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And because none of us did, we’re all here deluding ourselves into thinking we bet on the right horse this time, but the truth is that we will never know what it’s like to fuck any woman you want like pic related
Our lives are a joke, what a fucked up world we live in...

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thats why you buy chainlink
last moon ticket

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Except LINK will be even bigger than eth you fucking newfag

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that ugly chink? you could probably fuck her for like $100

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chainlink is the last shot. some of us actually spend their days researching instead of making "we'll never make it" threads, smarten up

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speak for yourself

i wouldnt fuck this gray insect even if she paid me

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As I said in the OP:
>we’re all here deluding ourselves
Wake up. You’re living in a fantasy

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>he didn't do the research
otherwise you would know its 100% guaranteed to moon.

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if ethereum wasn't a turing complete, capable of everything blockchain, you would still be able to fool yourself into thinking there might be a next one, like btc or eth, but of course there won't be.

scaling is coming up, (unironically, this time), and it brings irrelevance to almost all of the tokens/coins not built on top of or using btc/eth. they're not going to go to zero, but they will be left behind as the coins nobody can easily interop with, things you need an exchange to swap, things that your universal wallet don't support. new projects will easily be able to take over the niches of these relic alts, simply by being modern and running on top of or on a btc/eth layer/shard.

if it wasn't for scaling, one of the coins out today might be that number 3, but time is quickly running out.

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given their glacial pace, you really think they're even going to have any adoption whatsoever before scaling starts dismantling their foundation?

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>100% guaranteed

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Scaling is a non issue when using the Chainlink oracle network as it is designed to handle offchain computation for Ethereum. All the work and hard lifting can be done offchain and the answers can be written back the Ethereum chain. this will 1. lower gas fees and 2. instantly help Ethereum network scale faster

Chainlink is the standard

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Is this cuphead

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You act like it's too late to invest in eth, it's only 100 bucks...eth and link is the patrician portfolio

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What is this chart supposed to depict? Also according to this chart, Q4 of 2021 seems to be the peak?

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>70% premine
>bloated af w scams
>can't scale
>Casper scam
>Constantinople scam
no ty

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>op blows his chance to get rich with ethereum/bitcoin
>blows his chance AGAIN with chain link

The absolute state

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>op blows his chance to get rich with ethereum
Chainlink is nice, but it's not too late with ethereum...it's only 100 bucks.

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How do i buy chainlink

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Jfc you faggots are deluded.

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Yeah I know. Sometimes I'll see old videos about Ethereum from like 2016 and I think to myself FUUUU why didn't I see this and go balls deep

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Go to hardware store. Buy hammer. Repeatedly strike forehead with hammer.

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Can confirm this is true, everyone is born with a premined amount of chainlink in their own brain, and you can't know how much it is until you smash it out of there.

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I'd rather be deluded and get lucky with my stack than have doubts and miss out.

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Go to Bombay store sirs

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that's the essence of being a goddamn degenerate gambler

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I've been in LINK since ICO and have followed development nearly every day and have done more research than most people on this board. I have followed every breadcrumb and found a few small connections on my own. Keep falling for the 2 man dev team FUD.