuinely care and help others.
i want to make as many people redpilled as possible, and i don't care if it will work for only high iq individuals. i didn't deserve random events of my early life. i am innocent. and i don't want anyone else to experience this shit only because he was unlucky to take the red pill in time.
it will speed up the progress and do a lot of good, or, if i am deluded, may this dumb world burn.

>> No.12719723

formula 1 ownership

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s1000rr with similar themed paintjob
~25k $ total, 30k max.
its not much, but i would only spend the money if 25k was chump-change.
nigger tier taste, but still

>> No.12720288

Land, nigger. Then I won't pay my property tax and when the law comes, shoot it out with the law.

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Don't you feel like you're missing something? Do you still have any drive to do high effort things?
I'm not trying to critique you, I'm just genuinely curious. I've never worked myself but I'm a student and every spring break towards the end I start getting more and more uncomfortable, it feels like my mind and body are atrophying. Feels like when you eat too much desert and start getting sick.

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This watch.

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A simple single-wide mobile home and 20 acres.

Anyone buying any sort of luxury item before they have an "oh fuck what the shit" back up place to live is mentally deficient.

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pic related unironically

>> No.12720560

A mansion somewhere far in the woods where I would live with my gf. Also 6 maine coon cats. I would also have all my supplies airdropped to us so that no one would come and bother me.

>> No.12720650

killer bike.

literally, but still.

>> No.12720666

Don't buy a gf. Instead, once you've made it, it's time to LARP as a poorfag until you find a girl who doesn't care that you're poor. Think clumsy nerd, not some aids ridden skank. After marrying with a prenup you tell her that actually you're rich.

>> No.12720719

I also wanted one, ever since I played Tomb Raider as a kid.

>> No.12720754


>> No.12720795

trips of truth

>> No.12720826


Consumerism is a meme

>> No.12721897

i wouldn't buy either, although owning a clown might be fun.

>> No.12722346

Colon surgery so I never have to worry about hemmoroids again

>> No.12722391

The Masters wouldn't allow it.

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I haven't been dreaming of any luxury items. I have every material object I want that currently exists (pic related).
I already have a high end pc but I'd upgrade it in a few years.
I have a newer honda civic, don't want any car more luxury or sporty than that.
I never wear a watch.
I already have a switch and ps4, fuck xbox.
I have a vr headset
I rent an apartment, I don't want a house, it sounds like a pain in the ass to maintain

I built the life I want, now the only thing I want is to quit wagecucking so I have the time to enjoy it all. This anon knows >>12718331

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there are a lot of based answers in this thread /biz/ is full of redpilled frens

>> No.12722723

Car is small brain
Watch is flashy and a bit niggerish but I can respect that.
Consoles are too cheap

I'm excited for a house. Hope I can afford the house of my dreams but right now anything would be great, the freedom to plan the next few months of my life without worrying about rent would be really good.

Might go travelling. Might rent a flashy pad for a few years.

>> No.12722992

A Senator.

>> No.12723530

Temporary feeling of comfort and not having to feel anxious about the future
but that's only before meaninglessness sets in.

>> No.12723551

The most powerful computer with the latest and greatest hardware. I love computers so much but they advancement in hardware is too fast, I feel.

>> No.12723589

My man. Which instruments?
Acoustic guitar and grand piano here.

>> No.12723606


got myself a nikka yoichi single malt and a suntory yamazaki 12. they are both worth every penny. the nikka even more so, even though it's half the price

>> No.12723609

Supe up an 87 BMW E30 M3 and an R34 GTR.

>> No.12723768

after the IRA Roth is maxed out, the 401K has double digits going in direct from the paycheck, the budget has reduced overhead to a tenth of total income, portfolio is balanced for growth and sustainability, bills are sustainable and have 6 months forward payment, after all that once its all done . . . just dump like 500 dollars into a shitty stupid gacha phone game and then never play it. with every gacha game that comes out.

>> No.12723865

why the fuck isn't there a 24/7 FIRE general thread

>> No.12723905

That's the thing about financial independence you are free to seek out and then pick and choose the tasks you desire to perform. It's not supposed to be "lol live life like a neet but you're rich." That's how you get these rich useless cunts that contribute nothing and tax humanity through their affluenza.

Instead you work on the projects you truly are passionate about. You take on challenges that will further advance you in your passion and your growth.

>> No.12723934

wait there are people who don't have these in their homes? where do you live South Vermont or something?

>> No.12724110

Koenigsegg Agera RS1

>> No.12724139

I want sealed copies of Final Fantasy VI-X. I want to open those fuckers again and play them again.

>> No.12724250

Wine Estate

>> No.12724336


Redded and basepilled

>> No.12725372
File: 162 KB, 1009x905, 359c4b28fbc12cc7c26232bd74bc90ac.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

superbikes are absolute fucking insanity, especially if you consider that you are getting this driving experience for the price of a used limousine or a shitty subaru ... whatever

you will also end up as ground meat on the pavement, yeah, but everything has a price i guess

skip to ~6:15 and realize that even a 10x as expensive lambo will feel like a bobby car compared to this

>> No.12725576

Keyscape is great but I totally want a Bosendorfer

>> No.12725590

This pretty much

>> No.12725633
File: 856 KB, 422x318, giphy2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bikes are too dangerous and uncomfortable, most people buy one and ride 1-3 years and sell it and never ride again. also you can enjoy riding only in perfect weather conditions.

>0x as expensive lambo will feel like a bobby car compared to this

at least of joy and purpose of supercars is enjoying status boost and getting attention(if you are type of person who likes these things), something you will not gain riding a bike. lambos for example are terrible to drive.

>> No.12725642

lol why did you have to state the word "coupe"? all i8s are coupes faggot.

you could say a bmw 3 series coupe since there's a sedan version, but i8s are all coupes.


>> No.12725686

My guess is you have never owned a bike

>> No.12725755

>the latest and greatest hardware.
The S-curve of GPUs is tailing off while the S-curve of APUs is set to skyrocket. So if I could spend any amount right now I'd find the best multi-CPU motherboard I could find. I'd then add the best GPUs that exist at the moment, knowing that in a few years they'll be a joke.

>> No.12725769
File: 108 KB, 960x640, 6a36fbb1b8781b048c915220f7a7ab22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>joy and purpose of supercars is enjoying status boost and getting attention
imagine this: for some people the purpose of a supercar is driving insanely fast

i don't care about status/being seen but i would like the thrill of driving. why would i pay 10x as much for roughly the same performance (both top speed & acceleration) with much LESS perceived speed (because you're not out in the open in a car)?

i agree about the "most people just drive for 1-3 years" part. this is definitely true, but then again: this thread is about unnecessary luxury shit that we deep down know we don't need, right?

>> No.12725790

I have not, but i have ridden a bike and i did not like it. I have known numerous bike owners and all of them have sold their bikes and never bought another one too

>> No.12725802

>imagine this: for some people the purpose of a supercar is driving insanely fast

Yes, car enthusiasts, who take their cars to tracks on weekly basis. These are minority of super car owners

>> No.12725870
File: 95 KB, 750x498, fQtWjcC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all true, but here is the thing: the thrill of driving a supercar would die just as quickly, so i might aswell save 90%.
not only that: you could put away all the money you saved and use it to actually go to a racetrack.
i live near the border between belgium, netherlands and germany, so there are tons of historical racetracks near that i all know by heart.
instead of spending six digits you could safely max out on a legendary track of your choice and not give a fuck about tires degenerating super fast @190mph

and again: we are talking about hypothetical, unnecessary luxury, right? what are we even discussing here, its not happening anyway

>> No.12725884

Wtf am I looking at

>> No.12726414

This is based AF.

>> No.12727349
File: 411 KB, 700x699, 1549764943600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Luxury watch
>Wet cat food for my cat
>Vacation home
>World tour
>iPhone (fuk u I want one)
>Gaming PC
>Nice furniture
>Love doll (my wife doesn't care)
>Stem cells
>A surrogate from that Korean company to host and birth my clone so I have backup organs

>> No.12727355

a gf

>> No.12727858

A Switch, a PS4/5, and Xbox 1X, a cellphone for emulation, and Nintendo 2DSXL for DS game emulation, and a PC.

Yes I'm a gaymer.

I would also get a 2 bath, 4 bedroom house, some furniture, and a cheap car. And a bike. I don't want everything. Just this stuff. That's all I need to be happy.

>> No.12728550


>> No.12728569

An all star team of the best therapists, life coaches, meditation gurus, nutritionists, trainers, etc. so I can become the very best version of myself money can buy

>> No.12728584


>> No.12728613

bout 200,000 LINK

>> No.12728624
File: 482 KB, 1280x1603, QxJLfSUR7SfkcKJZB73Q_Bald Eagle 995_108J_001_VERSO_cmjn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like Voutilainen more than Patek, although I enjoy many of their references. I love their metiers d'arts

>> No.12728625

Fully out of debt. Bikes I want. Computers I want. Eat/smoke/snort/drink/drop/eat the rest.

>> No.12728647
File: 129 KB, 683x1024, 4ca670c1322f41b3c8521f36012db1b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


steam room

>> No.12728655
File: 159 KB, 1600x800, 1_SEnBQBS5mvbAJ_GJrgt3NA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

or an isolation tank

>> No.12728658 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 193x300, alexander-parvus-feaf6061-db5d-44e3-a3cf-52afe6c0496-resize-750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12728692
File: 7 KB, 193x300, alexander-parvus-feaf6061-db5d-44e3-a3cf-52afe6c0496-resize-750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dream to make enough money so I can dedicate myself to politics and help set up a whole political media organization. I would create, and pay people to help me create, news websites, youtube channels, a podcast network, online boards, a theoretical journal and so on and so on, all with left-wing, anti-capitalist content. And obviously, donate to campaigns and political parties. I've been online long enough to know how to create good shit, all I need is money to pay people and the free time to dedicate myself to it.

Basically I want to be like Parvus, the Russian-German Marxist who became a millionaire while being member of the german socialist party and helped fund and guarantee german political support for the Bolshevik revolution. Being rich *and* a We Live In a Society guy is the best redpill.

>> No.12728708


>> No.12728789


>> No.12729666

Nope! Pick the one who says "sure and I'll give your gf 30J tits pro-bono" .

>> No.12729677

A trophy wife who is into extreme body modifications and plastic surgery.

>> No.12729684
File: 86 KB, 860x649, A-Lange-Sohne-Datograph-Perpetual-aBlogtoWatch-12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual

>> No.12729691

looks like a random 199$ watch

>> No.12729712
File: 174 KB, 1690x1319, A-Lange-Sohne-Datograph-perpetual-calendar-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i doubt $199 watch has this level of craftsmanship

>> No.12729787
File: 41 KB, 458x504, 1539738044731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same, dont care for recording, Just want a room specifically built for piano acoustics and a phat grand to go inside it.

>> No.12729797
File: 46 KB, 900x596, c63-amg-coupesfv-055_0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mercedes c63s AMG coupe. Black edition.

>> No.12729820

i personally wouldnt be able to pick such a watch out of a line of ten random 199$ watches based on its appearance, that is all i'm saying.
it does look very elegant and will go perfectly with a nice suit, but unless its inner values - the idea of absolute precision, purity and autistic determination - mean something to you, you will get nothing out of it, because people uninterested in the subject/object will not be able to tell it apart from any other clock based on its optics.
that very idea (perfection hidden behind a non-flashy appearance) might even appeal to people, so think of this more as a neutral, judgeless comment than a criticism. it will certainly look fantastic with a nice suit.

>> No.12729833
File: 45 KB, 582x316, a_47056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you're into mercedes why not go brabus over AMG?


>> No.12729834

An secret underground disco in a forest. Invites will be personal and attendees will be black bagged on the way from the airport.

>> No.12729848

Nice try cia negro gentleman

>> No.12729850

>it does look very elegant and will go perfectly with a nice suit, but unless its inner values - the idea of absolute precision, purity and autistic determination - mean something to you, you will get nothing out of it
i have always had a thing for this, i don't really know why and can't explain it

>people uninterested in the subject/object will not be able to tell it apart from any other clock based on its optics.
i would definitely buy this for myself and not for bragging to others. on the other hand, for people interested in the subject it can be a conversation starter

>> No.12729851

because it's expensive as shit
love their works though

>> No.12729864

so many mid-scale projects I want to fund... (10-100 people)

anyone here who'd like to own larger structures? dams? rail lines?

>> No.12729873


Based and Indiapilled

>> No.12729887
File: 58 KB, 800x534, 5d9117535487fe18d7438af5016d55a1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am kind of traditionalist. What's your choice anon?

>> No.12729909

A House with enough acres that I can forget other human beings exist including a pool, enough AV equipment to outdo a concert stage/movie theater, and a 10~ car garage.

Probably around $2 million for that.

Porsche 911 (991.2) GT2 RS - Track toy
Ferrari 812 Superfast - GT
Lamborghini Aventador (any trim, I just want scissors doors and to blast Mercy from it once)
Aston Martin DB11 Volante - Convertible
Tesla Model S for the wife, she wants one, /shrug
Bentley Bentayga - Family hauler/Daily

Another $2 million for the cars.

Omega Speedermaster Moonwatch
Rolex Daytona, white dial
Nomos Tagente Neomatik
Omega Seamaster
Breitling Navitimer
IWC Protugeiser
JLC Master Ultra Thin Moon
Audemars Royal Oak

About $100,000 for the watches

I mean, at this point, let's throw another $200k into watches because fuck why not? Maybe an ALS or Vacheron, or more JLCs. Probably more JLCs.

I'm not much of an alcohol guy, but I'd have a well stocked bar with whisky and various ales (porters, imperials, etc.)

>> No.12729917

A house far away from niggers and spics. A luxury I cannot afford yet.

>> No.12729918

any ride? as stated above: a ~30k heavily modified, tuned superbike.

any mercedes? this right here. yes i am old.

streamlined, aeordynamic cars do nothing for me, i want the air drag of a wardrobe and dirty, needling engine sound

>> No.12729923
File: 629 KB, 1063x1063, 20190212_055144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.12729982


"We've been flying over his estate for the past two hours"

>> No.12730028

Enjoy kanpur shitfields

>> No.12730147

I am currently driving w220 elegance with 3.0 diesel so I get the wibes.
But I am 18 so I prefer nice curves.
Also Dodge challenger hellcat speks to me (but unavailable in europe)

>> No.12731045



>> No.12731221
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I want my fucking country back

>> No.12731297
File: 257 KB, 604x613, 1549061597783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

everyone wants all these luxury items when i just want to buy a more comfortable rv to travel the midwest with my stoner gf

t. colonel linkholder

>> No.12731321

that and theater of magic are my favorite. those were rare and expensive last time I looked

>> No.12731335

It was never yours

>> No.12731375

You know the window doesn't even go all the way down on those fucking things right? Imagine paying all that money for a meme-mobile that you can't even relax in with your arm hanging out the window.

>> No.12731442
File: 964 KB, 1374x1245, 1548384527808.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

couldn't be more wrong