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/fren thread/

I found out the girl im in love with is whoring herself out in clubs. You frens are what keeps me going. Thank you

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im the one fucking her fren

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I like your mouse frend.
My rare pupper's name is Laika.

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Real advice: go see her do her thing
Seeing her being on sale for 5 bucks will help you get over your oneitis

Women can't love a man who respects women
Good luck /fren/

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her labia minora are being damaged by thick uncut cocks and hard pounding. next time you pour a glass of water, just realize that in one month that's at least how much cum has been pumped inside her.

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Whoring how, fren?

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I just took this pic with my best friend, meg. I'm secretly in love with her!

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We've all been there, my guy. Its hard loving someone that doesnt even know how to respect themselves. This is a life lesson and it can only be learnt by going through it. Just dont turn into one of those pussies that is constantly bringing in stray dogs his entire life.

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Go out hiking and go to the gym, fren. It will heal you. I know that feel. That feel hurts. Fuck everyone trying to make you feel worse, they’ll never make it.

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They’re (nearly) all whores fren

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>Business & Finance

would be a shame if you frens all got deleted soon