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Any Ideas?

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Market it out - like posting links to Facebook so your friends can spread it.

I mean. They will eventually once they find it - and they will. But it’ll be an inside gag thing.

To answer you seriously. Everything is rigged. Nepotism gets you in - and anyone else is destined to hit a wall - unless by a 1% chance they hit the right time at the right place and it gains traction. Porn is controlled and made in certain ways to change people. I’m not saying I’m immune - but I have been trying harder to cut back - first it was a day - now it can be weeks to a month. But it runs deep.

If you want to make money - get a job. Unless you’d be willing to work as actors in a shitty starting set that a manager pulls you to the side while asking you to “sit this one out” as your partner smirks to her new partner.

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How much does the average pornhub video make? I've been thinking of making some softcore and fetish video's to upload there. Can I make a channel devoted to a specific fetish and hope to gain an audience similar to Youtubers?

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You can promote them here. /biz/tards love some spam.

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