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Lol this coin is so shit.
No code released, no partners announced at the AMA, website full of spelling errors.
Another biz pnd.

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>no code released
>no partners announced at the AMA
they never said they would. what did they announce however is that a big partner is coming next week so you better get in now.
>website full of spelling errors
i don't see any, show them please

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>spelling errors
the fud attempts are really getting desperate

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How many ownies you got bro?

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12.9k OWNlet

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Nice! I had 11k but sold 3k when it ran up to 18 cents, don't think I'll get back in sub 15 cents again but I'm happy to secure a bit of profit

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That would've been worth 150-300k one day anon. Shame on you

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1120, I'm an ownlet

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will i make it with 30k

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I hope so. That’s what I have as well.

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Fuck you faggots
I have 3.7k and I was happy with it until you queers showed up.

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I picked up 15k at about 10 cents, I am cowwmfy

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easy. i will make it with 17k

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I went all in with my crypto money. Got in with an avg of like $0.11

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I have sub 1k....was hoping would stay more at lower prices so I can scrape some money to buy.

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i feel the same way when people post their 100k+ stacks

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me too
i want it to dump, i need more tiiimeeeeeee

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You're a retard. Just buy now.

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I have sub 1k as well, thinking of getting more. I want around 1.5k total. Chances are it will go down to 0.17 in 12 hours. At night it's seems to always go lower, while it gradually goes up during this time of day. Definitely won't go any lower than that though.

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dont want to buy the "top"

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It's not that I would not buy it right now because of the price, it will go higher anyway, I simply don't have any money to do it.

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how high will it go you think in the next two weeks?

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We’ll see after their supposed partnership announcements next week

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If the US partner is huge, my guess is at least 0.40. If it's a literal who, then like 0.25.

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thanks frens
maybe i will buy more at the beginning of the week

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It started to get attention so I expect something like 0.25 in 2 weeks.

On a different note, I think the project has a lot of potential compared to other shit coins that you see everyday, and you could get some nice money out of it.
My plan is to buy a bunch every time I can spare some money, for like 6-8 months and then stay comfy for 1-2 years and wait to grow.

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sounds good
i hope youre right and we gonna make it someday
chx is the first really promising project i saw lately

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Can't find this on any of my exchanges frens?

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>I think the project has a lot of potential compared to other shit coins that you see everyday, and you could get some nice money out of it.
I think so as well. 99% of crypto projects seem to appeal to other crypto enthusiasts or too esoteric and niche, but this one has actual applications to regular businesses.

I think they'll easily reach $1 per share within a few months, if they keep us constantly updated and don't fumble anything. But if this takes off and they have serious partners, I could see this project being near $10-$40 a share down the line.


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IDEX is your best choice fren.


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anybody here buy on Hotbit??
Seems like a scummy exchange.

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Don't us Hotbit, it's just wash/fake trading. IDEX Is the way to go.

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i bought it there
no problems

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It just keeps going up...

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I guess you were lucky, I never tried it. Everyone was voting against it, so I just stay away.

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>seems like a scummy exchange.
You you are correct. Never use anything besides Idex, Binance, and sometimes Bittrex.

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alright i will make my next buy on idex
can i just send my tokens to my trust wallet?

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You don't have a hardware wallet? That's the only way I interact with Idex. Experiment with small amounts first out of your dodgy wallet!

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nope..yeah i will try it out

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hardware wallet isn't necessary.. I've bought well into five figures worth of idex shitcoins using only metamask

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whale here. got in btc and eth early. chx has potential to be a trillion dollar crypto. i'm holding all the way. through all the baseless fud, the pumps and the dips. it's sitting in my meta mask wallet and im not looking at the price. you gotta do it this way to ride the 100,000x all the way.

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I got in btc at $5 but blew it and still havent made it. how many chx u got?

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Good to hear, at 1T MC each CHX would be worth 10k. Let that sink in people

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nice I can't wait for my 300 million

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1t is retarded, 1b isn't

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Market size (including all real estate, private equity, and tokenizable debt) over 500T. Say what you want but facts are facts

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XRP level partnerships, actually some are bigger.

so 12-78 billion.

Their old company is worth 10 billion.


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it feels better than having sex

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this is just the beginning

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My balls haven't tingled this much since late 2017

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Their github is fucked and a few months ago the volume was under 1k wtf are you on about ? You're being scammed

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Probably a good time to sell a bit. Spergs are wanking over it

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it's okay brother, you lost your chance to 20X your money while you kept telling yourself "it's a scam" but if i were you id shut the fuck up right now because you have been proven wrong so many times... maybe ask yourself "what if its not a scam and im so dumb and fucked up for keep deceiving myself?"

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Legit question. How is this going to beat 0x at asset tokenization? They are literally backed by some pretty big players.

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Sounds about right. I'm going to wait until the partnership reveal though because I am up enough that I doubt it would dump fast enough to keep me out of profit or break even.

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you better fucking FOMO buy now.

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a lot of people said that 3 days ago when it jumped 40%... guess what since then it jumped another 30%... and this is still before any actual news lol multiple partnerships over the next few weeks, stos getting launched on their platform, mainnet and masternodes removing a lot of coins from the circulation supply, and exchanges listing ...

you do you, sell your tokens a lot of us are still accumulating this ;)

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>bosnian shitcoin
>only on chink exchanges
>no volume
>countless shill threads
>lofty aspiriations with 0 ability to deliver

gonna be a no from me dog
sorry not falling for it this time

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they didnt say anything about exchanges

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stay poor lacker, we owners riding to the moon

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mate, every exchange will list chx

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I can't believe im helping biz fags. Look at this, they just increased the number of assets the tokenised

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oh no surprised.. that they didn't talk about exchanges? what legitimate professional team does that?

bro this is what makes 1% of different than the rest, we THINK. you think CHX is not going to be listed on top 5 exchanges over the next few months?

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I see no one can answer my question. Thanks anons, that's the signal I needed!

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stay poor

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They are already onboarding companies and generating revenue on their working platform.

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I didnt say that
I said there was no such info in the AMA so its all just speculation

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>496 boomers
this is it lads, we're gonna make it. shame about the poojeets though

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Out of 357 companies, roughly 25 of them stationed in the USA, I'm pretty sure there is at least one that we're familiar with. Especially considering they're not dealing with crypto companies and most likely didn't bother flying over to reach out to random no-names.

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It increased by over 100m assets when company count increased by 1. The partnership is going to be huge. chx will lead the next bull

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It did? FUUUUCK. They mentioned in October that the dashboard data is dynamically pulled. We gonna make it.

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its currently 4pm at the west coast maybe they completed a deal today

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I am really really sorry for all those anons reading and not jumping on to the water.
Will screencap this for the future of I told you so s. Guess not everyone is made to make it.

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you saw a country suddenly lighting up when it happened? only thing i'm afraid of it's that it's india since it's deep red right now.

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Why would you care which country the company is in. Any company would legitimise chx and others would follow

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a us or europe company will be much more bullish than some shitting street designating company

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pretty sure the Ama mentioned American company.

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yall are gonna kick yourselves once it inevitably flops

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imagine not holding any CHX

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I'm pretty sure they'd feel worse by not investing, because if it doesn't flop, it's a hit. It's not going to stay at $1 share and then rise up to $2 over the course of a year. It will take off. Much more likely than a project about decentralized internet hosting, another monopoly money, or "pay with ETH in videogames to buy DLC" bullshit.

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You sound like a link holder. kek

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Shill me on this. Why this coin and not another?

>> No.12626252

don't fall for the fancy words and empty promises

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Why all the commotion on this board about OWN suddenly?

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Also, based numbers
please check

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Sucks being poor, only could pick up 1100.

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there have been daily chx threads on biz for the last 3 months

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Because other projects are either too difficult to understand for regular people, too niche, or only appeals to pirates and the paranoid. As for why this coin and not another, well, give me an example and I'll look at that project's website and give my fud pitch on it.

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hold until 90 billion marketcap

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It's looking more and more like linktards gave up trying to make their ICO money back after link turned out to be a turd, as expected. Now, they are hoping to use chx for that purpose, hence chx threads awfully resemble link threads. Use your heads anons, this is just a pump and dump scheme coordinated by the discord stinky tards.

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No one has heard about your stupid pump and dump coin

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tokenizing assets is the best use case for crypto.. and it's a 250+ trillion dollar industry.

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imagine holding link

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What coins do you hold, if any?
They do look like LINK threads...

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it is still under the radar. the smart money is accumulating it now.

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>OwO my balls!

>> No.12626328

why don't you use your head and actually research into CHX instead of calling it a scam because its being shilled on biz.

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>What coins do you hold, if any?
CHX. I had zero interest in investing in crypto until this project*. I looked at other projects afterwards, dozens of them, neither of them appealed to me enough to get more ETH.

I also nearly bought BTC, was on the check out page ready to hit submit, when it cost less than a penny per share. But I listened to forum members and decided against it, believing the FUD. Not again.

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its part of the pump, and then a dump. this happens monthly idk why people keep falling for it.


and i could fuck a unicorn but its not gonna happen. dont' fall for them anon

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Think of CHX this way: What would be easier to write an article about in New York Times or talk about on CNN? Own or Chainlink?

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meaningless. its a script

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>Penny per share

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I obviously wasn't going to mine it on my computer. Someone was selling bitcoins via a website.

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>its part of the pump, and then a dump. this happens monthly idk why people keep falling for it.
Newfags only last a month before getting liquidated. It's the 30 30 30 rule:
30 year old boomers spend 30 minutes researching and get liquidated 30 days after discovering biz

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"RialtoTrade AG will utilize a blockchain based digital share register provided by Liechtenstein based company Own AG (http://www.weown.com ), which will enable us to tokenize its shares in the future."

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Fudders BTFO!!

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youre talking to yourself you dumbass

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have you done any research into CHX?

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yeah, ive been involved since october and staying up to date

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i hope you bought at 1 cent

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did you sell already is that why you are trying to fud?

>> No.12626862

nah im just bored and watching true detective

>> No.12626868

are trying to accumulate

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ETH will do STOs better. This is a shitty PnD.

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>ETH will do STOs better. This is a shitty PnD.

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Please tell me you aren't this retarded

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13k gigachad reporting in for duty

>> No.12627610

If you are a gigachad what does my 100k make me?

>> No.12627700

it's not how many chx you hold now, it's how many chx you hold when it hits 1 trillion marketcap

i'm holding all the way

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fuck. im jealous.


this is right, it's about how strong your hands are.

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Yup. I know that yDu5Ei4O will not make it even if he has 9x more chx than me.

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I'm not selling til I'm a multi millionaire bud. Happy holding

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Reported to SEC and FINRA