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Strap in

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Announcement of exit scamming

I prepare the popcorns

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Finally some hopium

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>he sold?

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What does this mean? Is this good for link?

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Some say OpenLaw is already live on Kaleido.

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Today definitely seemed like a shakeout of someone wanting in lower, possible big announcement tmrw.

Would be nice. Could be nothing.

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That's what I've gathered from my Discord scraper.

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Every time he talks the price dumps, expect 3k sats eow

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its a workshop you fucking brainlets.you will know what he said in the next year when they release the video (like they did with the last edition)

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He's listed under "speakers". That means he's speaking.

Control your autism with medication.

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There's at least 12 spergs on standby who are waiting to stream it on Twitch.

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Imagine the belly

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it costs 1k the registration, which means the average biz stack.

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The flight from Mumbai is comped at least.

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they say the sushi's good

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Not good enough to get shot over.

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t. never had good sushi

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Sir Gay, sir

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I prefers the burger.

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nice try OP

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Where's this from?

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It's been a rough stretch, hasn't it



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Sir please delet this

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Funny how you stinkylinks always get excited when Sergei has a speech coming up, yet without fail the price plummets as soon as he starts speaking.

The one guy who did this right and was a catalyst for his coin skyrocketing is Justin Sun. Go back and look at the TRX charts for the first week of January 2018. Once Justin started live-streaming and right there people saw he could speak articulately and with professionalism, the coin spiked and held that price.

With Sergei it is the complete opposite in every way. It would be better if he handed off these engagements to someone else like a native english speaker. It never fails.

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It has nothing to do with the way he speaks, and everything with what's being promised.
Sergey never promises anything and lets the partners make the announcements, while Sun promised the world and hypebois ate it up.

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I actually watched this exact livestream. He was in some SF office recording off his iPhone speaking broke english with half sentences. TRX pumped bc of Suns Jack Ma Connection Meme

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Tron pays groups to wash trade TRX. Sergey doesn't play chink games with his token because he doesn't want heat from the SEC.

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This. The livestream was a complete joke lmao.

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>once again Sergey announces an announcement about an announcement
>does so the morning after huge crypto dump
>meanwhile link is almost at its full retracment level of 25-30ish cents
>news of ANOTHER potentially lackluster and embarrassing speaking engagement may be just enough to drop price to the nessesary retracement levels before Serge speaks
these factors make me somewhat bullish to buy in at the aforementioned retracment level(s), assuming that a) price hits those levels before the speaking engament, and b) keeping in mind that a tight stop loss is warranted in the event Serge delivers more uninspired buzzword rambling.

However, if the price doesn’t drop before the event, Serge may deliver a shit presentation regardless just to ensure linkies abondone ship enough to get the full retracement, wherein then the project will be abandoned and slowly dissolve out of existence or at which point the singularity will begin because Serge actually makes a massive industry changing announcement.

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after working on something for 5 years you should be able to clearly explain what your company does without stuttering like a fucking retarded pothead for 5 minutes straight. stop thinking like a fanboy and think practically.

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plz sir, no more talk. we don't even pump much for the rumor, then we dump 35% on the no news.

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I've been all in over a year already.

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Since graduation?

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> expected timeline for adoption

this is final nail on stinkers...obviously adoption is a decade away..baghold until it go to zero retards.

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Since I borned from my mommas big juicy pussy

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>e could speak articulately

He spoke chinky broken Engrish quit lying

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Why would anyone name that pic slampig... Slampigs are fat but good fucks. That thing is an abomination.

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No one cared until she put on the burger.

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haha this is going to dump so hard tomorrow when its ANOTHER NOTHING BURGER.

>> No.12580412

Why not earlier? checked still

>> No.12580454

Really bad feeling about this one.
We're gonna dump hard, guys.

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>10:15 AM
>Tabletop Workshop: Defining & Developing a Smart Contract

Its literally nothing, there will be no one waching this. Holy kek my sides you linkies are going to have a dump of an lifetime starting tomorrow.

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we retest 14k first

>> No.12580505

Is this the great halvening? are we going to sub 0.1 usd levels until june?

>mfw people were expecting link to go above $1 usd in the end of january

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Op picture is misleading. My picture shows sergeys actual reason for being there.

Still good news this is a paid event with a ton of big people there. (IBM, liberty mutual, and others i cant remember)

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I love how earlier the answer for the silence from the team was that they already got everyone on board and don't need to shill it, and now sergy is going to every little shitty conference

>> No.12580569


So sergey will be showing execs how to make smart contracts and hopefully guiding them to an oracle.

Normies always use the first thing they see.

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Fucking this, based & linkpilled

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Yes but what about the alarm clock FUD? are you just going to ignore it?

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Well it can't go any more poorly than the fireside chat went, so there's that

>> No.12580655

No one ignores an alarm clock, pajeety.

>> No.12580676


It's also funny that a spokesman that supposedly talked with the most influential men on earth with the biggest stacks backing up their startup is using notepad books to not derail off his script out of nervousness

If i had 8 billion usd contracts behind me backing up my work you would bet i would be 100% confident that anything i would say is literally gold and just can't be ignored

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Chainlink is the future. If you are still holding holo then you are holding a coin with 0 growth potential that has peaked. You have seen the power of link and it will recover, so come back to the lightm

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Sergey takes his diary with him to all his important speaking engagements, just like Trump. All the big brains read from notes.

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nigger have you seen what has been happening with holo? You will be left forever holding those bags of link

>> No.12580778

Ohohohohoho you sweet sweet man.

>> No.12580787

In one paragraph explain to me why holo you value holo.

>> No.12580809

and the other thing about that diary...he is always gesturing with his hands what I ok, but now with that shit in one hand and mic the other it was a bit awkward. like some first timer, who didn't expected the mic and now is in trouble.

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>why holo you value holo.

>> No.12580827

>t. Zoomer

>> No.12580860

What is this an image of?

>> No.12580865

How did that event go poorly? Tom is clearly bullish on LINK. It speaks volumes when someone like that decides to take a risk and associate himself with a start up company that is pretty unfamiliar to most.

>> No.12580886

Openraw is rive on Kareido.

>> No.12580909

...What does this have to do with link?

>> No.12580927

What does the street have to do with pooping?

>> No.12580929

>Funny how you stinkylinks always get excited when Sergei has a speech coming up, yet without fail the price plummets as soon as he starts speaking.

Maybe the price started to plummet because you guys thought a docusign partnership was going to be announced and sold when you realized that wasn't going to happen.

I thought Sergey did fine public speaking, I was watching a livestream so I couldn't hear all that well due to bad connection, but he wasn't as bad as you are making it out to be.

In future events I'd like to see if the chainlink team could possibly host a live stream on their site.

>> No.12581012

Means link is not vapor to my surprise it looks like there’s a working product on-line

>> No.12581031

>seems like a shakeout
How exactly does one “shakeout” weak hands? Do they just dump a massive amount and hope the dominos follow? Then get it cheaper?

>> No.12581047

>Well it can't go any more poorly than the fireside chat went
sergey can always start publicly blaming jews for problems with link's development.
That would classify as 'more poorly'

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>expected timeline for adoption

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>> No.12581084


Yes, and yes. A single large whale or a group of investors initiating panic sells/stop-loss hunting.

Its easier with low volume coins but iy can be done even at these levels, its all about how big the (moby) dick being swung around is.

Its possible theres big things coming in and a late adopter wanted in cheaper than 50 cents, thats my little puff of hopium anyhow.

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Be me. Never wear deoderent. Work in kitchen. Meet up with girlfriend on way back to her place. Don't shower. Sleep in her bed. Apartment gets hot at night with closed windows. Sweat so hard it wakes me up soaking wet with the sheets & comforter drenched in my stinky sweat. Go back to sleep in my own filth. Eventually wake up. Girlfriend almost throws up from the smell. She tells me that my mustache & beard stink like piss because of the curry in the chicken satay I ate last night. I fuck her wet pussy with my dirty dick anyway to shut her up. Get up for work. Still don't shower. Going to my kitchen job in a couple of hours but shitposting here first. Listen: I *stink* -- my linky stays super stinky; LINK @ $1,000 by the end of the twentieth (if even digits) or twenty-first (if odd digits) or twenty-second (if triples) year of this second millennium after the transfiguration of our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ, who smiles upon us from Heaven.
>LINK $1000 EOY 2020

>> No.12581242

There is only one reason why Chainlink and Sergey is promoting. Mainnet is just around the corner.

>> No.12581513

Openlaw uses ChainLink, Kaliedo offers both Openlaw and ChainLink to AWS customers

>> No.12581626

>Once Justin started live-streaming and right there people saw he could speak articulately and with professionalism, the coin spiked and held that price.
nigger I think you have never seen any of those streams. the guy was a stutter machine just spouting buzzwords with no coherent sentence structure.

>> No.12582090

If this is bait then it is absolute god tier bait

>> No.12582183

I doubt that man. The only thing that points to "whales" would be the spikes in volume.

I have always said that blaming market action on whales is foolish and naive. I really don't think that people with millions of dollars invested in this market are swinging their money around like that.

Think how volatile these markets get. It would be very foolish for someone to risk their capitol swing trading that amount, unless they had billions of dollars. very doubtful.

>> No.12582191

Which one of your pajeet "gods" lurks underneath the Ganges?

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anyone have a time to go with the date?

>> No.12582212

If the expected time for adoption isn't in two weeks it's gonna dump to 1 cent

>> No.12582233

not saying youre wrong but it really doesnt take much money to move some of these markets. There are times when the orderbook is so thin that a decent market buy can wipe out the whole book. swinging a thundred thousand is nothing to a btc whale

>> No.12582333

Did you watch it? Sergey performed very poorly. He was spilling spaghetti everywhere with his incoherent rambling. I was genuinely disappointed. Had set aside the entire evening and got comfy with a 6 pack to watch it too

>> No.12582349

CL team don't give a rats's ass about small potatoes. He gives the same speech over and over again. Here, hold my big mac, I'm done when I'm done. Don't need to shill it like tron or justin sun, but no roadmap, no updates. inb4 SO professional. Even going to freaking Mars has a estimated time frame... what do we get? Check the pivatal tracker

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>taking a date with you to a Chainlink conference

>> No.12582409

I dont buy it. Its easy to blame whales because then you have one thing you can point to as an explanation. This market movement is probably a lot more complicated then that.

>> No.12582559

Sir you preparing of the corns for feed my family please sir

>> No.12582602

kek is this bait or ESL?

>> No.12582614

From OP's link,

>Why This Blockchain Event? Why Now?
Is it hype or reality? It’s a bit of both and here’s the reason why attending this event now
will impact what you do going forward.

>It’s important to look at Blockchain from more than one point of view. Most Blockchain events have focused on process automation. Blockchain will do more than automate processes, it will reshape business and product models. This event helps executives filter the hype from reality and connects them to leading startups and innovators using Blockchain to drive strategic and operational change.

>They say You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know.

>Our goal is to help you leave understanding how to build a Blockchain strategy that keeps you ahead of the curve, competitively, strategically and operationally.

It would seem we are truly early adopters still, and its amazing I'll have my 1 year hold time in a week. Is LINK already operational in some regards?

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Seriously guys, biz has been shilling link for 1.5 years and noone realized that witnet existed until now? How fucking retarded can you be? There are chainlink competitors everywhere. Not just witnet or mobius or aeternity or augur. There are plenty of other companies trying to build the same decentralized system which haven't ico'd yet. They are building a product first. How do you guys not realize that the first decentralized oracle competitor to get their product out will likely win. The other solutions will lose because the first mover advantage is no joke in crypto. Chainlink is far behind in terms of mainnet and concensus mechanism development. I hate to say it but Chainlink is likely dead in the water. Im selling almost all of my chainlink tokens for some more eth and other alts with better potential and fewer competitors. 98% of biz is officially pic related

>> No.12582627

>Is it hype or reality? It’s a bit of both and here’s the reason why attending this event now
will impact what you do going forward.*

>> No.12582659

They will not have an army of neets running nodes so their networks will die.

>> No.12582666

>and noone realized that witnet existed until now?
we did, you're just too new to remember it.
someone posted their "introduction video" on youtube which looked like your typical pajeet outsourced $50 animation and everybody laughed at it. that was more than half a year ago

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File: 1.02 MB, 1125x1578, C302A22B-176D-414F-8ADC-FAA7055658A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It’s copypasta

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>first they laugh at you

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File: 3.82 MB, 196x388, 1548697773606.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

sergey's reaction to hearing this pajeet speak

>> No.12582803


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Sergey's reaction to this meme actually

>> No.12582855


>> No.12582896

Actually its not old because the post never existed before today. You can't just call any new info that disagrees with your previous held beliefs fud

>> No.12582917

witnet has been discussed here before you newfag. it is a nothing burger pajeet tier fud

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Satoshi is on a rampage today, slaying libtards left and right, shilling LINK without even mentioning the name.

>> No.12582987

>that same picture AGAIN

Why don't they care about looking professional... Have some decent headshots, and stop wearing that retarded shirt

It's so cringe

>> No.12583043

Then prove its a nothing burger. As far as i can tell they will have a functioning mainnet out in 4 months. They already have a working testnet. They are recognized by big players and are solving the oracle problem in a similar way to chainlink.

>> No.12583072

Fucking based

>> No.12583079

>no aggregation
>no reputation
>working network

>> No.12583281

Mumbai is unironically an amazing city and a great place to visit. Try the Bombay Duck :)

>> No.12583320

This meeting means nada to current price.

>> No.12583374

The fuck are you even yapping about, Sergey does more than fine.
You don't get to do a proof of concept for Swift if you can't sell your shit.

>> No.12583391

>once again Sergey announces
Sergey didn't announce shit.
He never announced anything.

>> No.12583421


>> No.12583458

It didn't, they are fucking clueless.

>> No.12583500

Swingers just pulling shit out of their ass again. It's the darnest thing to witness.

>> No.12583502

0/10 fud, yes light years behind. Comedy Gold

>> No.12583520

The dip was obvious

>> No.12583530

Nice hindsight, incel

>> No.12583534

The fuck does that have to do with what I said?

>> No.12583710


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What did Steve mean by this?

>> No.12583741

they are blocking the task becauses it can't be complete

>> No.12583768

bro come on, the dip was obvious. the selling started before the fireside chat even began ffs.
It has dipped for almost every talk, why would this one be any different? ESPECIALLY AFTER PUMPING FOR 2 WEEKS BEFORE.

>> No.12583971

How do you know Szabo is referring to link?

>> No.12584044

It means the pivotal is inaccurate and they are much closer than we assume.

>> No.12584055

Just to be clear, tomorrows conference is Sergey talking to a bunch of insurance people who don't know what a smart contract is. It will unironically be the most basic speech he has given as he will have to hand-hold these boomers. It's likely just decent exposure to people who may make some decisions at an insurance carrier, but other than that it's nothing important.

>> No.12584752

We don’t. I want to know what he is referring too tho.

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>> No.12584783

That’s a relief because if Sergey has to talk about his project in detail, he might clutch onto his notebook and basically start stuttering nonstop like the pothead he is

>> No.12584793

>LINK will have a working mainnet in 4 months
>source: dude trust me lmao

>> No.12584809

We're going to be rich na na na na naa

>> No.12585573

cause polkadot?

>> No.12585582

There's nothing about a timeline on the website

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