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>ETH constantinople fork gets pushed back yet again
>By summertime ETH forks into Ethereum 1.0 PoW and Ethereum 2.0 PoS
>By 2020 both forks have been surpassed in market cap by EOS
>2021 Dan Larimer fucks Vitalik's GF
So what are you planning to do with your EOS gains anon?

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Trade them back for ETH, sounds like it has a bright future ahead for itself!

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Vitalik is gay tho...

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is he really? that would explain the MLP shit

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>Dan Larimer
You mean *by summertime Dan Larimer has a new project.*

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>unironically falling for a scamcoin

Thanks for the money bro!

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what does this mean for LINK?

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Not everyone wants easy gains I guess

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EOS smart contracts can still rely on LINK for decentralized consensus on real world events. That is unless Larimer solves the oracle problem by himself somehow

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