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You are now aware that Litecoin makes up 30% of all Dark Web transactions and that number is increasing every day.

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Interesting, I was not aware of this. I'll contact the council, I'm sure Satoshi will know what to do. Haha, I wonder how many whale heads will roll. How could they be so greedy as to dare to defy bitcoin dominance? Yeah, someone needs to die.

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Bullshit. On which markets?

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It's from a study they didn't mention specific markets. I think they just mean overall.

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op is referring to an old ass article from last year https://bitcoinist.com/litecoin-dark-webs-favorite-altcoin/

my guess is that there's less forensic accounting on that blockchain. before you know it, they'll be buying and selling drugs with FUN

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More like who wrote the article was heavily invested in LTC

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I wish government would ban more drugs. seems like the best way to pump our bags here

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It's still true though.

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thanks OP just bought 100k.

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Yes, there's less surveillance over Litecoin than Monero and Bitcoin.

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I would be less surprised if you would say Monero or maybe Zcash but not that degen fork . Why do people even buy forks ?

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Why fun?

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not 1 decent market uses litecoin, what you talking about you fucked up banana

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I just realized that's a banana

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I remember my first time opening my eyeballs.

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OMG, that's hot.

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"and look how many sources i have"

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Here's the fucking report you naysayers. Read it.


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"Bitcoin remains the gold standard in the dark web, with all vendors
accepting it as a payment, and Litecoin emerged as the second most popular currency, with
30 percent of all vendors who implemented alternative payment methods willing to accept
it. Dash is closely trailing Litecoin with 20 percent of the market. Unexpectedly, Bitcoin Cash
was the third most common cryptocurrency with 13 percent of vendors trusting it as a
payment method."

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Why are you replying to me

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I saw it was a banana straight away

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Im honestly surprised more people arent using zcash or monero for shady shit.
Litecoin really? Is it just because ease of use of the wallet interface? Im really intrigued now

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Transaction speed

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The vendors I know stopped using zcash, most use btc some monero and some btc cash.

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come on, you can't be this retarded. have you even read that shit? if so, what the fuck is that reading comprehension. try again, very carefully this time: "Litecoin emerged as the second most popular currency, with
30 percent of all vendors who implemented alternative payment methods willing to accept

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>The vendors I know stopped using zcash

they did a very antisemitic thing

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Litecone is so much faster. I wonder how good the CTs are going to be.

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>Dark Web transactions
>invests in litecoun instead of monero
>thinks he will make it

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>lite coon

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litecoin is the best crypto, it's the only one I've used for payments on many occasions

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dash is much better.

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how secure is litecoin though?

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Where? I can only see a fucking ugly duck.

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Thanks faggot that was all going on under the radar now (((they))) are gonna start sniffing

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