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is that people actually answer back defending chainIink. do you realize its just a fellow link holder making that fud thread? Half the board is in Iink, we dont need another explaination nor reddit newfags knowing about it. we fucking know the fuds not true, just shut up and play along and accumulate jesus christ how hard is it to make more money? the amazing part is the how all of this gets orchestrated thru anons on a forum. its like all together we are one brain ,AI.

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>how all of this gets orchestrated thru anons on a forum

You mean discord

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The worst part of the Fud is that now that we have real competition stepping into the Oracle ring, we are pissing on our own investment. Doing possible real damage to a project that we believe in. All because of muh REDDIT? please understand we are past the Fud phase and should be shitting on DOS and Witnet and not OUR OWN FUCKING INVESTMENT.

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lmao this is exactly what i mean on my post

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It's weird. in the beginning I was fudding Link to accumulate more. which I did ultimately when it was around 13 cent. I amassed 270K Link. I definately think I have enough to make it. the problem though is that I can't stop fudding my own investment where I am literally all-in with my life savings. I designed some of the most hated and posted memes regarding Chainlink. again... I am all-in with my live savings and I have no intention whatsoeva to shill this project. instead I went to insane lengths to meme fud whenever I can. sometimes I sit a whole day in front of the screen and I FUD FUD FUD FUD. I don't something is wrong with me. but since I have invested in Chainlink I feel verydifferent. my behavior makes absolutely no sense... yet I am 100% sure I have to FUD my own investment.

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>actually feeling threatened by either of those projects

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The discord is mostly psyops. Massive whales convincing krill to take out loans and buy into their sell orders. Biz is a shithole but at least anons know it is.

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This. I wouldn't trust running an oracle with fuckwits or veritrash

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dude yu don't make sense, you're saying :
>don't stress we know its fellow linkies that FUD
>let us FUD so we can accumulate more
like, you're saying dont fall for the FUD because its linkies who are fudding, but in the same sentence you are saying that the FUD works and linkies are selling, and they also fell for the FUD...are you some kind f retard or something? if link price dumps it's sollely because linkies themselves sell...

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dude i think most people will be mad at you only becuase they dont know enough about link. i post that "as thomas described in one of his first youtube videos" pasta i wrote. all these fags need to understand that link will never be affected by any of this at all, if you dont know why then you dont know what target link is aiming for. fud on man idc

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"Overconfidence is a slow but insidious killer"

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only dumb fucks and newfags are fudding. When every single fucking time Link is mentioned anywhere outside biz, the faggots jump on and start shitting on the project. You never know if that one developer/company that would use the network and cause a snowball effect to pass over it. There's absolutely no guarantee, ZERO GUARANTEE, that the project will be successful. You fud thinking about getting cheaper coins but you fail to realize the impact you have on potential end users. You've relegated the team to relying on 1970s type marketing, all they can do is hope to promote the project by word of mouth and hope that a big player will jump on board and start the snowball effect. You've neutered them by taking away the biggest means of promotion, the internet. Link is new and obscure tech, it needs to flourish not be labeled a scam and untouchable to the professional world. If there is even a 1% chance that the fud kills Link and you are doing it, you are fucking retarded.

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Im talking about newfags

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you dont know how business works sorry bud

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based and linkpilled

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90% of this board holds LINK

you'll notice that when price drops, FUD to shill ratio increases. This is because more people are selling and urging others to sell so they can buy back cheaper. The converse is true when the price is going up. But very few people are unironically FUDing LINK

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>Half the board is in Iink

nice fud

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Yeah all the big guys tell everyone their investments are nazis and scammers. There are people coming here and reading this shit day in and day out. If it has any chance of tanking Link it's fucking lunacy to continue. Attack a competitor, oh but the real business guys never do that.

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lmao dude youre deticated. what if when link hits $1000 in one day you find yourself unable to not fud link even if its $1000 a link.

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Look I’ll be honest and admit I've been fudding Link in different threads with pasta. You actually might not know this but I’m a bitter Link bagholder and started doubting its potential a long time ago. There’s just no way this is going to 1000 or really anywhere. All the price has done is dropped, dropped, dropped. Nobody is testing on Ropsten and there’s practically no awareness of this project. There’s not any technical people interested in Link. I FUD it as a way to cope with losing so much money from Link. Link has taken so much from me, don’t take my pasta FUD too. Please fellow Link Marine sympathize with me. Link is going to be the end of me.

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Based, you had a year to accumulate fuck off with the fud and get behind the project and team.

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year 2022
link mooned past 1000$ long time ago.Original link stack anons are now legends.I wish i was here in 2017 they say what is the new link ?
new biz sucks... they will scream.

tfw we are gonna be the legends of the biz history.
tfw people arent gonna believe some anons had 100K+ link stacks
tfw in death bed you will not think about your money or your children but the lore of the link story , how you were the part of it , breadcrumbs and memes that made you feel alive.

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It would be a fucking miracle to make it and retell the ridiculous story, many of us share, of my journey in crypto over the last year and half. Surreal and I can't really imagine it honestly.

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In regards to actual project that chainlink aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a basic json parser for smart contracts, would take like a day to add to ethereum by itself.. literally making links whole concept pointless and definitely no need for a token. Would take a lot longer to get it working with bitcoin but the bitcoin core devs would be able to work out the solution a lot quicker than chainlink will, think that's something worth noting that literally nothing is completed and you're literally just buying a whitepaper, they have only 2 developers and they don't communicate at all

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Guys ive got some stinkes aswell, and ive been here lurking for a long time, i think youre on to something. The problem I see is why would the banks and the goverments let us use our own decentrelised cryptocurrency, with no real use? You cant buy a car with crypto, you cant get a paycheck with crypto, there is a couple of thousand cryptos out there that are truly usless. Dogecoin - What the fuck? What im trying to say, the few cryptos that will be in use in couple of years, if not 10 or even 20 years from now, probably were not even born. All of us are in here for the money, no one is in here for the tech, we invest because we hope that our wildest dreams will come true if we find that onecoin that will actually make it.

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Forgot to add, I truly believe that chainlink is the first coin that might be one of those actually usefull coins that will increase in price over then next years, because of the tech, and not because people will think that it might be 1000EOY. I have some powerfull friends, and they share my opinion. So the FUD on this board doesnt really matter, since chainlink hasnt even been discoverd by the general public, let alone the CEO-s that might even consider using their protocol. They wont be checking reddit comments, or 4chan FUD if it might be usefull or not, most of them havent even heard of /biz/. Accumulate while you can, I think you dont have a lot of time, to do so...

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like sergey says it gunna come down to companies who use the service and offer a better price because they can offer a lower price for competition who will survive and the company doing it the old way will not be able to compete.

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Yes play along and accumulate guys you are not wasting your money link is going to 0 i mean 10

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Yes in a way. This is how it will slowly revolutionize the industry. And I think this is only the penguin on the tip of the iceberg. There is so much you cant even imagine yet. Chainlink wont be alone in this, thats for sure, but will be of great help. Just hold your stack.

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What a fucking bottom feeding retard seriously fgt kys eventually your threads and lies wont make the slighest difference when it will be discontinued

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