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what did Sergey announce at the workshop????

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Partnership with literarely everyone and everything

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1 Link = 1 Big Mac

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pee pee poo poo

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Mainnet you idiot

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thats no moon.

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He just got on stage and ate a Big Mac™ in two bites. The crowd went wild

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He announced mainnet
I was there, he said mid february

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People seem to be missing the shift in volume from btc to stable coin. Add up the volume of usdt,tusd,usdc,pax and ratio it with the btc pair. Its steadily shifting towards fiat.

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I'm a brainlet...what does this mean? BTC whales are accumulating link?

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It means big fiat volume coming

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Witnet is buying chainlink. Merger and acquisitions

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Coming into link?

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dude look at twitter

Following Following @Kaleido_io
Watch @SophiaLopez, Founder of @Kaleido_io, talk #enterprise success stories at Davos 2019. Get into production with the Blockchain Business Cloud, it’s free to try at: ...
#Davos2019 #blockchain"

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Confido and Joost are buying out chainlink

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Google DAVOS

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...ehh, I don't follow, what does this have to do with link.

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McDonalds will be using chainlink to track burger meat shipments on the block chain.

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I know you're just messing with me; however, chainlink will enable this functionality.

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search requests in switzerland for chainlink and smartcontracts went up during WEF. the theory is that its being talked about by guberment bigwigs.

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He announced his weeding date with Perianne Boring. 7th July of 2019. You wouldn't believe the energy in the room. I'm happy for him.

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HAHAHAHAH Swingies told you to sell yesterday at <11k sats. "It'll drop to 8k" they said. HAHAHAHAHA Swingies all REKT

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I see, thank you for the response.

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Why doesn't it moon more? That's the only thing I'm wondering.

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So many Newfags won't get this joke

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The best strategy is to DCA and hold till at least Q4 of 2020.

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It's a trap

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Motherfucker delete this right now

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yesterday was the time to buy you dumb nigger

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Tell that to the Swingies that sold 4m LINK at <11k sats in 1 hour yesterday.

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>but but that turk told us to sell!

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53K follower.... we going mainstream now....

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swingies sold the 14k neckline fren, only brainlets sold yesterday

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You mean binance selling some of their own link?

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The boys are done chasing the holo pump. We were always still on for the singularity. We have six months to accumulate. It isn’t too late. Don’t be fooled. Kek and his messenger Sergey, sent to earth and made into flesh, bulky squishy, warm, folded flesh, to make right the wrongs of our past, make us powerful and ultimately both use us as vessels for His will and reward us for awakening him from his ancient slumber

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4 realz?
Damn, Id want to bone Boring so hard

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it means that the usdt pair makes it far easier to swing trade.
i only started swinging last week b/c of it. i can trde positions in seconds and just keep taking profit all day long.

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She's so fuckin hot

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We’ve all been in an abusive relationship for 15 months now. And we can’t leave. They just hurt us, and hurt us, and we don’t know anything else.

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the dominant pair with the most volume determines the price. they're currently decoupling from btc. when all the volume is in stable coin pairs then link/btc will stop being the market maker. at that point link will stop following btc.

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>InB4 October 2017

Damn you Confido. Still salty about the 10 ETH i lost to ICO.
Why the fuck didnt i dump it when it was mooning?