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How many of you..

>depend on LINK
>depend on ETH
>depend on BTC

To save your life?

I previously was all in on ETH, got fucked badly. I have zero faith in LINK, but hold 10k for suicide insurance and /biz/ membership.

This year im going full throttle into BTC, and hope it can save me by 2022.

Also, if you truly rely on crypro to save your life, well, we are fucked as hell.

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my life 100% depends on link, am i beyond all in

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>10k for suicide insurance
Nigger my life depends on 1.5k LINK

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ya if this doesn't moon by 2022 i will probably just kill my self.

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Send some link my way nigger.
You only need 5k for suicide insurance
Mods are asleep.

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In the future only 1 LINK will be enough.

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dude all i have is:
0.22 btc
1 eth
3 ltc
1032 link
and 2 oz of silver

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Dropped out of uni for crypto. Maxed out all credit cards and took out a loan in march 2017 for various coins, now learning solidity. Still up 3x, haven't quit my day job [which is pure shit]

I really, really hope i make it.

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1032 here, we will make it bro

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Mafs is not your strongest point

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I once lost 10k link in a bad trade

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Why can't you anons that have small link stacks just get any job and DCA into link?

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This unironically desu

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Link better make it or I'll be ordering up 10 grams of fentanyl and a syringe.

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This thread is very pathetic.

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how do you get a job when youre a neet?

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I started wagecucking today on the side. Will make about 1k a month. That's only 2.5k stinkers

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if Btc doesnt go to 100k by the next halvening, I’m unironically doing it.

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100%. Failure is not an option

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By applying to any minimum wage job

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Doing what?