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who else sold this funny COIN at 15k then bought the bottom just to dump it again later this week?

why are linktards so mad? why do they hate money?

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Literally nobody

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but why? it was the easiest move ever and you got around +50% linkies

you are no marines, you are a bunch of faggots

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I'm still waiting for the bottom at 9k-9.4k. This has been a cute bounce off 10.4k, though.

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Didn‘t sell, but I bought the absolute bottom

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if we break 14k id buy in desu

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Your swinglinking ways will only lead to your demise. One day you will make the "easiest move ever" and get left in the dust. Then you will remember this post and kys. You'll sell most of your stack at $1 and the scraps at $10 if you're lucky. I pity fucking retards like you honestly.

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Nice bröther

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whatever makes a sleep at night anon.
not my fault you got no balls.
10000k eoy, rr-r-r-right??

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I sleep well knowing that you getting rekt is only a matter of time

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hate can be a great motivation, but in the end you're the one that will get crushed kid.
what are you angry about? the missed opportunity or the lack of cope?

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> 10/15=0.5
Nice math retard

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white boi is mad omg

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Lucky nigger, I didn't have fiat for the bottom.

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>Easiest move
>Can predict the future for asset markets
>Not the richest man in the world
>Still posting mean words on 4chan to try to hurt people's feelings because is a sad and small person
Your brains are fucking garbage. Think about the shit you're spewing.

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>try hurt anons feelings
fucking topkek, this board gets me everytime

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gg you are gonna make it based swinglinker.

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It's more like a 66.6% increase.

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Thank you for the buy signals

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>not my fault you got no balls
And you do? Any faggot can press a buy or sell button. Try holding when the singularity comes. I made 30k in one day with ETH in 2017. LINK will be the same insanity.