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How do you plan to make it anon?

Give me now marine,
- your stack
-your sell plan

I begin
Brigadier General here (140k link)
i sell :
10k @ 10usd
10k @ 20
20k @ 50
20k @ 75
20k @ 100
20k @ 200
After taxes i get 3 Mil +
I keep the 40k remaining on linkpool as a perfect chad and living thanks to a magic passive income

NOW anon, tell me YOUR plan

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never selling

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I only have 20k so I'll be holding it all until $50 USD. At that point I'll start selling 5% for every $10 price increase until I'm left with 6 K stinks. Then I'll stake 5k and hold 1k for the 1keoy meme

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57k here not selling till over $1500

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1k @ $10-100
1k @ 100-1000
rest I'll probably never sell. t. 32k

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>waiting for 1500$
>infinite sell pressure at 1000$, ATH forever
not gonna make it

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I have around 25k LINK and I probably won’t sell any until it seems like we’re near the peak of a new bubble regardless of what price or year that is.

This depends on a lot of factors, but by my own estimates I see the peak reaching around $500-$1000.

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350,000,000. Sell it all at $2.

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if the network absorb some dusts from the derivatives market, 100-200$ seems easy as a peak for me, 1000$ is a meme

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I have 800 so
>200 at 1
>100 at 2
>500 at 20
>t. Venezuelan

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You’re not taking into account the market as a whole growing though. What do you see as the next market cap peak?

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i think there gonna be a first bubble, more speculative, then a second rise due to network usage
I see 50B market cap on the first, then max 200B in the next 5 years

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> Sell 2K at $1K

Have 24K linkaroos. I need to make it last, and I need to get back up to 32K.

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No, I mean crypto as a whole. Last peak was $700B+. What will the next peak be?

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>mfw only 83.8k LINK
>hard as shit to get ahead
>nowhere near enough to make it
>singularity is canceled, slow climb to $10 tops

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Gonna make it

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>No, I mean crypto as a whole. Last peak was $700B+. What will the next peak be
I bet 2-2.5 trillions

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Are you living in Venezuela? How can you invest in crypto there?

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It would be horrible if a 2017 type bullrun occured; however, link only gets moderate returns while other scams are pulling 100-1000x.

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at $100 it would be making it I’ll hold forever idgaf

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830,000 before taxes is more than enough to never work another day in your life handled appropriately.

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Yes. And we always had localbitcoins. Theres also localethereum now, and i have got some crypto doing airdrops.

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8 trillion. Screencap this

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2k at $4, $8, $16, $32 and so on.

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When do you anons think will be the peak of the next bullrun? I'm thinking Q4 2021.

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>selling anything short of your target
you're just making it more difficult to achieve your dreams anon

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Before sibos buyer here im unironically ALL IN LINK and i dont even feel a thing when link drops or pumps sometimes i wonder if im gone insane anyone feeling the same ?

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I wish you nothing but the best fren.

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30k. Selling 10k around $100 to $200 depending on how far along we are in the bubble. Rebuying if it dips significantly, else that's my survival nest egg while I stake and wait to sell 5k more at $500 and wait with the rest of my stack till $1k. Probably won't sell any more at that point, just gonna stake and reinvest/live off that income.

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I have around 180k. Maybe I'll sell a portion during the next run but I'll be selling all of my stake rewards so I can quit my day job.

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Yea dude I literally put 5K USD in at 11970 sats.
Right when I bought my last big bag it dumped hard for weeks and months
In the process I've gone completely numb but I'm thankful for the experience and never doubted the project for a single second

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Thanks fren. Hope you all make it.

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It will be higher than that but I think $8T is pushing it. Let’s split the difference Tand say $5T. Remember that The WEF Turning Point report projected $8T (10% of world GDP) by 2025-2027.

Conservatively approximating that LINK can easily take 5-10% of that market (ETH took about 30% at peak, I think LINK could take as much as 20%) and we double the supply to something like 800M (other 350M enter market and team sells 100M) we get a LINK price of $312.50-$625.

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is only rich holders posting or is just everyone rich?

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>t. wants to live on rice and beans in bumfuck Iowa forever

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seems fair as an ATH for the next 6-8 years

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So like 11k usd? What are you going to spend it on?

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The delusion in this thread is astounding.

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Why do you hayseeds bother discussing this? You're dumb. The anons who reply are dumb. Hurr "that's reasonable". No one here is speaking from actual knowledge/insight. Whatever your price is, it's wrong.

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This is so dumb.

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>Why do you hayseeds bother discussing this? You're dumb. The anons who reply are dumb. Hurr "that's reasonable". No one here is speaking from actual knowledge/insight. Whatever your price is, it's wrong.
> t.1k scared holder pic related

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If we are still in the shit here probably into fleeing overseas..

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Based 2^n linky

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I would have had the same mentality as you, but then I got the idea to swing trade. Now I'm constantly stressing out when to buy, when to sell to make back lost stinkies.

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sell 10k at 10k

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never selling cuz my buddy also has 50k and we're going to operate a node

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checked, based, and buddy pilled

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selling 90% at $1000
sell the last 10% at $2500!

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Why would anyone sell on the way up? We are guaranteed to have anothet crypto bubble anyway. Just sell when we're going up hundreds of dollars per link token in a single week.

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holy fuck the delusion in this thread. every single one of you fags is going to get btfo. none of this is going anywhere. link will never break 5 bucks ever, through no fault of its own. the powers that be are never going to let the crypto market take off like this. they will steal the tech and do it all in-house

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I'm planning to sell my swing trading stack when it it reaches a substantial enough for a real windfall. I'm keeping my principal for at least a decade and only selling staking gains, depending on what bitcoin does.

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damn i'm jealous. i wish i had a buddy to LINK up with, heh

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I sell 100k link at $1000.

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Is this dubs?

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Your FUD is useless. Several anons have already searched the Akashic Records, the universe smiles positively upon Chainlink.

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Imagine missing out on the 4th industrial revolution.

Oh wait, you don’t have to. Kek

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Kek chainlink is being built in house

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Why would this be allowed to happen? Not even fudding link specifically. Why would people with power allow this space to completely rek them?

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Redpill me on the akashic records?

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Where are the estimated valuations ? One had an upper limit of hundreds of thousands per link. Difficult to believe but no more difficult than believing BTC would break 10000 on memes drugs and other illegal shit

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1500 at 5
1500 at 10
1500 at 20
1500 at 40
1500 at 60
1500 at 80
10000 at 100
At this point I can retire
The rest I'll keep invested in node for passive income or sell when I want but no plan with my last 12000

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>In theosophy and anthroposophy, the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.

The anons who consulted the Records all reported seeing numbers in the $300's, along with very positive visions and feelings about Chainlink.

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shouldve joined delphi

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This little survey's implied market cap is 350M * US$ 377.62 = US$ 132 B

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Don't you understand. Chainlink is the bankster coin. It will allow fiat to have similar properties as printable tokens. Each country will have its own stable coin. Chainlink will automate crossboarder payments without the need for accountants or lawyers. This is what the rothschilds want. No need for wageslaves if everything is automated for them. Soom the jews will win chainlink is just one step on their path. They will prevent bitcoin from being a currency the same way they destroyed gold from being a currency.

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The elites WANT Chainlink. It will either save them billions of dollars a year, make existing systems more secure/faster, or facilitate higher transaction volumes due to greater efficiency. Why else would SWIFT and all these dozens of companies be working with them?

This is almost exactly in-line with that psychedelic anon’s $379 prediction

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lambo anon was the peak of this entire shitcoin's existence. nothing will ever top this. and surprise surprise the guy was a literal pajeet and got doxxed by his own linkmarines


why chainlink specifically instead of building their own or working with more capable and connected people than this fat checkerboard fuck? that is my angle. not the use case or tech.

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What's the point of selling when you can set up an llc and run an active node? OP is misleading you anons on the real opportunity for owning LINK.

He doesn't want you to make it.

Repeat, after me: Never sell.

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Back in october i also estimated high 300's per token when speculating based on the growth of cryptos 2 previous cycles.

>> No.12666036

Because businesses don’t develop things like this in-house. They find someone who can provide the service for them. Not to mention that Sergey will likely give them all free LINK. Think of it from SWIFT’s perspective? It’s free, faster and better than what we had before. Why wouldn’t they? Not to mention this is a brand new technology. Sergey and Steve have almost 5 years experience with this and they’re probably the most experienced people on earth in developing decentralized oracles. Why would a business spend tons of money in R&D starting from scratch when they can just have some fintech with years of experience do it?

>> No.12666039

They cannot build their own, because then you have all the problems of a centralized oracle.

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For the same reasons companies use the internet instead of the ethernet like tge did back in the day. These companies know you can only have true decentralization if their solution is open source. Meaning it is a purchasable crypto project. Their own in house solution can never be as secure or as decentralized as an open source solution. Open source solution will ultimately allow more growth than in in house solution.

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>>12665957 #
For the same reasons companies use the internet instead of the ethernet like they did back in the day. These companies know you can only have true decentralization if their solution is open source. Meaning it is a purchasable crypto project. Their own in house solution can never be as secure or as decentralized as an open source solution. Open source solutions will ultimately allow more growth than an in house solution.

Sergey reserved 350m tokens as incentives to use chainlink. Basically he gives them freebies, they use tokens to establish oracle nodes and popularize the network. Basically hes doing what intel did to amd

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I remember the Akashic Records threads on Chainlink before the marketing director came along. Realistically, LINK can certainly hit $300 per token when we factor in Chainlink has ALREADY established itself as the decentralized oracle solution for SWIFT and the major banks. Owning a token basically allows you a stake in the network that will integrate the Blockchain and off-chain API world into a seamless blend.

Upward bound on LINK in my realistic opinion is $10,000 to $15,000.

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LINK would also transfer currencies for banks cheaply, and without forcing banks to migrate their systems to use a ledger as with Ripple. They could use their own chains and just extend current systems with them using LINK.

SWIFT is only one small piece of why LINK is going to be a top 5 coin. Every industry, and every dApp will benefit from Chainlink's tech, and it being blockchain agnostic ensures it can keep with the changing ecosystem. The zeppelin_os partnership ensures LINK will become ubiquitous by 2019. Chainlink can do what ripple does but better for banks and institutions and That's just 1 of its use cases. This will be bigger than ripple and swift is old tech. They need link to stay in business. Without link which by the way has zero competition ripple would put swift out of business. Swift is lucky if chainlink partners with them

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Absolutely based and redpilled. This man is limiting the supply so that all of our linkies are more valuable. A true marine.

>> No.12666346

LINK would also transfer currencies for banks cheaply, and without forcing banks to migrate their systems to use a ledger as with Ripple. They could use their own chains and just extend current systems with them using LINK.

SWIFT is only one small piece of why LINK is going to be a top 5 coin. Every industry, and every dApp will benefit from Chainlink's tech, and it being blockchain agnostic ensures it can keep with the changing ecosystem. The zeppelin_os partnership ensures LINK will become ubiquitous by 2019.

Chainlink can do what ripple does but better for banks and institutions and That's just 1 of its use cases. This will be bigger than ripple and swift is old tech. They need link to stay in business. Without link which by the way has zero competition ripple would put swift out of business. Swift is lucky if chainlink partners with them

>> No.12666364

Chainlink is positioned to enter in the following markets: Derivatives, Insurance, Legal, Supply Chain just to name a few. Chainlink is only known by many in its association with crypto, and that's a MERE use case.

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unironically this

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>selling before $1000

you are a false link-marine and you will not make it.

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>$10-15 T R I L L I O N mcap is the upper bound

You are truly, truly a deluded brainlet

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$10,000 to $15,000 per LINK token seems to be the upper bound.

>> No.12666643

LINK $399 PER TOKEN 2021

>> No.12666819

Based on what??? How the fuck would a single crypto be worth more than every company listed on the DOW combined. You're insane.

>> No.12666847

Circulating supply of 10,000,000 LINK
All other tokens staked

>> No.12666852

Do you realize Artificial Intelligence will be harnessed?

>> No.12667009

Is there no chance that some richer and more connected people will simply do it better? Does chainlink literally have no competitors? Seems insane

>> No.12667010

Vishnu being harnessed on the blockchain right

>> No.12667039

Why do you think Chainlink can't be the richer and more connected competitor?

>> No.12667052

best brainlet pic I've seen in a while

>> No.12667062

Those 10 million will be tokens lost to bad private key/wallet management so zero link tokens in circulation will put us at a market cap of infinity.

>> No.12667182

They could. Or they could not. I just saw something similar in Jibrel where they were so far ahead of everyone with asset-tokenization economics last year and then bigger and better-connected groups soared right past them and now they are totally fucked and I will be lucky to ever break even. I want to know why the same thing can't happen to Link. We were all saying JNT was unironically going to hit $100 easily. Suddenly no one wants anything to do with it and it's more or less dead. I see the exact same delusion in this thread as though someone can't just make a better version of Link and everyone uses that instead.

Also why the fuck is this shit so cheap still? 40 fucking cents? You guys are out of your minds if you think big money just hasn't discovered Link yet. There is some reason why it hasn't boomed. I will concede that it has outperformed most other shitcoins during the bear market. It's just weird to see the confidence in this thread. If it was that certain of a thing it would be way more expensive.

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This guy gets it

>> No.12667196

>Jiblets giving advice
Oh lawdy

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>Is there no chance that some richer and more connected people will simply do it better?

The rich connected people are the ones making chainlink. Town crier developed at corner is now owned by chainlink. Yes the only viable secure oracle software ever developed is completely owned by sergey and his team. Whitepaper cowritten by ari juels cornel professor.

Partnered with zeppelin_os since 2017 means that 95% of all dapps on the ethereum protocol will be using chainlimk in the background whether they know or not. Chainlink is the only company developing oracle which has had the sense to add intel sgx to prevent sybil attacks.

Chainlink is literally connected to every industry involved in blockchain through their partnership with ic3 and the enterprise ethereum alliance.

Chainlink is the richer better connected project.

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Then why is it not 10 bucks per tok? Why is biz the only collective that knows about it? Genuine questions not fucking with you

>> No.12667240

no you retard think orwell 1984 except instead of governments it'll just be meme learning algorithms

the same algos will run many countries, just different branding and packaging

>> No.12667247

I have 30k of those pieces of shit. Bought at 29c and now it's worth 3c. Maybe the team will pull their heads put of their asses and get some fucking oil money pumped into that thing over the next 5 years

>> No.12667248

Anyone heading to EthDenver? We need boots on the ground. I hear UNICEF is partnering with EthDenver. Chainlink is unironically one of the still-under-the-radar to deliberately keep normies from being in the know, but everyone who should know, already know of it and speak in public discouse in coded language, like oracle.

>> No.12667260

because people dont really understand it and is still hung up on the "currency" part, just like how during the infancy of the internet people thought it would only be good for emailling and porn. No one in the 1990s couldve predicted what you see today

"cryptocurrency" is the email of DLTs

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The market is slow and stupid. Also nothing takes off in a besr market. Give it another year

>> No.12667274

The beauty of jibrel was that it would pump without normie adoption. All we needed was a few Dubai institutions to adopt it. They are literally working out of the office of the richest Dubai family and had a 250M pledge from that group. I have no clue wtf is going on, the telegram is full of brainlets and their community manager is a literal pajeet idiot. Everything is hidden behind NDAs and we get zero info other than a very shitty monthly update that reads like it was made by high school freshmen.

>> No.12667313

>I have no clue wtf is going on
Allow me to clue you in....

>> No.12667361

see >>12667198

they don’t see the potential of it at all. Tokenization is just in its infancy, web3 is literal we’re at the forefront of the evolution of a new internet

>> No.12667382

If chain link had the market cap of eth at the peak of the last bull run it would have been in the 300s

>> No.12667399

your chart is forming a double top

you're done

>> No.12667402

The easiest 300x available. The hive mind has already probed every aspect of this project for two years. Thanks /biz/

>> No.12667434

selling once it surpasses all time high for a quick swing

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The fact that you're asking this question when you came here to fud link means you should he fomoing in right about now.

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The fact Chainlink has practically outperformed the market is a testament to the strength of its promise.

>> No.12667878

I also put an upper boundary around 10k/20k

>> No.12667892

I came here to learn about Link and test the fud responses.

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>> No.12667935

Read this

Also what have you learned so far?

>> No.12667944

This is the main takeaway. Again, jibrel had great tokenomics, great connections, great advisors, and is about 85 percent down from ico at this point.

>> No.12667972

Jibrel is an application that can’t suceed without a proper oracle protocol, like pretty much every other “revolutionary” blockchain application out there. Now every project is floundering while people slowly realize chainlink will be the backbone of everything involving smart contracts. It’s really not that hard. You just win.

>> No.12667996

I put my hands up, they're playing my song, the butterflies fly away.

>> No.12668098

The delusion in here is unreal

>> No.12668119

Yeaaahhhh eeee ahhhhh yeeeahhhhh it's a party in the USA!

>> No.12668286 [DELETED] 

tell me your opinion on what link is, since you have our best intentions at heart

>> No.12668366

I’m sure back in 15’-16’ eth holders were called delusional aswell. We’ll see what happens in 2-3 years LINK isn’t a sure thing, but out of all the projects that are attempting to solve this oracle problem they have the best chance.

>> No.12668395

link makes jibrel obsolete anyway and that's not even mentioning that they don't have a use case for their token

>> No.12668403

I’ll be there. I’ll try my best to stream if the venue has decent WiFi

>> No.12668452

Doing Kek’s work anon. Don’t even need a stream, just a quick rundown of what’s going on. Rumor is decentralized test net announcement

>> No.12668569

6300 to take profits starting at ten bucks. 10k staking for a few years raking in cash until $100, then sell half and keep the 5k. I will always keep 1k for the 1000 EOY principle

>> No.12668576

dont really have a plan ... i guess sell most of it @ 1k

>> No.12668589

We won’t see double digits until 2022.

>> No.12668592

>pic related
What the fuck is that abomination?

>> No.12668634

how much fren?

>> No.12668719

How much do you get by staking the 10k? Is it a monthly payout?

>> No.12668806

based and linke'd pille'd

>> No.12668884

The fact Holo has practically outperformed the market and chainlink is a testament to the strength of its promise (taking down blockchain and making the whole market useless kek).

>> No.12669017

Isn't it though? It seems so deluded to say it's a sure thing but the more i think about it the more i realize that it can't be more of a sure thing than it already is.. which prompts me to say its a sure thing. There is no fud. It solves every major smart contract adoption issue at once. Without it smart contracts fail. Psd2 laws are forcing banks to use api's. Why shouldn't i go all in?

>> No.12669055

nobody knows yet, but if you go by factors of 0.5-1% that would already be nice. payout is done when your job fetching data is completed and you get your staked tokens "back" plus the reward.

hats off to you fren. if the venue doesnt have proper wifi just record it and upload it later

>> No.12669067

Alright, fuckers.how do I buy this shit

>> No.12669084
File: 1.99 MB, 320x240, 1546902280504.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you made a post on here instead of typing buy chainlink into google

>> No.12669279

What about holo making blockchain irrelevant? What's the counterargument to that?

>> No.12669317

You are deluded beyond repair if you think a $10 trillion market cap is possible.

>> No.12669319
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Holochain will still need oracles to quiery data from the real world right. Chainlink is blockchain agnostic and plans to support all major chains. The way I see it holochain will still need honest data which chainlink can provide.

>> No.12669329

Anon.. you have lost your mind.

>> No.12669332


>> No.12669354

Dont buy.
Its a scam

>> No.12669374

u guys are delusional and cant do fkin simple math

link gonna get delisted in near future as nobody will buy that phukin dust

>> No.12669391

Chainlink makes holo obsolete.

>> No.12669638

I think your first mistake was investing in a crypto that was based outside of Western Europe or North America. Your second mistake was believing literally anything that came out of the mouths of the pajeets behind jibrel. How many software innovations can you name that were invented in the Middle East? How many can you name that were invented in the U.S.? Why would the world of crypto be any different?

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Just bought more linkies 10k now marines should I buy more?

>> No.12669749
File: 101 KB, 508x516, 1549381916714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy hell ... It's true. Haven't looked at it that way.

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File: 2.71 MB, 3024x4032, 1543888013434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Supply < demand.

>> No.12669803

but for a different reason
can't sell linkies if you never fell for the scam and didn't buy any

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*tink tink tink*

Attention KIKES

I will NEVER, ever sell my Linkies. LINK at 1.50? Didnt sell.
LINK at $1? Didnt sell.
LINK at 0.80? 0.70? 0.50?... 0.40? 0.30? 0.20?

Not selling.

IF you filthy kikes ever want to see these linkies again, you are going to have to pump the price to AT LEAST $2000 per LINK... At which point, AGAIN, you filthy kikes, I AM NOT SELLING

The richest man in Costco. Praise Sergey

>> No.12669851

a. Holochain is a useless meme
b. You're wrong, on holochain any company wishing to operate an API can register its own holochain nodes, unlike on ETH it wouldn't cost them money (besides infrastructure costs, so identical to running an API server) or another company could sell http requests to internet APIs. There's nothing trustless about holochain, so there is no need for chainlinks or oracles.

>> No.12669888

Within holo, there will be hApps that are indeed trustless. Those will use holo-ized chainlink

>> No.12669900

210k LINK here.
Selling it right now, faggots.

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one more word and I will use your holo-hole faggot

>> No.12669921

>Several anons have already searched the Akashic Records, the universe smiles positively upon Chainlink

Man, I would've loved to have been there for that fucking thread. I unironically believe in those sorts of things

>> No.12669924


>> No.12670112

Jibrel was an absolute total shitcoin. If you thought it wasn’t then you are on the lower end of the IQ spectrum. Link holders are either really low IQ or really high IQ.

>> No.12670116


Trustless nigga, do you speak it?

>> No.12670211

>tfw I remember that thread

>> No.12670285



what are you waiting for?

>> No.12670317

This makes a bit too much sense... Ohhhhhhh fuckkkk I'm not ready for that much money

>> No.12670332


>> No.12670348

/biz/ is really a delusional larper board lol, keep it up guys these threads are gold

Friendly reminder chain link is worth the same price it was a year ago xD

>> No.12670361
File: 1.90 MB, 500x831, 1543785662526.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t-this can't be a coincidence

>> No.12670363

50k here.

Probably sell at least half of that when we hit $100,000, then the rest when we reach around half a million or so per token so that I can finally quit my day job.

>> No.12670375
File: 437 KB, 1280x1200, 1541950174117.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based and billionairepilled.

>> No.12670382

jelly af

>> No.12670403

link to the best part of that presentation

>> No.12670420
File: 19 KB, 399x384, 1544028664297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off we're full
sort your own country out

>> No.12670421


>> No.12670671

Similar amount here, but do you really think it can hit $100k+?? I will be a billionaire. There's no way right???

>> No.12670687

thats peanuts in a world of infinite data that needs to be verified. uniornically there will be like 100m+ people running a node using 1 LINK as a stake and those will be considered whales, while people with 10+ LINK will be considered the new ELITEs of the NWO.

>> No.12670757

LINK 16,802,839,397£ 2025

>> No.12671222
File: 369 KB, 1080x360, 1530148265985.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Many anons have reported independently after tripping on DMT or LSD that they have travelled into the future and seen the price of link at $370, so your projections corroborate that also.

>> No.12671235

You need to think BIG anon

>> No.12671250

Keep dreaming

>> No.12671271

also see

The entire universe is pointing towards these prices

>> No.12671278
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>> No.12671331
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1541740610937s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anyone else read threads like these and then just feel comfy as fuck? its shitting rain outside, completely depressing scene and yet i have the biggest smile on my face and feel fucking great. now id probably pass it off as larp and bullshit, but knowing that a hive mind of extreme pure bred autists have been down the rabbit hole and tried to uncover just about everything about LINK has most of it figured out now we just wait.

>> No.12671428

No its cringe as fuck

>> No.12671444


>> No.12671571

yep. actually imagine and visualize in your head the first linky millionaire meetup, then the tenth when everyone is a multimillionaire, then the fiftieth...god, what is this reality

>> No.12671575


It's exciting but are we just a huge echo chamber?

That's what I worry about. I'm fed up getting up early to do a job that pays well but is crap. I want to stay in bed until 10am at least. I want a chalet for skiing in Europe and a beach house in Guarda do Embau. And a normal house in Ireland.

And a fucking enormous TV.

>> No.12671584
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>> No.12671595

patience dear anon. we will get there. just understand that it will be upon all of us once the network is live and in use to shill it to every corner of the internet.

>> No.12671625

>echo chamber
Fudng are not ehonchambers desu

>> No.12671632

We've got basically the same plan except I've got 150k (Had 175k but NKN fucked me...) and I hope to run my own node instead of linkpool.

I don't need to be super greedy, 3M or so is enough to live passively on for the rest of my life.

>> No.12671656

Normies don't even understand Bitcoin. How the fuck are they going to understand Link?

I still can't help but feel that I've already missed the boat by not being in Bitcoin early. Link might be a consolation prize that does enough, does a little, or goes mental and brings us all glory.

I just wish we had a time line. I guess it's looking like 2023 before there's any decent price level realistically, which, unfortunately, is miles away.

>> No.12671679

$10 would get me a house and a great start. $100 would set me free.

I don't actually have a cash out plan because I still don't believe yet, even though I've invested a lot of money.

>> No.12671698

>I don't actually have a cash out plan because I still don't believe yet, even though I've invested a lot of money.
another way of saying
>I am a huge brainlet

>> No.12671701

do you really believe that normies bought bitcoin at 15k+ because they understood it? they got greedy and saw something that made 1500%+ gains in a single fucking year. they'll get burned this time too but only on chainlink which will be way too overvalued for its current status (this doesnt mean that it wont be worth that much in the future) but itll take time for smartcontracts to start replacing things. sell at the top and rebuy lower a part of your stack and hold for the next cycle.

>> No.12671748

Ok those holo nodes scraping api data will all be centralized. Doesn't holochain utilize smart contracts that need valid data as inputs to make sure the right parties get paid out

>> No.12671873


>> No.12671890

I'm not sure whether to presuppose a BTC or ETH type of crash after a huge peak--LINK gives revenue by staking so it's reasonable to assume it will increase in value

>t. not an expert

>> No.12671923

yes it gives revenue how when its trading at 10, 20, 50, 100x the revenue it generates is how you know its overvalued. why you would spend $100 to make 10 cents/job? its not feasible. this is when the speculative bubble will be formed and popped, until the network use becomes higher. most companies will not be running smartcontracts immediately because theres still so many things to overcome like a UI thats simple enough to navigate, etc.

>> No.12671949


>> No.12671956

dreamer. $1500 is very feasible in near term though.

>> No.12672751

Oh I believe it'll increase in price alright. It's the extent to which I'm unsure of.

>> No.12672859

I'd be highly surprised if it $3 by may

>> No.12672881

Unironically this.

>> No.12672888

7600 LINKS. Will def sell at 200, Might consider selling 2000 at 100

>> No.12672936

>comparing stock value/mcaps to crypto value/mcaps

Anon, while similar, they are not the same.

>> No.12673094

but actually truly unironically this. your links will be more useful.

>> No.12673195

The guys who started it were educated in America and live in New York. Tapscott is an advisor. They are operating out of Dubai but they are also in NYC and Switzerland. I know people want to believe the scamel meme but these are basically young American guys with deep connections to Dubai and Jordan. It wasn't as cut and dry as biz makes it seem. Plus they cashed out all 30M of their ETH right after ico. Lots of greedy Murican projects are totally fucked because they selfishly kept their ico funds in ETH thinking they would make even more. At least these faggots have several years of funding to figure shit out.

>> No.12673453

I'm on acid right now & the link price is appearing as under 0.4c€ which is shit, let's be honest

>> No.12673514

Well im on acid right now too and i see chainlink getting delisted from every exchange in the year 2022

>> No.12673539

>10k stack

Sell 10 000@1mil/coin
Thats about 10 billions

>> No.12673624
File: 2.46 MB, 664x377, source.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Make sure to run your own node.

>> No.12674180

Bumping epic bread

>> No.12674443

buyng now is stupid?
I mean, just 40cts compared to what you all are talking is nothing

>> No.12674452

Ok I am convinced to pick up at least a 10K stack as suicide insurance. Are all of you fags literally all-in on link or is anyone hedging between this and HOT. I agree that the autism hivemind has had years to fud this project and should have produced something by now

>> No.12674477

I would DCA at least. If BTC is headed for 1.5K I doubt this will hold at 40c

>> No.12674556
File: 90 KB, 800x600, 8E83DB5E-F130-49C6-9C8D-BDEFCA0648B4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a below 100 IQ most likely. I own 100k link. The reason is simple. Blockchains can’t access real-world data and unless all of this was for nothing, oracles are going to be huge.

>> No.12674758

That's my thinking as well. Hence my fud being focused on some other project doing what Link does better than Link.

>> No.12674770

Invacio is a better coin in my opinion they at least have a working product out

>> No.12674794

I have been buying and hoarding Link for longer then a year and have only bought a small stack of hot because it’s tech seemed cool for a niche community.

As it stands, the only technology I like in this market is ETH, LINK, HOLO, and Bitcoin SV. Take this for what’s its worth but I hope it helps.