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pajeets probably tortured him to death trying to extract the password.

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more like the guy faked his death and ran away with the money

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A court can make the block chain release funds

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maybe the guy faked his money and ran away with the death

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When all else fails, they can just print more money. Since there's no way to retrieve the $190 million anyway, there won't be inflation.

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the ultimate HODL

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Can the court raise the dead?

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i always refer to this as crypto jesusing. he died for our gains.

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fucking kek

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good job posting 3 day old news fucking boomer

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lmao I love seeing crypto fags get JUSTed.

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Except it literally is proof that it's 100% secure brainlet. And now everyone knows it. Too bad you already sold the dip.

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>100% secure from everyone including yourself once it is stolen

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look at this idiot who doesn't understand what happened. these people kept their money on a centralized exchange. nothing was stolen you inbred boomer

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it IS decentralized, retard. thats why they cant access his shit lol it's locked up too tight. his private keys are in his dead brain

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sorry but that only works with FIAT

>> No.12656574

Software is mutable. There's no reason why they can't update the software to handle this scenario.

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There are already people claiming that addresses purported to be associated with QuadrigaCX have been moving funds after this debacle. Possible exit scam.

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you are legit braindead lmao dont breed

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Future of currency

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Fucking new fag brain lets. Who let all the retards in

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>his private keys are in his dead brain
then the government needs to cryopreserve his brain until technology enables us to retrieve the key from it and give the funds back to the investors

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Nice non-argument.

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The owner supposedly died in india, which means he got a fake death certificate in india and took all the money

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weird exit scam but ok

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Now that’s an idea!

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btfo canadians libtards, nothing for you fags

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> Because that's gonna happen at Fidelity or Goldman Sachs or Bank of America who all are either releasing or preparing custody platforms

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no, he's right. you are a moron with such little understanding of cryptocurrency that it would be excruciating to try and explain to you how retarded your idea of "updating the software" is. please kill yourself

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Back to Plebbit shoo shoo

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Just a (((coincidence)))

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Are you being retarded on purpose?

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Is opening a crypto exchange the easiest money in tech right now?

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this is great for people who didn't use his exchange or had a brain and didn't leave their coins in the exchange
now the supply is lower

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this. WHy not just get a Ledger Nano

>> No.12659417

it is mutable
it's also called a fork

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well yeah, EVERYONE will just have to agree to release the funds lost in this instance
there have been literally millions of bitcoins lost before in broken hard drives, hardware wallets with dead owners, house fires etc.
there has never been a single fork to rewind lost funds

what makes you think everyone will agree to make an exception? everyone who is in crypto knows that you're responsible to risk manage keeping them safe. this is not FIAT.
if they didn't hardfork the mt.gox hack, why on earth would they hardfork this which is 0.1% the order of magnitude and the lost funds aren't even going to criminals

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also Bomber literally wanted this with nano, that lost like 10% of the total supply in the bitgrail hack and made it lose like 97% of its value
the devs still didn't put up with it
ppl in crypto rather let the ship go down than bailout people making risky/stupid decisions
government bailouts was literally the reason that started bitcoin

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This, crypto gains are not for the libs.

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He died of Chron's disease...in India. He literally shit himself to death in the land of street shitters.

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I'm personally looking forward to Disney's Coco sequel.

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What's up with canadian and Crohn?
Fucking half of them seem to have either a IBD or IBS.
Lack of testosterone?

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I don't get why he would go to a country with the most intestine destroying food on earth with a disease like that. Asking for trouble

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Eating bad food, fast food, get inflamed gastrointestinal system. Modern diet no good read Unabomber manifesto

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He obviously faked it. Now can you guys with collective autism spot his location

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This is actually good for the rest of us. All these coins will be as if they were burnt, as they can no longer be accessed.

>kill all the exchange bosses

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