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Being an INTJ is pure hell on earth. I never asked for this.

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INTJ here. Married to an ENTF. Hell would be an ice cream social compared to what I’ve been through.

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>not being INTP masterrace chad

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I'm an INFJ cuck. I'm too sentimental despite wishing to be a rational cold blood lizard. I help people by giving advice but I honestly don't like people at all. Sometimes I wonder if these personality traits are a meme

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Keep interacting with people. Learn their behaviors. You'll either like them or hate them more. Either way, you'll turn into enfj master race.

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FTNH here, looking for GNJK

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INTP here. I'm pretty sure we're all borderline autists, or at best socially awkward chameleons more at home in our heads than in social situations. Are you sure you're INTP?

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INTPs of r9k, are you overweight or hedonistic by any measure? looking into the behavioral biology of the types

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legit thought i was in r9k durrr

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INTP T "logician" here. Pretty ussless when you live in a third world shithole where nobody gives a shit about logic.

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you plebbit faggots need to go back and take your bullshit (((psychology))) with you

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What's wrong with being an INTJ? I enjoy being an INTJ.

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Myers-Briggs is just meme, anyway.

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Typical intp, highly introverted does not seek attention or validation from others, prefer solitude, hedonistic and lvery azy, does not like to follow trends, extremely smart and creative most artists are either intp or intj

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ISTP masterrace here.

INT cucks can't compete.

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>blaming your personal failure on your personality type

There are tons of successful INTJs out there. The only way out of your hell hole is to be so successful they can't ignore you.

If you are a low IQ INTJ, then you are fucked.

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This, fuck i hate redditors. Most retarded brainllet horde of internet users in existence atm. Useful idiots being misguided by the feedback loop that these sites have become. Worthless Parrots

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I’m an Aquarius born in the year of the dog and it’s no picnic, I tell you

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I am an INFP.
Would never want to be an NPC thinker. The reason we are alive is to experience emotions and the wide range of emotions that exist. I am so happy I was not born into a mere calculator, I am actually a human being.

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It is usually people who actually read reddit that compare something to reddit, otherwise you would not know

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have you cried today, OP?

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Also, I feel like it is a link thread under cover, but nobody got the joke

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I agree that it does a poor job of typing non-committal faggots who spend their lives riding a 5% deviation from the midpoint of each given trait. This faggotry represents the bulk of humanity and so the Myers-Briggs is bunk.

If you type strongly, though, you'll likely find the writing on your personality type deeply unsettling. Sadly, being so strongly rooted, you will be unable to change.

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>tfw ISTJ master race like warren buffet but poor af

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Wrong to think about your brain. Your brain is a calculator that factor in many different variables.

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INFP here

/lit/ and christian, you plebs won't EVER change my beliefs

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INFP reporting in - It sometimes sucks being us though. Impossible to switch off, understanding emotions and motivations can make a lot of shit frustrating and hollow. We explore and internalise emotions and thoughts on such a deep level all the time. Gets fucking exhausting.

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No it isn't, being dumb and poor is.

Money + intj + high iq and creativity + red pills = happiness and many other things

Really enjoying life

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Stop shilling your fucking shitcoins and buy LINK

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seems like 70% of people here are INTJs and INTPs been here for a while sometimes there kind of threads pop up and seems like majority are those 2.

INTP btw

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same setup here without money
thats why Im here lol

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The others will never understand our pain

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All you INTJs here are suffering because you're not making something, or even doing something you deem is profound. We're supposed to be the persistent sons of bitches, the 20 in the Pareto Distribution. What the fuck have you been doing? Holy shit.

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Hmm I feel exposed. Working from home as done terrible damage to my social blending. Intp

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Try being ISTP fren

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You're not wrong, Moe

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Once you have capital, you can start doing art projects, hobbies, businesses, build shit, etc. whatever your creative side wants. No more wasting time sitting on your ass or slaving away, finally can put your high iq and creativity to use. Also financial security, more peace of mind, less worries, more energy devoted to creating.

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>itt: retards who think they're intelligent enough to not fall for the astrology meme falling for the astrology meme

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fucking based

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oh wow a dumb normalfag with mild introversion how will INTs ever compete

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This is me. Just embrace it brother.

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Lucky for you, Meyers Briggs is on the same level of reliability as astrology. Your little 4 letter code doesn't mean anything.

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you guys know that myers-briggs is a meme right?

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INTJ here, the loneliness sucks but constantly feeling superior to everyone else is pretty based

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People that believe in Myers-Briggs are npcs

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You just need a goofy INTP sidekick backing you up and the lonliness will subside.

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INTJ just staying wavy and plotting world domination

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INTJ here, nut the fuck up, pussy.

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You're just a sperg

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Theres people in the world who have it worse than you do. Count your blessings.

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he said that INTP is the Chad masterrace! DON'T RUIN IT!!!

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Being an INTJ is a blessing and a curse. Also, more and more, I realize the hard work is not worth it. Everything around me goes against my linear and extremely precise thought processes. I want to clock out of societal madness so I stay at home and do what makes me happy.

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I may as well have typed this myself. I feel exactly the same.

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INFP here as well. Always tested within 1-5 percentage points for ENTJ.

Only time it changed was when I became a ENTJ during my first relationship.

Been years since I tested. Ought to do it again.

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What do you do for work? I work in a car dealership and have to pretend I’m an extrovert. No degree because I saw college was a scam, only have an associates. Problem with us is we excel at “anything we put our minds to”. But I hate my current work and just want to be happy.

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Come on. All intp's know they are light-years from even being close to Chad tier.

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>linear thought
please anon educate yourself a little more before defining your life based on a personality designated for you...
also, sice you care so much about tests ( they can be useful ok) you seen to have a low locus score...
find ways to improve yourself instead of blaming society
and Im sorry but don't waste time responding won't be watching this thread
have strength in your heart, be open to others even if they let you down, don't be resentful, look outside the fucking window and away from the fkng phone, live your life and love yourself
I love you anon
this is /biz
not your personal blog

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>Thinking your corporate star-sign is why you can't make your way in the world.
>my desire to be a shut-in is not a choice
whatever makes you feel competent in a silly world, when the opposite is true.

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